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Request Pull File #8857294847388.-MARKED TRAITOR

Dris Negan




Name: Dris Negan
Service Number: 223-64-5298
Organization: Jedi
Occupation Designation: TRAITOR
Time in Service: 7 years, 2 months, and 5 days.
Age: 24
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Build: Athletic
Height/Weight: 183cm, 74.48kg

Preferred Weapons: Slugthrowers
Combatives Level: 4

Senior Agent Negan, IIA

Biography: Born Dris Ralv on Dantooine shortly before the Empire's rise to ascendancy in that particular system, Dris grew in a period of great change. He watched from his youth into his late teens as his colony prospered directly from Sith intervention in the region as various goods were shipped to and fro. The Empire was single handedly responsible for Dantooine pulling itself out of the rut it's backwards leadership had driven it into. Dris's parents (Cris and Daala Ralv, see attached report) benefited directly from the aid as more customers, mostly spacers, were driven to the cantina they both owned after shipping products. As such, Dris was raised in a solidly pro Imperial home, especially given the circumstances under which Cris Ralv left the Republic.

Unlike most of the youth in his colony Dris didn't attend any Imperial Public Education Programs, because of the special circumstances and insistence Cris pressed on the local Magistrate Dris had an unusually extensive education under his father's tutelage. In addition to the traditional education pressed upon Dris by his father he received a set of even more useful lessons. Dris helped directly with the day to day running of the family's cantina and as a result was exposed to the various languages and cultures spread by the spacers. Dris quickly figured out the more of a customer's language he spoke the larger the tip he received. The young man learned a few of the most commonly spoken alien tongues within his first three years busing tables.

Like most of our potential Agents, Dris was passively observed for years before an actual Agent was sent shortly after his seventeenth birthday to test him mettle. The observations found nothing largely unusual or extraordinary beyond an unusual seriousness and marked gift at manipulating beings of almost any species. Unlike many of our candidates Dris's lack of participation in Public School Systems led to a complete lack of enrollment in any of our Young Military Training courses. He seemed largely unremarkable, almost too ordinary. The Agent went as instructed and expected to come back empty handed, with Dris deemed unfit for enrollment through the training pipeline. Her results suprised anyone who'd known about the youth previously. This "unremarkable" teenager turned out to be off the charts. Physically and mentally. Dris passed every task laid before him with the enthusiasm of someone truly committed. The Agent also noted Dris's ability to recall almost everything about individuals he encountered with a complete lack of formal training.

After passing Initial Entry Inspection, Dris was briefed on the opportunity that was being offered to him by his government and leapt at the chance to serve. Dris pretended to run away from home (per regulations involving youth candidates) and was taken by the Agent who approved him to Dromund Kaas to experiance the Proving Grounds. Dris pushed through the grueling selection process with the others recruited from other corners of the Empire and was deemed worthy of being aloud to start the training pipeline for Imperial Agents. After completing the year long pipeline (With special awards for his skill with Slugthrowers and Manipulation) Dris was commissioned as an Imperial Agent.

Dris then proceeded to become one of our most versatile Agents in the field. He continues to take on missions of all different stripes, despite the fact that he seems particularly skilled with assasination missions. Dris claims to enjoy the challenges that arise from infiltrating a senators cabinet or hacking into a mainframe. Few other agents would claim such a multitude of assignments. Dris's adaptability and unique approach to many missions have led him to earn multiple commendations in the field and a level of respect from those who know of his exploits.

Despite these praises it should be noted that Dris if far from a perfect Agent. There have been several Instances where he's nearly been discharged from the Agency, normally on counts of insubordination. Particularly during the retrieval of a governor's kidnapped daughters.

Noted Weaknesses: Distrust of force wielders in a government run by force wielders, likely the result of backwater superstition. This may very well get him executed by an ill tempered superior some day. Borderline Arrogant. Possible spice addict, reports still unclear. Little doubt an Agent such as himself could conceal such spice abuse rather easily.

Noted Strengths: Rated a Master user and armorer for slugthrowers. Expert in his craft. Master Manipulator.

Service Reccomendation: ELIMINATE

STATUS UPDATE: The Agent was captured by Jedi forces and then converted, consider subject armed and extremely dangerous. Kill order recommended.
Force Sensitve: Yes, through recent accidental mutation
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