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[Republic/Jedi Order] A Blue Dragon & A Red Dragon. And Then Redhead Aggression Appears

Blast. How did everything go wrong so quickly?

Just a week before, everything seemed to be going well. Kaine had been captured by the Jedi, and a man he respected, being Krag, took his place. Finally, it seemed the Sith would get their asses into gear and destroy the Jedi, destroy the Republic once and for all. Finally, with someone he knew and respected, he would find his place in the Sith... A place he'd been looking for all along.

But then it fell. It collapsed. The Sith Empire was destroyed, Krag's kingdom laid waste to. And in that battle, Nick had found one man, the man he'd been looking for since Dantooine.

Josh DragonsFlame. His own brother. He had stormed Korriban with the freaks, the monsters, the warmongers of the Republic. His dream to turn his brother and finally reunite in the Sith, and become one of the greatest forces the galaxy had ever seen had gone up in smoke, when he had been defeated. But, as he sat in the cell on Ossus, he realized it'd been a humbling experience. For so long, he had acted as a silent assassin for people like Circe Savan, Darth Kyros, Kaine Zambrano, Darth Vulcanus... And he had allowed himself to become overconfident in his abilities. Absorbed by power. And that overconfidence allowed his experienced older brother to defeat him.

He had expected his life to end there. He was down, his lightsaber knocked out of his hand. His twin bladed sanctuary was out of his reach, and he saw the fierce eyes that reminded him so much of his mother boring down upon him, blade raised, the blue hue set to strike and end him forever....

But it didn't come. Instead, he had felt a sharp pain as soldiers snapped handcuffs on him. The Jedi Master had helped him to his feet, and he was overcome by shock. For a moment, he thought he was being dealt a kindness, the only one that had ever been given to him in his life ever since the people who had raised him, the bounty hunters, had died. But then he realized it, he was being captured. Sent to one of the Republic's infernal prisons...

He had heard rumors, stories of what the Republic and the Jedi did to their prisoners... Dreams of torture and agony plagued the young man in his sleep ever since that day. As he sat in this prison on Ossus, he knew that one day they would come for him... They would torture him. They would agonize him. They would kill him... Just as the Sith said they would...

But... The Sith hadn't always been truthful to him. Usually, they never were. Was this a simple lie? But yet... This was all he knew. It was all he knew to believe.

"Why couldn't you just let me die, you bastard...." the Sith Knight muttered to himself as he sat up on the bed in the cell. He'd spent the day staring at the ceiling, waiting for the end to come. He cursed the name of a man who was his only surviving flesh and blood, for what he had done to him... Why couldn't the bastard have just ended him on Korriban, and saved him from this pain.

"WHY COULDN'T YOU LET ME DIE?!" he finally let out, tossing a piece of rubble that had fallen from the wall that he had punched the day before at the wall. He had slowly began to descend into insanity as the days tricked by, paranoia overcoming him as he awaited the day they would come for him, and kill him, just as the Sith had predicted....

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