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Approved Tech Ri Akûti, The All-Seeing Eye

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  • Intent: To create the first force artifact made by Los Muertos.
  • Image Source: Here.
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: Los Muertos
  • Affiliation: [member="Darth Tacitus"]
  • Model: N/A
  • Modularity: N/A

  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Alchemic Stone
  • Active Omniscience of Sight in 30km Radius (At Max)
  • Passive 360 Degree Vision
  • The All Seeing Eye -
    ​Created as a gift for a tactician, the Ri Akûti is a tool that allows complete sight that surpasses the conventional technological equivalent. The force equivalent of radar, motion sensors, heartbeat and organic sensors, satellite imagery, and otherwise every sense in the book; the All-Seeing Eye works as a tactical end all, allowing its user to witness every battle and step over a small radius at all times. Entirely dependent on the ability of the user however, put in the wrong hands it could easily break the psyche of the untrained.

    This ability does come passively as well, as the user that wears it is actively able to see in all directions around them without draining their mental fortitude or endurance when critical.

  • Neon Sign -
    ​When activated, the Ri Akûti creates a massive black mass above the user in a perfect circle. While intmidating to the untrained militias of forelorn planets, those with some sense of tactile intelligence will easily be able to decide where the user is at any given point; effectively inviting an airstrike or otherwise dedicated assault team to remove the head of the enemy they face. Its up to the commander with the tool to plan for this, as its a horrendous downside to its use.

[*]Range -
  • Although it seems like its thirty kilometer radius of active sight is exceptional, this restricts the weapons use to ground wars and non space related conflicts. Effectively, any long distance assault will outmatch the seemingly endless range of the Ri Akûti, making it extremely useless anywhere outside semi-close range engagements.

[*]Information Overload -
  • One of the major weaknesses of the weapon is how much information it floods into a mortal's mind within any given instant. Every breath, drop of sweat, and bullet fired all gets consumed as information for its user, meaning with no training this can effectively cause any rookie user to simply cease to function mentally. Brain dead test subjects were a common occurrence while testing the limits of the device and establishing safety parameters and instruction.

[*]Parasitic -
  • While its sight might be seemingly endless, the actual use of the item is not. The maximum limit of the device is thirty kilometers, hard wired into its creation, but this can only be achieved for a short minute when done by a conventional sith lord; as any longer will start to eat away at the body more than the body can handle. This will cause death very soon after if not ceased, leaving the body as nothing more than an ashy grey husk of what it once was, with eyes of black star studded for all eternity. Lowering the distance of its sight allows for it to be done for longer periods, but this is heavily dependent on the constitution of the user.

The Ri Akûti, a device named The All Seeing Eye for its singular purpose as a sensory artifact meant to amplify the foresight utilized by force users for eternity. To push it to the known limits and create an artifact that’ll carry with it a reputation amongst those notable sith across the galaxy. Design and tested for the dark generals in the outer rim, its viability as the ultimate artifact in war is exceptional when considering the possibilities.

Coming to The Slave during a dream, the device was designed with fear to couple effortlessly with battle management on a grand scale. Forged with the power of a small sun by The Darkstaff, a sentient paint brush for force related artifacts all across the galaxy, the artifact impressed even its creator before being sent off with instructions for its use to the eventual doorstep of Darth Tacitus.

The creation is worn as a necklace, looking like a small metal fragment with a heavily detailed eye carved into the center. On the opposite side, a small imprint of Los Muerto’s symbol is seen, but does not occupy more space than a few millimeters. Its cold to the touch, and weighs no more than a regular necklace one might find anywhere, but its presence in the force is notably dark.

Passively, the necklace grants the user the ability to see and sense a solid ten meter area around them at any given point. This does not drain the user, but can be far too much information when first dawning the necklace, so beginning instructions advise no more than a few minutes of wear for the first few days. It's only when this passive ability is pushed to its limits does the real beauty of the necklace come to fruition.

When ‘activated’, where the users force potential is funneled through it for sight, the artifact seems to come alive. Small metal tendrils will dig into the skin before its own eye begins to blacken. From this, the eyes of the user will follow suit, with nothing speckling them but the endless abyss they now encompass. Above them, the sky too will begin to blacken to create a solid disc of the void that sensors would find a hard time to look through; the edges of it seeming to move and breathe like a living leviathan simply floating above the battlefield. This is entirely dependent on how much energy the user puts into it, and can drain them extremely quickly if pushed past their effective limits.

This area of effect allows the user to witness every breath, presence, and gunshot in an area that can be up to thirty kilometers. While this means sight past walls and otherwise secret areas, this does not mean they can hear, feel, or otherwise sense anything past what their regular force sense and sight would allow. This includes those cloaked in the force for stealth, electronic stealthing purposes, and more. Anything that would viably counter a satellite or other sensors, could easily counter this.

When subject to Ysalamiri fields for example, only an aerial view of the area would be viable, or any area outside the bubble looking inwards. There is no way for the device to get a close up through these fields. In addition, those sensitive in the force can often sense when they are being viewed, through the feeling is more vague and paranoid, assuming they don’t witness the massive black hole in the sky.

Overall, the device is viable for almost every sith who could get their hands on it, but is entirely weak without supporting skills to take advantage of the information the device allows. It may bring the horse to water, but it can not make it drink.

Alric Kuhn

Handsome K'lor'slug
[member="The Slave"]

I think the language in this alright, bordering on some stuff but the interpretation is up to the user.

I heavily suggest whoever uses this remembers however that just because you have something called the All Seeing Eye doesn't mean you actually get to see everything. There are means and methods to hide from everything, and whether or not someone is found is up to them according to the rules of the board.
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