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Aboard the Mythosaur, High Orbit over Myrkr

Empires rise and fall, but ideas are eternal. In a galaxy consumed by constant conflict, this mantra burns brightly in the hearts of the faithful few. Children of a broken home, but resolute in their desire to return the kindness their mother gave them.

Some were born hers. Natural MandalorIans embraced her culture from childhood and grew into hunters, warriors, farmers, and above all family. Divided as they were by clans, their shared heritage bonded them deeply in a way other denizens of the galaxy, regardless of religion or affiliation could not fully claim.

Others were adopted into her charity. Regardless of the means of their birth, or what sins sullied their past, she opened her arms to them with the promise of a clean slate. Cin'vhetin, they called it. From where he stood looking out over Myrkr, Alkor pondered over the concept.

Myrkr had come and gone from the hands of the Mandalorians many times in the past decade. Most recently, it served as the foundation for the crusade of [member="Ra Vizsla"], the predecessor of [member="Vilaz Munin"] as Mand'alor. From its soil, they proclaimed their rage against the now forgotten Republic, a galactic power that crumbled beneath the weight.

Now, after suffering a fate not unlike the Republic's own, the Mando'ade held true that old maxim that revitalized themy against all odds. "We are an idea, and you can't kill an idea."

And Myrkr was theirs once more.

"Su'cuy, Alkor," one of the officers greeted after studying the Dark Jedi for some fifteen minutes. He seemed transfixed on the world below which he had just helped to seize, but his mind was somewhere far away. "Congratulations on your victory, ner'vod."

His soft, icy blue gaze flickered to the man and he gave a slight nod. "Our victory," Alkor corrected. "One more world for our people to settle," he added, "one more step toward home."

"Toward home," the man agreed. "We have a report from the surface. The generators you activated are functioning at optimum levels, and the operating teams sent to man and repurpose the old Imperial holdings are well under way. The entire operation is a great success."

"Vilaz will be pleased to hear it," he replied as he directed his attention to the constantly growing flotilla around them. Mandalorians flocking to answer the call of the Sole Ruler. Word of their new victory was already far reaching. "Where is he, speaking of?"

"En route," came the answer. "He finished with his own opposition a bit later than you did, then went to meet with the Bounty Hunters to lay down an agreement about how Myrkr will be run. They were more than fine with the idea of colonization, and happy to hear we weren't going to try to tax them."

"Better to let their work flood the planet's coffers as it always has," Alkor agreed. "As it stands, we don't have a strong enough financial hand to back any sort of economic stimulus anyway."

"You've dealt with leadership of nations before?" The man mused.

"Hardly," Alkor snorted. "But I've seen plenty of them fail."

Neither man seemed to have anything to add to that. This was a day of triumph, and the massive flagship of the Mandalorians was alive with jubilation. Alkor returned to looking out the view port toward the vastness of space. Soon enough, their people would gather.

Soon enough.

[member="Keira Ticon"], [member="Darth Metus"], [member="Amaya Verd"], [member="Aedan Miles"], [member="Kad Tor"], [member="Briika Tor"], [member="Oron Verd"], [member="Kalyr Alor"], [member="Kurayami Bloodborn"], [member="Strider Garon"], [member="Ardgal Raxis"], [member="Artemis Lux"], @anyone else
[SIZE=10.5pt]Aedan Miles sat on the command throne of his clan's Alor-class Dreadnought as it moved through hyperspace a large force following behind it many would take such a great force as a sign of attack but this time it was a sign of Aedan's devotion and desire to once more rejoin his people. Today he was bringing the best gift he could think to bring and that was something he had heard rumors about the Mando'ade sorely needing and that is a fleet. As such he had gone around scavenging, buying and in the rare case stealing the ships he wanted to deliver to his people and the Mand'alor he had heard rumors that they had expanded recently which means the higher members of the Mando'ade would be gathered on or above the planet Myrkr and being one with a flair for the dramatic was going to make an entrance with the ships he was giving to them almost all of them were barely crewed so that they could move while the Alor-class and the smaller ships were fully crewed just in case they were required to enter into battle right away. He hoped the sight of what some would call a garishly painted Alor-class in his clans colors of Violet and Crimson with a black Krayt dragon skull with gold eyes on the bow clearly highly customized and costly this ship was Aedans home away from home when it came down to it.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=10.5pt]He smirked as he tapped away at the arm of the command throne his clan was happy to be returning home they had spent much to long away from their people and they hoped to be welcomed back as Vod. Almost all of them knew that even if Clan Akaata was not welcomed back the fleet they were bringing would be left with the Mando'ade while they took what freighters, cargo ships, and yachts Aedan could buy and left. That was the worst thing that Aedan felt could happen but he was fairly confident after the Death Watch's actions and his own on Mandalore itself they would be welcomed back. Not many people had known or even expected the once infamous Pirate King to make an appearance there let alone at the head of an army that seemed devoutly loyal to their commander. Now they he was coming in peace something all but foreign to the young man he had grown up fighting in every war he could get himself into mostly choosing to fight for the factions that fought for the greater good sometimes taking the better payment offer.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=10.5pt]He looked up as the helm man suddenly called out almost worriedly. [/SIZE][SIZE=10.5pt]"Jatne vod vi cuyir ge ogir leaving Nau iviin Nusujii."[/SIZE][SIZE=10.5pt] [/SIZE][SIZE=10.5pt]Aedan smiled and walked over resting his hand on the nervous man's shoulder he was one of the more recent warriors from Clan Akaata having just passed his trials and entering adulthood recognized as a proud warrior in Aedan's clan. "[/SIZE]Jate let ni kar'taylir once vi cuyir leaving Nau iviin." More calm the warrior nodded before turning his attention back to his terminal as made his way back to the command throne calmly.

