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Approved Starship Rebel Outcast

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Intent: Laira Vereen’s Personal Ship
Image Source: Star Citizen | Star Wars
Canon Link: Not Applicable
Restricted Missions: Unique Submission
Primary Source:

Mandal Hypernautics | ArmaTech Industries
Model: Rekali-class Space Superiority Fighter (Heavily Modified)
Affiliation: [member=Laira Vereen]
Production: Unique
Classification: Heavy Starfighter | Light Freighter
Length: 31 Meters
Width: 22 Meters
Height: 7.25 Meters
Armament: Moderate

Defenses: Very High
  • Speeder Bikes (2)
Minimum Crew: 1
Optimum Crew: 2 + Astromech Droid
Passenger Capacity:

  • Passengers: 2
  • Prisoners: 2
Cargo Capacity:
  • Cargo Hold: 20 Meric Tons
  • Hidden Compartment: 100 Kilograms
Consumables: 3 Months
Maneuverability Rating: Moderate

Speed Rating: Average

Reverse Speed Rating: Average
Hyperdrive Class: 0.6
Back Up Hyperdrive Class: 10

Engine Suite

Navigation Suite
Stealth Suite
Sensor and Targeting
  • Engine Suite: The ship is able to make full kinetic stop and pivot maneuvers, better handling and turn rates, boosts of speed, maneuvering, or even full reverse, and allows its booster systems to recharge in quick order. This makes it a very versatile, very mobile little freighter.
  • Navigation Suite: Advanced Hyperspace and Real Space navigation suite includes a precision navicomputer, an Emergency S-Thread Booster to allow it fast travel and relatively reliable escape when necessary and an HIMS equipped advanced Hyperdrive. In addition the Rebel Outcast is the first ship to feature a Sub-Hyperspace Drive.
  • Defense Suite: The vessel features an array of defenses, such as a single use Tractor Shroud, cap drains, a missile guidance jammer, chaff and flare launchers, and Beskar armor, most of which are standard for the class.
  • Stealth Suite: Like the Original Rekali-Class, the Outcast features a low-tech Sensor reducing stealth suite, Magnetic Resonator masking its electromagnetic signature, Gravitic Modulator to hide it from mass detectors, and drive bafflers to help cover its efflux trail, combined with a DERP make it very difficult to detect and scan at longer ranges and allow it to hide somewhat. Secondly, it can appear more like an Armed Freighter or Spacer's ship, even different ships, to many sensors and scanners, though high security inspection will likely reveal such a ruse.
  • Durable Hull: Much like the Bes'uliik Starfighter of old, the Rebel Outcast has a durable hull, with a Beskar alloy protecting it and decent shielding laid over this to keep the vessel operational through what combat it might be called upon to face.
  • Non-Modular: Unlike the Original Rekali-class, most of the sub-systems have been hardwired into the vessel, making them much more permanent attachments. Even the weapon systems have been hardwired into this particular ship. The Aegis Shield Array has been stripped out of the vessel as its not intended to fly with a fleet.
  • Non-Cloaked: While technically a Stealth Fighter, the Outcast can't completely hide from sensors on its own. Unless there is debris to hide in or some other anomaly, the Outcast will be spotted, but those seeing it might not know what they have spotted.
  • Weapons: About Half the weaponry from the Original Rekali-class have been stripped out to make the vessel more versatile in its mission role as a personal freighter. This means it has much less punch, but can be used to fill more roles it might need too as an individual ship.
  • Cramped: For a personal ship, its more than a little cramped. Even with stripping out the weapon systems and hard-wiring in the navigational suite, there still isn't much living space, just enough for a few individuals to live, and not really live comfortably.
The Rekali-class Space Superiority Fighter was the result of a year long project to revolutionize the Mandalorian war machine with an asset that could enhance the capabilities of both the largest and smallest clans. Roughly three times larger than a typical starfighter, yet significantly smaller than a traditional corvette, the Rekali sported what Mandal Hypernautics' marketing division advertises as "the ideal combination of speed and durability." Originally intended to bridge the gap between starfighters and military corvettes, the Rekali-class had come equipped with the bare minimum of living space. To adjust the internal structure of the vessel, many systems were hardwired into the ship to conserve space, stripping out weapon feeds and mounts to make space for the several additional sub-systems. The Aegis Shield Receptors were wholesale removed from the craft to buy space inside the ship for additional living, cargo, and hangar space. The end result was a freighter that boasted the speed of an X-Wing, the reflexes of a TIE fighter, and the toughness of a brick house.

Internal Layout
The Cockpit is a small, yet comfortable pressurized unit featuring a pilot seat that is capable of swiveling or locking in place, and a collapsible co-pilot seat situated in tandem, the pilot seat to the front-right, and the co-pilot seat to the rear-left, leaving enough space for the pilot to swivel and exit without disturbing the co-pilot. The controls are situated in a single stick control yoke configuration with dual rudder pedals in the floor, and other flight controls. The control yoke features a thumb controller to the nose turret which takes some level of practice in order to use instead of computer assisted targeting.

