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Refuge Razed

Planet: Sanctuary, near Silver Jedi Space​
Location: Above planet orbit​
[member="Kyrel Ren"]​
Some regions of the old planet were more developed than others, that was for sure. For years Sanctuary was the go to site for those fleeing from war, promises of a peaceful land without the dangers of mass-conflict. It had been that way for a long time, and still was. No doubt individuals of influence had expanded upon the society of independent village communities, utilizing resources to bring in materials and resources for construction and development. Even though not all areas were as lucky as others, they still managed to get by with what they had. A cult of off-worlder Anzati had recently stirred fear among a community of small islands in an undeveloped region of the planet, taking advantage of the vulnerable civilians to feed on their brain matter. Word had it that a young Jedi had left Silver space in order to investigate, eventually proving to be successful in his quest to thwart the alien's ill-intent. Rumors managed to get around quickly, especially ones of great feats.

All seemed to be calm on the surface, as a militia patrol squadron soared through the vacuum of space high above the planet's orbit. The resources provided to them through third-parties were extremely limited, and so the squadron consisted only of old Z-95 headhunters, and a single Pathfinder-class scout ship. The men and women crewing these vessels were extremely dedicated to their cause, intent on preserving the peace that Sanctuary had seen for thousands of years. Not many were willing to volunteer for these sort of jobs, and so there were only so many squadrons available to patrol the space ways. A total of six ships, they went on their way with sensors scanning the immediate area, the patrol craft able to achieve a much longer range with its scans. "I'm picking up something on the sensors," the sensory officer spoke, relaying their message through an open channel to the rest of the squadron. "There's a ship dropping out of hyperspace!"
Location: Above Sanctuary's orbit.​
Kyrel had been traveling through hyperspace for hours within The Reaper. The Reaper a ship designed for him personally by the First Order Corps of Engineers it resembled that of the Sith Infiltrator used by the Sith Lord Darth Maul. It was very much an MK 2 of the same design even with a stealth generator. Why was he out here far from First Order space? Well for months he had been hunting Jedi after gathering records of the Galactic Republic of Jedi who could have gone into hiding. For him this obsession with the Jedi was personal and so he did not want to involve the Empire or that of his Order. He had tracked a Jedi Master and his Padawan who had been in hiding for five years to Sanctuary. A world near Silver Jedi Space, but with his ship it was made so it couldn't be traced back to the First Order, and so he would be free to do as he pleases.​
The alarm sounded letting him now that the ship was coming out of Hyperspace. The craft suddenly emerged on top of what looks to be a small fleet. He would not dare come across any resistance, and as soon as he emerged fired his turbo lasers. Several of the Z-95 headhunters were taken out quickly as the rest broke off. One came right behind him, and with feeble attempts trying to take Kyrel out, but with his piloting skills he came over several of the fighters and fired mercilessly upon them destroying them. Last but not least was the scout ship, he advanced on it and launched several missiles aimed for critical systems. Soon enough the scout ship was nothing more than a flaming wreck.​
He then proceeded down to the planet's surface the stealth generator activated. He had landed close to a nearby settlement, and as he stepped onto the landing ramp he could feel the Jedi were near. He started walking straight forward with only the Force as his guide to finding his quarry.​
[member="Tugoro Taidarious"]​
Try as they might, the small militia patrol squadron was destined to fail. With such little firepower and hardly any time to react, the fighters were caught off guard and destroyed in a swift act of mercilessness. What was left of the ships drifted through space, and so [member="Kyrel Ren"] met little resistant as he descended towards the planet's surface. However, while the starfighters were being destroyed, the scout ship had managed to send a transmission to one of the closest island militia groups. Even though they had no chance to evade death, they had given their comrades a chance in the form of a warning. Immediately, a signal was sent out to a majority of the communities, giving them time to gather their volunteers, weapons and other equipment.

The leaders of the groups were shocked by the sudden attack when they heard, not able to come up with a reason as to why this would happen. Perhaps it had something to do with the Jedi, an order they were particularly fond of given the aid they had received in the past. While the Jedi Master had been on the planet for some time, the apprentice had not, being the one who had slain the Anzat cult leader. Sanctuary was an ocean planet with large and small islands all over the surface, not allowing for many choice landing zones. The nearby settlement happened to be one equipped with a small land sensors array station, the sensor officer within the militia headquarters nearly leaping to his feet.