[member="Alkor Centaris"] [member="Vilaz Munin"]
[SIZE=10.5pt] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=10.5pt]Fleet Akaata[/SIZE]


[SIZE=10.5pt]1x [/SIZE]Metus-class Fleet Carrier

[SIZE=10.5pt]3x [/SIZE]Aurora-class Siege Destroyers

[SIZE=10.5pt]3x [/SIZE]Warhammer-class Star Destroyers

[SIZE=10.5pt]4x [/SIZE]IFW Procursator-class patrol destroyers

[SIZE=10.5pt]2x [/SIZE]Dragon-class Patrol Destroyers

[SIZE=10.5pt]3x [/SIZE]Victory-class Star Destroyers

[SIZE=10.5pt]3x [/SIZE]Munificent X-class Heavy Cruiser

[SIZE=10.5pt]3x [/SIZE]Starhammer-class Cruiser

[SIZE=10.5pt]2x [/SIZE]Impregnable-class Heavy Cruiser

[SIZE=10.5pt]3x [/SIZE]Unicorn-class Heavy Cruiser

[SIZE=10.5pt]3x [/SIZE]Ton Falk-class Escort Carrier

[SIZE=10.5pt]4x [/SIZE]IFW Striker-class Escort Frigate

[SIZE=10.5pt]2x [/SIZE]Katana-class Light Cruiser

[SIZE=10.5pt]3x [/SIZE]Praetorian Corvette

[SIZE=10.5pt]3x [/SIZE]IFW Assassin-class Heavy Escort
Keira left the battleground of Myrkr much the same way she had entered it: alone, and with nothing more than her own thoughts to accompany her as the small, one-man shuttle left the atmosphere of the planet and made its way to the vessel in orbit. "This isn't the end of things with the Imperials, I hope you know." Well, alone aside from the AI that was her near-constant companion. There was no verbal response made, nor did she give any indication that she had heard Thalia speak, only sighing quietly from within the confines of her helmet. She was well aware that none of this would be left at the bombardment and impromptu invasion of Myrkr no matter how quickly the Imperials had been beaten back, but she didn't want to think about that right now.

"Thalia, bring the shuttle into the hangar." Similarly the AI was silent, obeying her command wordlessly, the ship settling with a quiet shudder as it finally landed in a true safe haven. A few moments of uneasy silence passed before she stood, still halfway in the realm of shell-shock that had the capacity to overwhelm even the most seasoned soldiers. Her hand waved over the sensor that caused the landing ramp to descend, and for once she waited for it to hit the floor of the hangar with a metallic clang before stepping off-board. A quick glance around the expansive space told her that the rest of the vode hadn't made it home safely yet, but with the combat disposed of she wasn't quite as concerned. They would return in their own time, and only then would the next move be made. Momentarily, there was some kind of R&R to be had.

Upon entering the bridge she was greeted by those that stood about, and reaching up with both hands she unsealed her helmet and pulled it off, clipping it magnetically at her waist. She returned the quiet words in Mando'a with a smile and a slight nod, still partially lost in her own world, her mind slow in catching up to the idea that she was presently out of danger. Stepping up beside [member="Alkor Centaris"] she granted him a smile that was more genuine in its delivery. "For the record, I won." Ever since he had offered the challenge she'd been keeping track of her kill count, and shortly after departing the battlefield she had transmitted the final results to her younger brother. "Me'vaar ti gar, vod'ika?"

[member="Aedan Miles"]
Having finally had some time to rest after the debacle over Obroa-Skai, Kurayami took the time to finish up work on an odd little interceptor. He had taken the idea of VTOL to an odd place. The engine pods not only had full rotation at low speed, but also were able to do so at high speeds, it had taken quite a bit of tinering with simulations to get the two pods to work in tandem especially given that they could move in a full 90 degree arc up or down. This meant that the thrust could be diverted up to 110 degrees with the built in three dimensional thrust vectoring. While running through a test on the simulator he got a ping on his HUD, letting him know that he was being contacted. Upon opening the message he saw that he was being called back to Myrkr. He considered just deleting the message altogether for a moment since they were interrupting his relaxation. Something struck him as odd though, the message came from Alkor. Well, maybe he could get some good booze out of going, so what the hell right?

Stepping out of the simulator, he walked over to where the 'Nehphilim' sat. It had to be test flown sometime, right? And the data he had gathered from the simulator would allow him to set the parameters for the engines more accurately. Once he climbed into the small fighter and closed the canopy, he pulled up the data on where the limiters were set on the flight control computer. While the list was populated he pulled up the same list on his HUD and made any necessary adjustments. It was time to see just what this little thing could do. Taking off he ran through a few basic maneuvers before adding in the deflection provided by allowing the engines to move. Much more maneuverable than expected, but also a bit touchy. For now he would set the engines to neutral position, lock them there, and make the jump to Myrkr.

Hours later he was exiting hyperspace in high orbit over Myrkr, there were a good number of ships present already, and he could faintly feel the presence of Alkor onboard one of the larger ships. Not the garishly painted thing that was part of some sort of fleet, maybe. His senses in the Force were dulled by his proximity to the planet, but he was not completely cut off yet. Given that he didn't know much about Alkor, he set up an onion routing system to check any and all databases he could through the Holonet, and also sent a message to an old friend in the CDF to run the name and send him any files he could find in their records.

In the meantime, he began to fly what seemed to be an impromptu airshow, though in reality it was just him getting used to the quirks of the new fighter and working out how bet to use the advantage provided by the engines flexible mountings. As he worked through more and more complex maneuvers he figured out how to set the computer so that each set of engines could be rotated so that they were priding thrust counter to one another to make transitioning into a roll or recovering from a split-s or immelmann faster.

What the files that were sent would reveal was not anything he had expected, the only real returns for Alkor came from CDF and were...eye-opening to say the least. Hopefully he would be able to talk to the man about what he had found out later.

[member="Aedan Miles"], [member="Alkor Centaris"], [member="Vilaz Munin"]
No sonner she and the Mandalorians that were on that mission with her arrived on the Padme, the Doctor got Drof and Ardgal properly patched up and Bloodborn whatever rest he needed after whatever he spent. Its not that she didn’t notice the tall tale sign of him being a force user. Rashae relied heavily on her science and medical. The woman could see that. This ambiguous force thing she could neither feel nor see. Where there things out there she could see or feel? Maybe, but why worry about that when you had something viable and reliable like medicine and science.

