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Respect of the Unknown

Jaster Awaud

Elder of Clan Awaud
The journey was long.

Standing before a great Nebula that spanned the constant void of space within the Unknown Region stood before the Star Destroyer. As far as the eye could focus the wall of purples and whites with streaks of blue clouds stormed before the view port of the vision before this larger then life ship of war. It was nothing compared to the monstrosity and warlike creature this cloud of mystical forces held back some of the greatest Mysteries of the Galaxy. Yet Jaster kept it hidden, and used it to communicate with a being who should not be reachable by those of his caliber. The Force was a mystery to many, but to Jaster, he mastered its secretes, and used technology to used such forces.

Standing at the bridge of the "Mando Loot" he looked at the cloud before him and waved his hand. Like a room of rats with an exit now opened, the crew scurried out to hid in their quarters as all who served on this ship knew were they were. One of the last windows to the Netherworld, a place so secrete that Jaster killed all who entered its domain. Akala Rift. This was were Jaster first meet his true Master.... No, not master, but his God. It was here that the man he once served and died at the hands of the Galactic Alliance, a battle that took his student and killed so many of the greats. It was here, that he faced the man who ascended to a GOD.

In the bridge of his Star Destroyer, Jaster bent the knee and lowered his head to the view port of his ship. It was then he chanted the Old Sith words from which he stole from the Galactic Core. The Nebula Cloud shifted, moving into a form of a man or beings and only held the outline of someone he once knew. This was [member="The Mephirium"] "Great Lord Mephirium, Master of the Mystic Arts, he who has transcended beyond the will of the Dark and Light Philosophies of the Force, your humble servant, Jaster Awaud request to speak of my completed duties and complications that have arrived."

A pleasurable pain entered his mind as he felt the Force God speak though his mind, like a voice not heard, but one ever present.

He continued, "The Fallen Emperor you sent me to has completed his task, there is now an army the likes unmatched in the Forgotten Realm of the Galaxy who left you behind, they serve me, and by proxy serve you my Lord." Jaster kept his head down as he breathed that his mission was near complete. "The groundwork has been laid, and as you foretold Lord, the beast who took your life, the Tyrannical Galactic Alliance has fallen to their own greed and corruption within, may the Five Great Lords now rest in peace,"

It was at this point he lifted his head to look at the being that was made of Gas Clouds and Dust, "I now seek my new task, to awaken the next Cataclysm that will restore Order to this chaotic galaxy." He bowed his head again.

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The man that had once been Cyril Grayson was gone. He had died on Atrisia, his spirit having been obliterated by a new and far more powerful persona. It was an amalgamation of ideals; the result of a merging within the force. Both Cyril Grayson and the Dark Lord had become a singular entity, their cumulative wisdom allowing them to breach into the realm of reality.

The being they had become was simply Mephirium. There were not titles to describe this eldritch creature: only a name. It had no corporeal form, instead willing the nebulae of the stars themselves to shift and warp to its design. When Jaster spoke the incantation, this being emerged from its slumber, eyes the size of star destroyers opening slowly to regard its most faithful servant.

In life, Jaster had been a close friend and confidant. In death, he was the Mephirium's greatest resource.

"Jaster," the voice rumbled within the Mandalorian's mind, "Your work pleases me, but it is not yet done."

The beast paused.

"I have come to new conclusions about this realm. It is time for both the material and the immaterial to become one," the monstrous creature opened its gaping maw, revealing a mouth that glowed with the fury of star that had gone supernova. "You must usher in my second coming, Jaster of Awaud."

[member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"]