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Retirement: Final Event!

Alright Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has come for me to retire this character...and as such, I'd like to go out with a bang! In recent days, you may have noticed that there was a detachment of Lucrehulks and other CIS vessels sent to assist in the Fringe invasion of Atrisia. Well, Genesis just committed a war crime by doing so...because crashing big ships into a capital city isn't exactly smiled upon.

Just as a wee bit of background, Genesis is a clone that was Vong-shaped. He was, quite literally, the one in one thousand clones that survived the process without dying or going insane. Well, over the course of his time as Grand Marshal, his mental health has been deteriorating to the point where he finally made a bat-poodoo crazy decision: help the Fringe invade Atrisia, then attempt the genocide of a city. SO, my final event as Grand Marshal: I'd like to do a manhunt and capture of Genesis Rostu.

Then, we are going to do a very public, very epic execution that will be broadcasted across the Galaxy. At this point, Nocturno will become Grand Marshal, Feena Mason will become Head of State, and the CIS will enter a new generation of peace and prosperity. Now, OOCly, I'm going to take a back seat and pass leadership of the Faction to Feena. I'll be here as needed, and perpetually present on Skype, but there are a number of staff-created, fundamental issues that have sucked the fun out of faction leadership for me. It's made it so that I don't even want to be on this site anymore, so I'm doing what I've got to do in order to keep the CIS alive and my muse alive as well.

So, I'd like to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for joining this faction and allowing me the opportunity to lead you all into a rather green spot on the map. Thank you for your continued support in everything, and I hope that you guys continue to have an awesome time! Now then...who wants to take on mah Vong?

@[member="Aedan Miles"], @[member="Alisha'ven"], @[member="Alli Wren"], @[member="Aluk Magar"], @[member="AR-G002"], @[member="Arthos Vynea"], @Cade Lee, @[member="Chloe Hinata"], @[member="Circe Savan"], @[member="Commander Black"], @[member="Coop"], @[member="Darren Shaw"], @Davion Wright, @[member="Daxton Bane"], @[member="Desmond Voralis."] @[member="Dharma Vessia"], @[member="Elrax Mothris"], @[member="Emahana"], @[member="Ember Rekali"], @[member="Errol Ackeron"], @[member="Farran Coiro"], @[member="Feena Mason"], @[member="Gavin Wilis"], @[member="Hannibal Oryen"], @[member="Helios Meldonus Kingpriest"], @[member="Ishtar Freyja"], @Jacen Peterson, @Jalaak Ranaz, @[member="James Moriarty"], @[member="Jareth Oldron"], @[member="Jonathan Walsh"], @[member="Juthan'Athar"], @[member="Kalia Walsh"], @[member="Kara Avoyos"], @[member="Kataphrak"], @[member="Korbin Edron"], @[member="Ksayral Zekaidos"], @[member="Lauren Walsh"], @[member="Lee Radimus"], @[member="Loegaire Tyr Veill"], @[member="Lorcan Roberts"], @Lucious Montross, @[member="Lysander of Suarbi"], @Mason Comachi, @Medon Talvara, @[member="Mehrk Gorbi"], @[member="Montag Card"], @[member="Myra Subach"], @[member="Neilo Ardik"], @Nocturno, @[member="OBD-001"], @[member="Olidiv Kenu"], @[member="Oron"], @[member="Piraiba"], @Pollux Ojedrian, @[member="Praxis"], @[member="Rave"], @[member="Sadrion"], @[member="Saren Lonecaller"], @[member="Sasha Santhe"], @[member="Serock Hoath"], @[member="Seth Lockheart"], @[member="Shorurra"], @[member="Siara Kai"], @[member="Sirella Valkner"], @Sonja Mercier, @[member="Sophia Walsh"], @[member="Squr Tyson"], @[member="Suhr"], @T:N1:LD, @[member="The Forecaster"], @[member="Trevin Neros"], @[member="Vascious Relens"], @[member="Vendir"], @Vertorix, @[member="Voracen Raiz"], @[member="Vorhi Alestrani"], @Wiklea Ve'nar, @Xander Corbal, @Xhal Taleed, @[member="Zev Stargo"].

Daxton Bane

Damn it bro. And just when things were getting good. Still i can respect your decision, so yeah you want to go with a bang, you have my blades at your service.
The Eternal Queen
I am staying the heck out of this, at least ICly for the most part.

As for the whole new faction leadership thing, if anyone has any questions, comments or concerns regarding this, please PM me about it.
I will do my very best to keep CIS fun while still remaining functional as a faction. My inbox is always open and if you wish to contact me on Skype, feel free to do so.
It's Real to Pretend
Hannibal Oryen said:
No. Not even a little bit.
He worked with the other factions and conspired and, IC, initially supported the Omega Pyre's claim for dissolution of Subach-Innes and its subsidiaries after Circe's "death," and since then, all she's been able to do is run her company like a peon in disguise from the show "Undercover Boss." Just to reclarify, no OOC motivation whatsoever. Guy's been insanely helpful and friendly towards me most of the time. But IC, Circe's never forgiven him for being so easily suckered in by OP and handing "her" company over to someone else.

Desmond Voralis.

Soldier of Fortune
Desmond will be on board for some hunting. He respects Genesis enough to not let him wander the galaxy as a rabid dog, at least.

How long he sticks around in the CIS after Genesis's "retirement" will come down to whether or not he can work out an understanding with new management, but he's definitely in for this.