Once those guys were tended to and resting (or should be resting), the Minister was updated on the Myrkr situation. It didn’t take her long to get into scrubs and take the next corvette down to the surface. The Mandalorians may have won but there was a lot of work to do. The people needed reassuring and needed hope. While the warriors went to where warriors went when there was no fight, the human part had to take over. Rashae sort of wished the mandalorians had more humanitarian individuals. The social services team were hard at work acquiring data for needs, resettling displaced families, locating orphans and providing what aid was needed of food, clothing, shelter.

The doctor found herself mired in infrastructure operations issues as she had to deal with conflicts over use of heavy equipment. For frak sake, this wasn’t really her job but she had to get it done to continue her own work. One of the administrators for the social services division handed her a datapad that had the growing list of needs and supplies that were quickly dwindling that they needed. She took it with her as she relayed this up to the Padme for dissemination to see if these items could be acquired somehow. More heavy equipment to deal with the rubble of destroyed buildings, fixing the power in areas that had none, new housing needed to be built, an orphanage needed to be established, food banks, water purifiers, the list continued. Actually the water purifiers would be the easiest.

By evening she was back on the Padme to try and get these items as medical and social services continued to improve what they could. She was up on the bridge of the Padme quietly discussing the logistics of this list with the Commander. Yes she heard that the Mandalorians were gathering on one of their ships, but that seemed to be Mandalorian business, not the Minister of Medicine of Alderaan.

“The water purifiers are easy, the heavy equipment .. I have no idea where that is coming from. “ She admitted as she shook her head.

“Might have to see if the clans have any of this on hand somewhere? “ Cantalos said looking at her. “You cant do everything Minister. Some of this cost needs to come from them. Its also good PR for them. “

“Probably right. Might have to be tomorrow as talking to Drunk Mandalorians is not my favorite thing. “ Mandalorians do know how to party.

“Rashae, why don’t you go?” Cantalos asked looking at the Minister. She was young she should be enjoying the victory with them but she was a peculiar young woman.

“Stephan, I wasn’t invited. “ It was a propriety thing and she wouldn’t invade otherwise.

[member="Vilaz Munin"] [member="Keira Ticon"] [member="Drof'del Tavor"] [member="Ardgal Raxis"] [member="Kurayami Bloodborn"] [member="Alkor Centaris"] [member="Aedan Miles"]
Alkor let out a caustic chuckle when Ticon approached him from behind and proclaimed her nascent victory. "Didn't count," he waved a hand dismissively. "The main garrison was deployed on your position. I had a third of the number to shoot that you did." Truth be told, Alkor didn't actually mind footing the bill for their drinks. The retort was just better than the way he used to grunt and wholly ignore those around him. They seemed to respond better to actual words than cold indifference.

She offered a smile, warmer than he was used to, but not the offensive sort of thing a Jedi might toss about meaninglessly. It was genuine and filled with sentiment, and though he did not understand, Alkor acknowledged it with a slight nod. His expressions rarely changed. Keira was used to that by now.

"Haryc," he answered honestly. Alkor rarely slept, and when he did, people took notice. Plagued constantly by grim nightmares and night terrors, he thrashed restlessly during the night and often woke up in cold sweats. He found some relief through meditation, but the chances he got to indulge in that practice were few and far between in the past few weeks.

Since waking up in the guts of a Medical frigate without use of one arm, he had felt sufficiently stripped of usefulness. He threw himself into practice and work, and he made little time for anything else. Booze notwithstanding, Alkor was a practical man. The Dark Jedi lifted the hand entombed in beskar and stroked his chin. "The work we've been doing seems to be paying off, though," he added after a long and introspective moment between them. "This sector has accepted our requests to colonize. The Confederation has also agreed to terms with Mand'alor, and we should have more cooperation with the Smugglers and other black market operations in the area in the coming weeks."

He let out a rare sigh. "We can rest when we're dead, hmm?"

The two watched as large vessels materialized out of hyperspace in a flurry, a large fleet grouping up on the Mythosaur and adding its might to hers. The comms officer confirmed the identity of its conmanding officer as one [member="Aedan Miles"] . "Tell Miles that he is free to join us aboard at his leisure," Alkor instructed. "Vilaz will be along soon."

The former Jen'jidai closed eyes and let out a breath. "Did you receive the report I sent about the trade deal with Bespin?" he asked [member="Keira Ticon"] suddenly. "Ordinarily I wouldn't deal with the First Order and I'd seek out a contract for tibanna elsewhere, but they have a stranglehold on the market. We need that gas for our ships and weapons." He folded his arms and glanced over at his sister. "Should I approach the deal through a third party and keep the appearance of separation from Mandalorian dealings?"

There was always Balmorran to use for the deal, after all.

[member="Kurayami Bloodborn"], [member="Vilaz Munin"]
"That's because you never let yourself rest." Keira spoke with a tone that wasn't accusatory, but rather matter-of-fact in its delivery. The both of them knew he was the sort to push himself to the point of death, only stopping when those around him expressed concern, if even then. Long ago he'd learned to place no true value in his worth as an individual, and she was helping him to relearn that. "I don't care what work needs to be done, you need time to just be. I'm well aware you don't sleep often, but it's no good to be on your feet all the time. Even weapons need to be refurbished every once in awhile." Sometimes in order to get through you had to speak a language he could comprehend, as much as she didn't like it.

A single nod was her only initial response to his inquiry, and she allowed him to finish speaking, having already made her mind up the moment the First Order had been mentioned in that transmission he'd sent. "Approaching as a third party is the most cut-and-dry option. I don't care for the others opinions of the Imperials, good or bad. Beyond mercenary work we don't affiliate ourselves with them. Whether the standing Mand'alor likes it or not, they're better off dead." In all the two were capable of doing a fine job governing the Mando'ade themselves, but she supposed the current leadership wouldn't be as amiable to the idea. And so, for the most part, they ceded to the Sole Ruler. It didn't, however, hurt to get advice from family.

