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Recruiting a Shadow Hand

I currently in the process of planning my full return to chaos with regular posts instead of taking a week to answer everything lol, and I there is a plan that will be soon set in motion for which I need allies and underlings again (something he had a while back before some IC trouble and OOC lack of time).

The main thing I'm looking for is a shadow hand. The Shadow Hand is something like a mix of apprentice, dark side agent and field commander, traditionally a dark jedi, but sith and witches work as well. Rank wise padawan or knight would both be okay.

So what are the advantages of being Abyss Shadow hand you might ask now. First of the obvious: Training. Abyss knows like a lot about the force, combat, crime and a few other things and he is willing to share (some of) this knowledge with his shadow hand as he would with an apprentice. Secondly assets. Abyss has his own small fleet, cities and structures all around the galaxy, as well as a small army and some gear. All these things can be used by his shadow hand if called for. Thirdly and lastly, missions. Anyone who had a character trained by Abyss can tell you about the efforts I make for training those working for him, and that most of the time these threads have rather unique storylines and settings.

The disadvantages are that you have to be part of his schemes, and there might is a little bit of making enemies along the way.

So yeah, anyone interested?
[member="Darth Abyss"]

I'd be interested with this character. I've been wanting to use her again but simply lacked the right direction since i always find myself at a loss when writing her kind of characters.
[member="Blake Morrigan"] I see a really well made bio, then I close a lfg thread. Always has been like that lol. I will hit you up with a pm to hash out a thread soon.

Ariealla Vareldi said:
[member="Blake Morrigan"]
Abyss likes to make his tools, not buy them pre packaged.
This is a pretty accurate analogy

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