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Approved Starship Revenant Class Stealth Ship

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  • Intent: To create a new warship for the Brotherhood of the Maw
  • Image Source: Original Image Source, Artstation [x]
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: Brotherhood of the Maw [x]
  • Affiliation: Brotherhood of the Maw
  • Market Status: Closed-Market
  • Model: Revenant Class
  • Production: Semi Unique
  • Material:
    • Primary Hull
      • Durasteel Primary Plating [x]
      • Alusteel Secondary Plating [x]
      • Quadanium Exterior Coating [x]
    • Internal Structure
      • Titanium Steel Plating
      • Turadium Hatches and Bulkheads [x]
      • Copper Wire Filaments
    • Transparisteel Viewports
  • Classification: Scout Ship, Raider Ship, Ambush Killer, Sith Carrier
  • Length: 165 Meters
  • Width: 32 Meters
  • Height: 58 Meters
  • Armament: Very High
    • Turbolaser Weaponry [x]
      • 6x Heavy Turbolaser Cannons
      • 10x Rotating Turbolaser Turrets
      • 6x Light Turbolaser Cannons
    • Missile Weaponry
      • 2x Assault Missile Launchers [x]
      • 6x Concussion Missile Launchers [x]
    • Energy Weaponry
      • 5x Ion Cannons [x]
      • 20x Point Defense Laser Turrets [x]
  • Defenses: Very High
    • Shield Systems
      • Molecular Shields [x]
      • Ray Shields [x]
      • Particle Shields [x]
      • Deflector Shields [x]
    • Counter Measures
      • Targeting Scramblers [x]
      • 10x Flak Cannons
  • Hangar Space: Base: 0
  • Hangar Allocations:
    • Starfighters: 0 squadrons
    • Support Craft: 0 squadrons
  • Single Craft Hangar: Yes
  • Maneuverability Rating: Average
  • Speed Rating: Low
  • Hyperdrive: Standard 1.5 Class Hyperdrive
  • Command and Control
    • Bridge
    • Sensor Control
    • Communication Control
    • Radar Control
    • Life Support
  • Military Systems
    • Targeting Computers
    • Automatic Heat Cyclers
    • Automatic Missile Reloading Systems
    • Internal Shields
  • Power Systems
    • Primary Reactor Core
    • Secondary Reactor Core
  • Mobility Systems
    • Capital Ship Engines
    • Hyperdrive Unit
    • Maneuvering Thrusters
  • Sith Facilities
    • Dueling Arena
    • Meditation Chamber
    • Sith Armory
    • Alchemy Station
    • Private Quarters
  • Cloaking Device [x]
  • Cloaking Device: Befitting its role as both an ambush predator and covert insertion ship, the Revenant Class vessel is equipped with modern cloaking device technology. This stealth unit allows the Revenant Class to slip through enemy lines to deploy its cargo of Sith warriors, lay in wait along hyperspace lanes to ambush unsuspecting vessels, or serve as long range reconnaissance vessels for the Brotherhood of the Maw and its New Sith Order.
  • Single Craft Hangar: The Revenant Class comes equipped with a partial hangar, able to hold a single small transport craft. This 'hangar' is only capable of holding half of a transport craft, most usually the entrance or cockpit of the craft. The bottom half of the vessel is exposed to the vacuum of space, saving room in the tightly packed vessel.
  • Executioner: The heavy weaponry mounted aboard the Revenant Class affords it the ability to engage ships of a larger tonnage than itself, or multiple vessels at once, with the potential to cripple enemy ships with its missile weaponry should it catch them unprepared.
  • Speed: The Revenant Class, while well armed and protected, is equipped with under strength engines for a ship of its size. This was done intentionally, as the cloaking device utilized by the Revenant Class functions at its best at low speeds. This prevents the Revenant Class from pursuing ships that might escape its initial barrage, or, more dangerous to the craft, prevent it from escaping situations where it had been discovered by superior enemy forces.
  • Shielding: The frequency of the various shields equipped to the Revenant Class are not as easily hidden as the vessel itself. During stealth flight, the Revenant Class must deactivate its shields, forcing it to take great care in avoiding natural obstacles in space such as debris and asteroids, as well as putting the vessel at risk of severe damage or outright destruction should it be caught in a trap.
  • Single Craft Hangar: While undoubtedly an asset to the Revenant Class vessel, the usage of either transport or fighter craft poses a great risk to the ship. When a ship detaches from the Revenant Class, it must launch rapidly and get clear of the vessel, as the deployment poses the greatest risk of discovery for the Revenant Class. The sudden heat spike near the ship, as well as the briefly exposed internal workings of the ship are easy to detect for enemy observation.
The Blood Debt must be paid. That was the vow sworn by Darth Nemris when he was brought into the fold of the New Sith Order. The personal war that Nemris had to wage against the New Jedi Order and the Galactic Alliance required assets to be secured. A class of vessel was needed to carry Nemris and those who support his actions deep into enemy territory, where their smaller numbers and limited resources could cause the most damage. While other vessels already in service to the Brotherhood of the Maw and the New Sith Order were available to Darth Nemris, he desired a new type of starship for his needs.

In conjuncture with Final Dawn engineers, the first of the new Revenant Class was designed and constructed deep within Brotherhood space. The initial test models were scrapped when flaws in the engine system led to the ships losing stealth capabilities. Numerous trials later, and under the increasingly irate fist of Nemris, the Revenant Class was finally completed, with the first three ships constructed above Osseriton. Taking command of the lead ship of the class, Nemris has begun efforts to find crew for these vessels, and recruit allies and supporters to prepare for the opening stages of his war against the followers of the Light Side.
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Nicely made!
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  • About the defences, the Molecular Shields are one of the strongest and most powerful shields in the SW universe, and we only/mostly accept them as with Very High or Extreme defences rating. I can offer three options:
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