"Besides that, you were never one for making excuses. Out of practice, are we?" And so the conversation circled back to his first retort, as if a trade deal had never been in the cards in the first place. He may have been deprived of bodies to riddle with bullets or plasma, but she had seen him on the battlefield enough times to know he was capable of dealing in death in a manner more efficient than anyone ought to have the right to. "Surprised you didn't find yourself a way to get in the thick of it. You're usually awfully good at that." Her younger brother was the only other person she'd met whose stubbornness rivaled hers, outside of blood family, and there was something to be said for such an accomplishment.

The two never quite looked at each other directly during their exchanges, and this was no exception. But she did glance over when next she spoke, "You've grown. I'm proud of you."

[member="Alkor Centaris"], [member="Rashae"], [member="Kurayami Bloodborn"], [member="Aedan Miles"]
Kurayami checcked to see where Alkor had sent the transmission from, whether it was one of the ships arrayed in front of him, or from a personal comm frequency. At first it seemed to have been the latter, but he hadn't been exactly close by when he got the message. A little more digging brought up a second signal wave, acting to boost the signal from the personal comm used. Myhtosaur, that was the ships ID. A scan revealed the location of the Mythosaur within the fleet gathered over Myrkr.

He opened an encrypted channel to the bridge requesting clearance to land and providing his name as the ID of his craft. Once he was cleared for landing within the hangar he angled towards the indicated ship. This wasn't to say that he didn't feel like buzzing the tower, and he may well have were he in the Amara, or another ship that he was used to. Not having the X-37 completely dialed in though presented too much of a margin for error. He'd be damned if it wasn't hard to suppress that voice in his head though telling him it would be fun. Sometimes being a Corellian was a curse. Chuckling to himself, he remained on course for the hangar, setting the ship down carefully as he engaged the flight control locks and other safety features. Climbing out of the cockpit he instructed the head of maintenance to just refuel the ship and leave the rest alone.

No armor was present with the exception of his helmet. Casual spacer gear par usual for him, old Aquila squadron flight jacket, utility slacks displaying the first class bloodstripes, black combat boots shined to a dull sheen, belt with two BRP-003 pistols holstered on his hips, and saber hanging behind the left holster. The helmet remained in place as he made his way onto the bridge, only removing his helmet upon seeing [member="Alkor Centaris"]. The woman he had met shortly once before, though it had been a while since he had last seen [member="Keira Ticon"]. He hung back while letting the two finish their conversation, not wanting to interrupt. Once there was a break, he approached the pair, pulling out a flask from his jacket and taking a long drink of namana nectar before replacing the cap and making himself known.

"Well, I made it here in one piece. Wasn't sure I was going to leave that ship over Obroa-Skai in one piece, what a debacle that was. Anyways, what are we all here for? Oh yea, good to see you both again."

[member="Aedan Miles"], [member="Vilaz Munin"], [member="Rashae"]
"That was some damn act of stupidity," Virgil said with stoic indifference, "You went in, basically alone. You didn't send for back up when things got hard. You were pretty much asking to die."

Ardgal eased his shoulder back as he pulled the blue fatigues on. The wound from when the shrapnel hit him was still sore, but very manageable. Extracting it from the healed tissue was the more painful part, however the mutant healing still did its part to help him function instead of having to lay in bed for days on rest with stitches. He looked to his cousin. She was clad head to toe in armor, as always. They were both cyborgs, both augmented bio-experiments, but sometimes he wondered if under all that metal she was even more cyborg than he. "We had a higher tactical chance of making it through with minimal losses with the force we had. Trust me, I don't want to die any more than anyone else does."

"Sometimes you make me wonder."

“Alright, alright, I get the message,” Ardgal strapped a gunbelt to his side bearing a Punisher pistol, it was ornamental and to help quiet his paranoia. He closed the field locker in his room that served as his closet. The warrior was Spartan to a tee, nothing but the barest of essentials clad his room. The warrior retrieved a datapad from the square metallic nightstand by his plane bunk, “Alright, let’s work drumming up an analysis for what the local system needs now to get it up and running. I was thinking with the local mercenaries and bounty hunters in line we could focus on arms sales, if we make a deal with the local markets, my conservative views could give serve a bumper crop with income.”

“Sir, with all due respect, what about the celebration?” Prometheus chimed in from beside Virgil.

“I’m confident they can handle their own security,” Ardgal dismissed the statement with a wave of his hand, “But it is good thinking.”

“Not what I meant, sir. I just thought you may want to consider going.”

Ardgal looked up from his work, eyebrows arched, “Excuse me?”

“I am all for maximizing our profit margins, sir, and I would never question your judgement since you are a living god, but—well, you did just escape death, and help save the galaxy from some pretty bad stuff. I think that’s cause for celebration, after all,” Prometheus said with a shrug. “Just my thoughts, sir.”

“I think it’s just another day in the office,” Ardgal said wryly, “But the sentiment is appreciated.”

“He’s right,” Virgil said, “You are the Alor, and it would be good for the clan, PR for RMIA, and the nation for you to go. It’s a more pressing matter. Prometheus and I will stay and work on the numbers while you go.”

“Hey!” Prometheus objected, raising his hands in disgust, “Since when do I not get a vote in what I do with my down time?”

Ardgal sighed, setting his datapad down, “Prepare my shuttle, bells on. I will go solo.”

A few moments later Ardgal arrived at the Padme dressed in a semi-casual suit, he made his way to the bridge, by now the crew were pretty well acquainted with man and, to any questions he said he was going to resolve a few problems with the doctor since his little mission with her, data and all.

“Miss me much?” He asked charmingly with a warm smile, strode to her across the command deck. He pulled her close and gave the woman a gentle kiss, running his fingers along the small of her neck. They were out of the fire zone, he was now a lot more at ease. He gave a half smile, “Thanks for taking care of us back there. Take care of me, all of us,” he said, he gently took the datapad from her hands and set it down to accent his words, “Come on.”

