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Skirmish Resumed | Mine Field -- JEDI & Bryn Skirm at Kessel OOC

Jyoti Nooran

Jedi Die Twice
Kyra Perl Kyra Perl Tathra Khaeus Tathra Khaeus

It's been a little while since this thread started, so do you mind if I trigger a response from the Bryn by showing up with my small strike team in orbit?

Weyland Castril Weyland Castril I'm sorry, but I had already arranged for a solo duel with Tathra in this skirmish since the last brawl fizzled out in the previous skirmish.
Padawan: Kyra Perl
A reminder for those who join the skirmish, ahead:

The Staff of SJO and Staff of the Bryn'adul had agreed during the planning of this thread, that there would be no Fleeting during this excursion, and that it was to be a smaller-scale skirmish.

To a far lesser degree Starfighters in the skies of Kessel were agreed upon, but the focus is majorly on the surface.
Padawan: Kyra Perl
Denerian Sal Denerian Sal | Tharr Hei Tharr Hei

As I've messaged Denerian via Discord and yet to hear a response, I figured I'd be best to post here now in response to Tharr's entrance into the thread.

As stated above and at the beginning of the OOC thread, this Skirmish is not to include Fleeting/Space warfare as arranged/planned between SJO and Bryn'adul Staff.

Aside from an excuse to get to the surface/come and go from the thread, the main focus is ground 'n' pound.