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Republic Jedi Order Faction Ad - Personal Project

Alexandra Feanor

The Lady in Silver/Grey Historian
The Jedi Order of the Republic has recently extended its hand to the Jedi and Force Sensitive individuals of the Galaxy, offering a place for them to learn, understand, and control their powers without being a militarist arm as they have in the past. Its members are no more than considered Private Citizens within the Republic and are no more than such unless military training and service is undertaken by the individuals themselves.

The Jedi Order of the Republic has allowed for different schools of thought to be strengthened and taught within its members, such philosophies as that of the Living Force, or the old methods and traditions of the Corellian Green Jedi are supported and encouraged just as the dogmatic and traditionalists are within the Jedi Order of the Republic. The intent for those that find their way to the Republic and to the outer reaches of the galaxy are not simply turned away, and instead embraced and their knowledge and experience added to the Order's.

With the interest of fostering knowledge, learning, and exploration into the Force, as well as a place within the Republic as the Jedi have had for thousands of years, the Jedi Order of the Republic looks to welcome those who would learn from it or add their knowledge, only waiting for your arrival.

How are the Jedi of the Republic structured?
  • At present, the Jedi within the Republic are not structured in the standard way that most orders are, the lack of a council due to the limited numbers of masters at the current time. Even a speaker for the Order has been recently chosen, and that is temporary at that until a council can be formed. How that Council forms and who makes it up is up to you!
  • As mentioned before, the Republic Jedi do not hold a military rank, and only have a Representative within the Senate to ensure the sect is not used in any capacity that forces them into a role such as that. All members of the Republic's Jedi Order are subject to Republic law.
  • Common Locations of the Jedi Order include the Nadiem Enclave, the Ciomia Temple, and a Enclave on Teth, each accessible by ship.
What does the Republic Remnant offer a Jedi on Chaos?
  • The chance to be involved in the rebuilding of the Jedi Order for the Republic.
  • The chance to explore new worlds and interesting storyline.
  • And of course, collaboration with other branches and members of the Republic.

Press here if you want to join! And feel free to shoot any questions my way, myself or fellow Jedi Lilla Syrin.