And he gently began to tug her to his shuttle, they had a party to attend.

Rashae would have never allowed Ardgal to feel more pain. A delicately placed local on the right nerve juncture would temporarily dull the pain as she extracted the shrapnel from the excess tissues that healed and sealed that spot. In hindsight, it was intriguing. She had more things to deal with as she placed her patented antisepsis spray and one of her skin patches that would work with his system to heal far quicker and hopefully with less pain. The skin patch sort of looks like skin, the business side as a weakened synth skin that was a time release of the bacta gel solution. The antispesis spray goes on pink and then turns clear as its cleaning cycle completes. Analgesics help with any discomfort and the mucilage quality melds with the skin patch to work with it. Those two products are her best sellers. Incredibly efficient wound kit system.

Drof took a bit longer to handle. It didnt take long to treat what was left of her patch up job. He was fortunate he was tough. Any other person might not have made it. The Mandalorians certainly were incredibly sturdy and resilient. In that regard, they made her job easy. In other regards, they caused her a whole bunch of work. Bloodborn just needed rest and nutrition to recover whatever he spent. Rashae wasnt going to speculate on the force as she cant see it. Several items in his chemistry was low so she took to her science and medicine and provided what care Bloodborn would allow before he and Drof hauled their behinds off of her ship.

As she was quietly going over matters on Myrkr her head turned to see Ardgal dressed in relaxed casual clothing as she gave a smile. Commander Cantalos inclined his head towards the General.

“General Raxis, Pleasure to meet you under more pleasant circumstances. How is the shoulder?” The commander extended his hand to the man.

Rashae blushed at the kiss and smiled big. The kiss caused a bit of a sparkle in her eyes. “Its what I do.” Was her only answer to the thank you.

Commander just smiled and looked at the growing list of work to be done as did Rashae. “oh, Ardgal, do you have any heavy equipment. We need to get this rubble moved. Damned Imperials really know where to hit. I think we can reuse some of the duracrete and block it out but that's going to take equipment. “ It was at that time Ardgal takes her datapad gently out of her hands as her head snaps around at him.

“Hey!! “ And watched as he sets it down gently near the Commander and takes her hands with the understated command of 'come on'.

“Rashae, Go on. “ Commander Cantalos said with his patient and calm sort of way.

“This is a conspiracy. How do you expect me to go to a party like this?!! “ motioning to her clothes. Sure it was a nice but utilitarian pants suit and boots, it was not party clothes in her mind and definitely not matching what Ardgal was wearing.

Rather she gets changed or not, rather she liked it or not, despite all the rebuttles, she was summarily taken to the shuttle and off to the party she goes. “We will talk about this later. “ She said softly trying to glare at him, but it wasn't working. Instead she huffed a sigh as she watched the Mythosaur not too far from her own orbit over Myrkr.

“Still got work to do down there. Just because the battle is over doesnt mean the job is over. “ Like she could let it rest.

[member="Ardgal Raxis"] [member="Drof'del Tavor"] [member="Kurayami Bloodborn"] [member="Keira Ticon"] [member="Vilaz Munin"] [member="Alkor Centaris"] [member="Aedan Miles"]
Rashae said:
“General Raxis, Pleasure to meet you under more pleasant circumstances. How is the shoulder?”
Ardgal gave the man a firm handshake in return, "Better than you'd expect, I just would like to go over a few details pertaining to the recent mission and where we are to go from here."

The warrior would be lying if he didn't say that seeing her smile, and blush was just about what he lived for. It made him smile, genuinely smile with happiness. He didn't know what it was about her that could melt the ice off his bones, even after the battle. He didn't know what it was about her that had helped pushed him past what he would have done, logic and all, there, and had sparked passion in him, strong enough to bypass his cyborg controls. The warrior would have to figure that out, and learn more he knew, because ultimately that was what he wanted. He listened to her get lost in her workaholic nature, and was tempted to get sucked in as well. He had come dragging his heels, but now, seeing Rashae here, he knew he just wanted to make her happy right now. It didn't matter.

Rashae said:
“This is a conspiracy. How do you expect me to go to a party like this?!! “
"Oh, please, you are right," he said waving the comment away, "You will make everyone else feel morbidly hideous with your beauty," he shrugged, "Too bad I left the bag on the Atonement."

He pulled the lady along with a gentle, guiding tug to his Slatin Gunship. She was new, fresh off the lot, without even a single scorch mark on her... yet. The drives were humming idly, waiting for the quick get away.

"Welcome aboard," he said as they came on the rugged, spartan gunship. It was all quadranium steel, bare chairs without an ounce of comfort, weapon lockers, fluorescent lighting, and racks for armor. A pair of swoop bikes were strapped to the walls, and a small hatch led down into another compartment of god knows what. Pulled a pillow out of one of the weapon lockers, an apologetic look on his face, "Sorry we didn't install any comfortable seating, but I brought this for you. Its memory foam," he suddenly felt a flash of self-consciousness and fear of making a mistake, "Is it soft enough? They said the shimmersilk sheets on it would be extremely comfortable. And I heard that blue was very popular for Alderaanian nobility. If its not good enough I'll find you something better--somewhere," the warrior looked around at the metal ship around him and realized just how stupid it made him feel.

He was fussing over her, probably a little too much, but he wanted to do right. He had been studying, working on it, trying to figure out--well, all of it, the world she lived in. He wanted to impress her and treat her right and the only thing that could bring this skull-breaker feel self conscious was trying to treat this doctor right.

"You are right, we will talk about this later," he said tugging her into the cockpit. He began tapping at the controls, and eased the gunship out of the Padme's hangar towards Myrkr. Ardgal chuckled and gave her cheek a soft caress, "Don't worry, you know you won't find me sleeping on the job."

The Slatin made short work of the trip, settling on its landing props with a soft sigh. Ardgal helped Rashae to her feet from her chair, offering her his arm and a wink, "Come on, let's go have some fun."

And he strolled out of the gunship, hardly aware that his feet touched the ground.