It would take time to warn other villages, but for now he would have to update the commander. "Sir, I'm picking up something on the scanners. It... Came out of no where. No definite position, it might be a vessel." The muttered, not wanting to believe it. Was it the same one that had destroyed the patrol squadron? At that point, teams of five were sent out to search the immediate area, leaving the settlement and surveying via the many natural canals between islands. They traveled by repulsorlift rafts, donned in thrown together armor and old blaster weaponry. Stalking through the thin treeline, a militia squad dispatched directly from HQ unknowingly advanced on the Ren's position, having been send to the most likely location of the unknown vessel.

They saw him and gasped in shock, three lifting their weapons while two began to back away. A trio of blaster bolts began to cut through the trees, even collapsing some as they attempted to overwhelm the monstrosity before them. Leaves fell from above as they screamed in a mix of fury and fear, unable to understand what it was they were facing. Out of sheer panic, one of the soldiers furthest away clipped a thermal detonator grenade from his bandoleer, activating it before lobbing it through the air towards the demon.
Kyrel brought the ship slowly down into the depths of the atmosphere of Sanctuary. He was eager to hunt the Jedi Master down, and show him that he should have found a better place to hide, but he knew that if the Jedi was here then this would not be easy, he would have accumulated some friends, protectors, if not then he would have an easier task. He activated the stealth field generator to hide his craft from scanners. The ocean world made it difficult to find a landing area, besides the where civilization was of course.

He had managed to land his starship on the outskirts of the nearest village, the ship landed slowly and the landing ramp was extended. Kyrel felt tremendous excitement swell within him. He walked slowly his dark cape flowing with the breeze, and so reached out with the Force. He knew that the Jedi was here. He would walk deep into the forest knowing the Jedi couldn't be far.

Then his danger sense triggered him, and so activated his crimson blade. It came out with a snap-hiss as a flurry of blaster bolts came his way. He moved his saber left from right as he reflected some of the bolts back upon his foes. He then saw a thermal detonator and he pushed with the Force several feet away from him back at his foes hoping to disperse them. With the group scattered he moved swiftly with violent intent within him. He moved his red blade ignoring their screams as his blade cut through there armor, and with his free hand he either pushed them into far distances, or crushed their necks with the Force, after cutting through several men, the rest made a tactical retreat into the clearing and so Kyrel decided not to pursue them, but followed on his hunt for the Jedi, as he wandered the forest with only the Force as his guide.

[member="Tugoro Taidarious"]
[member="Kyrel Ren"]'s tactics were sound, for as soon as the thermal detonator was sent back towards the group, they separated. The grenade exploded, casting a bright shine throughout the forest as a small portion of it was annihilated. The militia was next, as the Knight of Ren's saber carved through their bodies, throwing those nearby but out of range against trees with violent bursts of the force. In a matter of seconds the entire squad lay dead, their bodies motionless while tendrils of smoke rose from the charred flesh. The makeshift command center went silent after listening to the entire encounter, shocked by the garbled screams and blaster fire they had heard. Exactly what were they facing? "Recall all of our men," the commander stated after a moment, still astounded by what had happened. "We will need to strike in numbers, order them here and gather all the equipment we have-"

He was cut off by the sudden presence of another; a robed and lightly armored man stood in the door way, a single lightsaber hilt hanging from his belt. "I believe it would be best for your men to stand down and retreat. They have done enough for the community," Tugoro spoke, his calm eyes seeming to put those within the room at ease. Nevertheless, the militia commander strode over to the Jedi, a desperate look upon his face. "What exactly are we facing?" He questioned the Jedi, wanting to know just how hopeless their situation was. "I am afraid I do not have an answer for you, commander. Rest assured, I will find out."

With that, the Jedi Master departed, finding little need for more to be said. Leaving the settlement, he leaped from one island to another, before arriving near the dark presence he had sensed earlier. There was still some distance to be traveled, but they would soon meet face to face. Not all of the militia soldiers had listened to the order to retreat when it was given, instead acquiring the best of what they had to offer and moving upon their foe.

A T1-B hovertank had been fully manned, setting off across the water channels before arriving at the last known location of their comrades. With a quick sensor sweep of the area, the vehicle took off in the Knight of Ren's direction, eventually getting him in their sights as he reached the end of treeline. Laser cannon fire sprayed forth, missed shots ripping into the surrounding trees as they attempted to blast the deadly Vader-spawn into dust. Would they be successful?

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