[member="Rashae"] I [member="Kurayami Bloodborn"] I [member="Keira Ticon"] I [member="Alkor Centaris"]​
It was unlike Kad to venture out of the encampment which was still located on Dxun. Life had not been everything he had expected when [member="Eliza Steele"] had sent him to go an find himself. They had been able to part as friends. The difficulty had been for Kad. While it was no small thing of Eliza to help him, Kad had been the one who had to finally admit he didn't know who he was anymore. His journey had brought peaks and valleys with it, but in the end, Kad knew who he was.


There was no going back to who he had tried becoming. The siren call of his people was too strong to resist, and the war drum beat deep in his veins. He'd been reunited with his sister. Kad was now the A'lor of his clan, albeit he was the only one left in it. His hands continued the work of crafting the armor which signified the faithful. Kad had found purpose again. He had met a Lioness. [member="Artemis Lux"] had helped him find the warrior which had been dormant under the shameful drunken stupor that had been his life for so long. He truly owed her for helping him, and found he was living each day to prove worthy of the trust she had given him.

She was on his mind now as he looked out the observation deck to the world below. He hated how the planet made him feel weak, and it was the voice of Artemis which he heard reminding him that he did not need his force to be strong. Kad knew it, in fact it was his mind which told him this, but it had chosen her voice to convey the message.

Kad was there to work. They had a job to do before returning to Dxun where he hoped to find the Lioness waiting for his return. They were thoughts that were not his to have per se, but he had them nonetheless. His skilled hands would find plenty to do as Myrkr and the wolds around it would serve to stage more growth and stability for the faithful to rebuild. Now that the fighting was over, it was time build.

[member="Alkor Centaris"][member="Keira Ticon"][member="Aedan Miles"][member="Kurayami Bloodborn"]
Victory was theirs on Myrkr. What seemed like heavy odds against them was turned around in their favor.

But while they had won it was a bitter one. At least for Vilaz. And it was not for the infrastructure that was destroyed or the countless credits that they needed to rebuild sectors of Myrkr. He could care less for those materialistic things as they could quickly rebound from that with the Sith allies he had as they would give money, technology, ships, and other favors to the Mandalorians in return for their combat and armed services.

What made this victory so sour and barely enjoyable was the irreplaceable Mandalorian lives lost from not just one, but two orbital bombardments from the Galactic Empire. The Munin understood that there would be casualties and losses in wars, but it was too much. That's all the Sole Ruler could think of. All that bloodshed; however, he would avenge them. No matter what, he would do it and pray to those that did got in his way.

His personal freighter had landed aboard the Mythosaur and made his way for the command deck of the grand carrier. He had finished some important business on Myrkr that required his attention than joining with the higher officers in the chain of command within the Aka'liit. But now that he was done with all that, he could now meet with the others and discuss what was next on their list to do.

[member="Kad Tor"] [member="Ardgal Raxis"] [member="Rashae"] [member="Kurayami Bloodborn"] [member="Keira Ticon"] [member="Alkor Centaris"] [member="Aedan Miles"]
The elder veteran man inclined his head towards the General's question. “We have a working list it looks like. Rashae went down there first hand but looks like we need heavy equipment the most.”

Rashae arched her eyebrow and nodded as she peered at the gathered data. “Never going to get those new homes built for the displaced families without it. There are several sections still without power, but the damage to the lines need to be fixed. I am not sure I have anyone that knows how to manage power on a major infrastructure level. Leadership down there are just swamped and overwelmed. “

Those light blue eyes looked up into Raxis' own deep browns. “I like to see them on their way to being stable before heading back to Alderaan. At closest estimations that may take a week? “ There was a soft shrug of her shoulders as that was a gestimate.

Rashae moved towards him to finger the jacket and his choice of clothing. It suited him. He didn't need a whole lot of embellishment and made a simple casual look be very appealing. “Very nice” That little hand patted his lapel in approval. She turned back to her datapad and the maps of the affected city or cities on Myrkr. Tight pants and boots combined with a white flowy type shirt that qualifies as a blouse made her figure stand out. Her hair was partially up and partially down, kissing the edge of her ass as her head turned from side to side. She had to grab her jacket as he dragged her off.

Once she was dragged off, his sarcasm wasnt lost as she half yelled and half laughed at it. A flick of her back hand along his chest to emphasize her point was provided. “I have you know that this..” She motioned up and down her body with a flare of her hand. “Just doesn't happen. It takes work. Unless the bag is absolutely the best on the market. Keep it for storage.” There was a soft ouch sound as she nursed the back of her hand when it came into contact with solid cyborg. She glared at him like it was entirely his fault.

The man's gunship was bare bones. It was so utterly devoid of anything with personality that she found it harsh. Some would find it intimidating but she was wondering about all the hardware. This was just a shuttle, right? What does he need all of this for a shuttle? And what was with all the metal colors? Wasn't there some decorative ceramics or something? He desperately needed an interior decorator. The doctor had no clue about such preparedness and she sure as hell cant pilot anything.

“Shimmersilk is fine and that is a lovely blue. “ As she took the pillow to put it on the stripped down chair. “why ever would you get partially made chairs up here as is? “ To her they looked like chair frames. She set the cushion down on the metal before gingerly sitting in the cockpit. Her face looked at him curiously as she thought about the details he was addressing. Small details to be sure but it was thoughtful. The lady doctor found herself smiling.

She had to sigh a little as she felt naked without a datapad. The smile turned into a half glare as she thought about it. The quiet acquiesce to her wanting 'to talk about it later' was novel. No argument just a 'your right'. That perhaps threw her off the most. As she was thinking, his hand came against her cheek as she found her eyes looking into his again.

“I dont think I would ever have to worry about that. “ Him sleep on the job? He had about as much chance of that than her sleeping when she was on a major project.

Once they landed, she allowed Ardgal to support her exit out of the ship to stand beside him. The lady took a moment to put her jacket on. Environmentals were colder on this ship it seemed. Once she settled her hair and straightened her clothes. One single nod from the woman and they strode out together towards the command center like a power couple.

[member="Vilaz Munin"] [member="Kad Tor"] [member="Ardgal Raxis"] [member="Kurayami Bloodborn"] [member="Keira Ticon"] [member="Alkor Centaris"] [member="Aedan Miles"]
He listened to the doctor talk about the need to take care of the common civilians down there. He knew what havoc war could wrack, his past two major campaigns against an organized force had taken place within the actual confines of a city. He had seen the houses on Mandalore burn--with his own men dying in the blaze to defend them. He had smashed through homes in the Chiloon Rift and destroyed the power grid himself along with the town hall, all for a paycheck. He could still see the destruction bright in his eyes, like it was yesterday.

The warrior shook it off with a forced smile, "Don't worry, I know a guy or two. We will get the power grid up and running sooner than later. Even if I have to see to it myself."

Which, wasn't an understatement. Hell, more than once the warrior knew he had to help in wild ways, if worst came to worst they could run the city off the Atonement until real power came back.

He tilted his head downward bashfully as the lady complemented his choice in clothing, his cheeks coloring slightly, "Well, when I've got someone to dress nice for," he said wrapping his hands gently around the one that patted his lapel, "its wonderful motivation, and you know I can be very motivated, after all."

When she turned her back to him to work, Ardgal did take the opportunity to get an eyeful. He was cyborg, but eh, he was still a man. She was frosting out those parts of him bit by bit.

"Well," he said when Rashae mentioned how she looked, "I'm not complaining, but if you feel bad about making the other ladies look like savage degenerates," he pressed her 'hurt' hand to his lips in a soft peck, "Let me know."

The warrior felt a flood of relief at her approval, he angled the yoke of the Slatin down towards their destination, his eyes looked like they would burn through the transparasteel if given the chance. He chuckled and shook his head slightly at her question. To him, and those in his work, this kind of thing was the norm. Hard metal benches, cold austere lines, pure utility over organic designs and comfort. It was about getting from point A to point B alive more than it was about doing so comfortably.

"So when your vode bleeds out on extraction, he doesn't stain the seats with what's left of his organs," he said with a combination of dark humor and grim truth, "It makes for easier clean up. You, my lady, are sitting in a state-of-the-art gunship."

The walk through the Mythasour to their meeting point to celebration gathering was short and to the point. Ardgal immediately recognized [member="Kurayami Bloodborn"] from the previous successful operation. He offered the man a polite not and a handshake. The other two present Ardgal had not met personally, but he knew them in part from their reputations, and partially from a facial recognition that searched each [member="Keira Ticon"] and [member="Alkor Centaris"] through the database of important Mandalorians he had locked away in the data cores of his cyborg parts. They were--unique, to say the least.

"Miss Ticon, Mr Centaris," the cyborg said nodding to both and offering them his hand, "Ardgal Raxis, acting Alor of Clan Raxis," he gave a slight chuckle, "Or what is left of us. This is Doctor [member="Rashae"] Lovous my," he hesitated, searching for the right word. Girlfriend? Lady friend? Companion? Near and dear lady? He would let her fill that in. "It is an honor to meet the two of you."
"It's nothing," he said of his supposed growth dismissively, "just trying to fill the boots. It's... not the same as just killing who I'm told to kill." Oddly, he had always found comfort in that notion. He never had to question anything, nor did he worry over minute details. Assassination was surgical and precise, and losses were acceptable so long as the mission was complete. Under these new circumstances, loss of life was not permissible whatsoever. Self-sacrifice as an idea wholly infuriated Keira.

Alkor took a step toward the wide open port and placed a metallic finger against it gently. He traced the distance he perceived between stars, dimly aware of his place in the galaxy. Everything was bigger than him, yet he fell into place like a piece of jigsaw puzzle. The way the Mandalorians told him, without even the smallest of pieces, the board was incomplete.

Somewhere amidst those words, he supposed, he would find the meaning of "family."

"Then that's the action I'll take," he replied simply. "As a liaison for a non-affiliated party, and I'll route the gas to our supply line." Alkor knew the subtlety and delicacy required for such an operation. It meant traceless secondary transactions, unmarked transports, and moving outside of controlled space lanes. In short, he would have need of the Confederacy's smugglers soon enough. "I'll leave shortly after the... meeting."

He was about to tell [member="Keira Ticon"] about how he had been given a task, and the activation of the fortifications on Myrkr was key to their victory there, but he was stopped short by the familiar voice of [member="Kurayami Bloodborn"] . "No one has made any full reports on the details of the Obra-skai encounter," Alkor answered. "Other than what has been said off record, we haven't heard anything. There are some damages reported, however." He nodded in affirmation toward the pilot. "Good to see you alive, bur'cya."

[member="Vilaz Munin"] made his way onto the bridge and earned a quick salute from Alkor, followed shortly thereafter by the arrival of [member="Ardgal Raxis"] and [member="Rashae"], the former of whom introduced himself and the latter. The Dark Jedi accepted his handshake and greeted the two with a nod.

"Raxis," Alkor recalled the name from somewhere, but could not place it. "Good to meet you." He turned his gaze toward the good doctor and offered similar pleasantry. "And you as well, ma'am. I hope you find your time among our people favorable."

After he spoke his peace, Alkor took a step back and folded his arms. He had never been one for social gatherings, and even the most common of courtesies visibly strained him, despite a valiant effort to appear otherwise.
Aedan Miles finally disembarked he had been side tracked as word came in from a company he was a majority share holder in needing his immediate attention before he boarded a shuttle taking it over to the Mythosaur where he wandered his way to the bridge one hand tracing along the wall of the hallway. Finally walking onto the bridge the young man grinned and let out a sudden pulse of his force powers letting it almost read the feel of the room before he seemed to fade into himself and pulled the hood of his cloak lower before moving to lean against the wall in a corner of the room spinning a knife absently in his hand as he waited and watched. The Mando'ade had been in need of something some would say dire need of something and he had brought it to them so that they could finally be what they were meant to be in his opinion how welcomed he was gift or no gift mattered little to Aedan if the Mando'ade wanted nothing to do with he and his clan he would leave without a second thought he had no time to waste on those who wanted to be reclusive as they worked on rebuilding.

[member="Vilaz Munin"] [member="Alkor Centaris"]
"It's a lot more than that, but I've seen where lecturing you leads." Which was to say, nowhere at all. He was the sort to learn through experience, no matter how dangerous that wound up being. After all, he'd only truly started taking the notion of wearing armor seriously after what had happened on Mustafar, being that he was now confined to some form of it even in his daily life. "Just remember that you have a lot more here than you seem to think. I know you're sick of hearing it, but we care about you, even if you can be a pain in the ass on a good day." Keira meant it in the nicest way possible, of course, but among their family there had never been a shortage of tough love, and it seemed to be the only sort he understood.

Turning when she heard [member="Kurayami Bloodborn"] speak, she nodded in greeting. "Doesn't sound like anything went as planned." An understatement. "It's good to have you back safe." She had never really gotten to know the man, but he was friendly with Alkor - something seen as a miracle in certain circles - and that was more than enough. When her younger brother actually bothered to put forth the effort to converse with someone she'd learned to take it as a sign that they were friendly. It took a lot to coax conversation out of him, and even more for him to actually return the favor. She loved her brother, but his social skills needed work.

As opposed to the salute her brother offered, she met the gaze of [member="Vilaz Munin"] as he stepped onto the bridge, inclining her head slightly with a half-smile. It was the closest to a sign of overt respect the pair had ever come to in their years of knowing each other, and likely the closest they would ever get for awhile after that. They had always been at odds even before their camaraderie, and his position as Mand'alor had done little to change that aside from a touch more formality when times called. In every other way they were still the same rivals they always had been and always would be.

The handshake [member="Ardgal Raxis"] was accepted, and she flashed a smile at his greeting. "I've never quite heard it called an honor, especially with the both of us in the same place together. But it's good to meet the both of you as well." It was nice to see so many friendly faces returning after how quickly things had taken a turn. Perhaps this rebuilding would go smoother than she'd originally thought.

[member="Alkor Centaris"], [member="Aedan Miles"], [member="Rashae"], [member="Kad Tor"]
Kad pulled away from the stars and reigned his thoughts back into the present as the bridge grew even more busy. He strayed from the observation deck to join the band of the faithful who had gathered. The group was as diverse as anything could be for the moment. Force users, cyborgs, even a medic who was not one of them, made up the motley crew which would work the reconstruction effort the surviving Mandalorians needed. They had nothing to prove except only to themselves.

The conversation was lost on Kad as none of it had been heard. He stood among the quietly waiting for an opportunity to interject and make his contribution apparent. For his own part in the matter, Kad didn't mind being the quiet observer, he just didn't want to be forgotten.

He nodded to [member="Ardgal Raxis"], whom he had worked with before. The two had been on near every mission since Manda'lor had drawn the faithful to his call. Kad knew the cyborg was one that he could trust his life with, a true brother. Manda'lor himself had joined the crowd, and Kad nodded to him as well. The husband of his sister carried enough of Kad's respect, but the goran was uncertain about his thoughts on the relationship. He supposed as long as his sister was taken care of and happy, he was fine.

The rest Kad was unsure he knew personally. Today that would hopefully change. The quiet beskarsmith was among the group which was there to work, and one always met knew people in those circumstances.

[member="Vilaz Munin"], [member="Keira Ticon"], [member="Aedan Miles"], [member="Alkor Centaris"], [member="Rashae"], [member="Kurayami Bloodborn"]
As they approached Bloodborn she smiled as she moved forward with an arm to his shoulder boldly as she looked up and asked him how he was doing. “Bloodborn!! Are you recovering alright? “

Many of his statistics were all over the place once they got to the Padme. Rashae would insist on all those present in their mission to get a once over by her or her medical staff. At least rest, fluids, nutrition and a bit of quiet would provide a lot of recovery. Bloodborn had extended a lot of reserves on that force thing. The Doctor didnt really understand why it was so hard on his body but she treated it as a marathon or having done some way of over extending the body's resources to a breaking point.

Once they moved on to others, faces were starting to fit with names. Mister Centaris seemed a bit on the charming side, devilishly so. Kiera Ticon was just like her voice. As she inclined her head towards the both of them she supplied the missing word. “Girlfriend. Pleasure to meet you. It's nice to put faces to names from the com chatter for a change.” As many com channels were listened to so Command knew were to send the Medevacs and coordinate a corridor or at least protection for the Medical teams going into hotzones.

“I find the directness of Mandalorians refreshing though the hotzones are a bit dicey lately, Mister Centaris.” She said to the dark but charming Mandalorian.

Rashae inclined her head towards Keira. “Honor is as honor does Miss Ticon. If we are to get all of this work done, Please Rashae, if you insist on formality. Doctor or Doctor Lovous will do. “ It was crisp, clean and precise. “I doubt any of us want to waste time on formality, though.” Time was one thing that was of the essence.

Whens he caught sight of Vilaz she made a disagreeable face being boldly reminded of the gown incident. Though there was the polite nod towards the Manda'lor for the sake of the position. She owed the man one good hit, but in the light of the work they needed to get done, that was at the moment trivial. An individual he didn't know, Kad Tor, acknowledged nod towards Ardgal was noted by her observant eye. There were others there she had never seen before, perhaps their voice but most of these individuals she only heard and never seen.

Though between the space station data and assisting Myrkr in recovering from the bombardment, curiosities would need to be put into a back seat. “The data from that space station is absolutely fantastic. “ The decision to utterly destroy the space station didn't even warrant a second opinion. “It is a good example of what not to do in genetics but some interesting theories are coming out of the data and samples acquired before the station was incinerated. “ The Doctor was speaking on her home turf, science and medicine.

[member="Ardgal Raxis"] [member="Vilaz Munin"] [member="Keira Ticon"] [member="Aedan Miles"] [member="Kad Tor"] [member="Alkor Centaris"] [member="Kurayami Bloodborn"]

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