The interior is designed similar to the Baudo-class Star Yacht to maximize the space made available without interfering with the numerous systems and modifications made to the Rekali-class Fighter the vessel was originally based from. From the cockpit there is a narrow corridor along the spine of the ship to the aft section. Along this corridor is a series of wall lockers, equipment cabinets, weapons racks, and medical kits which fit neatly into the walls. The rear of the corridor opens into the Living Module, converted into a room similar to the YT Freighter's Passenger Lounge, featuring comfortable chairs, a holovid screen, a table and booth which can all be folded away for storage. A cramped three person bunk is built into a wall recess allowing for passengers to sleep and the booth is able to fold out into a full sized mattress. The room itself is large enough to move around in and train with a lightsaber if desired with most of the furniture packed away. A single closet refresher is situated just behind the Medical Bay/Communications Suite, accessible from the main room. The galley is in the center of the main room able to push and fold away for storage, featuring a a dishwasher, washer/dryer module, gourmet food processor, and a connection to the fuel/ration converter centered around a bar where drinks and food can be served to passengers.

To the right of the room is a door to the Captain's Cabin, which featuring a single twin-sized relaxa-bed, wall locker, weapon’s wrack, a personal fresher with a cramped shower, toilet, and sink, and a small antechamber with a loveseat and holovid projector. Laira keeps several hidden drawers with personal valuables and her false Identifications, slicer gear, and other spyware tucked neatly out of sight. To the left of the Living module is a door to the Medical Bay/Communications Suite which contains a single bacta tank and medical droid, access to the ship's main computer, and long range communications suite featuring a Holocomm relay and decryption system. From within the main room the Dorsal turret can be accessed by a ladder built into the rear wall, which can also descend through a trapdoor into the cargo bay. A single concealed, sensor masked compartment capable of holding one hundred kilograms of cargo is situated underneath the floor panels leading to the cockpit.

To the rear of the living module is a chamber separating the living space from the other two compartments. The boarding hatch is found to the rear of this compartment. To the right is a small two person brig featuring a pair of Energy Field Sith Holding Cells with ysalamiri nutrient frames mounted behind the cells. To the left leads to a small lift/staircase to the bottom hold of the ship. This is the Hangar and Cargo hold of the Rebel Outcast. It is capable of holding two speeder bikes, and twenty metric tons of cargo.

Defensive Systems
The ship consists primarily of Matrix Armor Hull built on an ergonomic Euk'gar aerospace frame and hull. Layered on top of the hull are plates of composite armor identical to those found on the Myrkava Battle Tank. Similar to the treads of the Myrkava, the wings of the Rekali are comprised mainly of a Beskar-Tungsten alloy that is highly resistant to damage. Also borrowed from the Myrkava design is the cockpit window, utilizing a beskar-glasteel alloy for all transparent exterior plating. The Cockpit itself is seated into a beskar armored tub to protect the pilot from weaponry strafing from below.

Requiring a shielding system capable of matching the durability of its armor, the Rekali-class utilizes Mandalorian Retribution Ray Shields in addition to a secondary set of Thermal Deflector Shields. Uniquely protected in combat, the Rekali's retribution shields, while only moderately durable in relation to other, similar strength shield designs, comes with the ability to reflect hostile laser weaponry back at the attacking ship. Though only a portion of the attack is reflected back, the shield is as drained by the energy damage as any other shield would have been by the attack. Both shield generators are designed as Shutter Shields, similar to those used in the T-65XJ3 X-Wing as a countermeasure against the Dovin Basal 'Shield Grab' attack made popular during the Yuuzhan Vong war. Further enhancing the durability of the craft, the ship utilizes the rugged Tenloss Fusion Reactor, and comes equipped with Cap Drains used to protect the ship from a number of battlefield hazards, such as EMP, Ion Weaponry, Conner Nets, and Radiation it may encounter. To protect the ship from more conventional warheads, the SIS-129 Guidance Jammer used on the Cabur MkII has been installed alongside a system of chaff and flare launchers. The Rebel Outcast has undergone an engine refurbishment over the original Class, utilizing an upgraded KV Engine suite, enhanced by an MH Advanced Propulsion upgrade providing enhanced maneuverability and cutting engine charge and recycle time in half without effecting the duration of use.

Offensive Systems
Like the Rekali-class, the Outcast borrows and expands upon the Cabur MkII's and Ra'gr's sensor and electronic warfare suite with elements taken from the Prowler Corvette, the Rekali-class sports an advanced electronics package designed for optimal sensor strength while maintaining minimal sensor visibility. Originally intended for roles ranging from military, coast guard, police, and bounty hunter actions to mercenary work and frontier exploration, the Outcast includes a police Interrogation Module and a distress beacon. In addition, the Outcast makes use of a 4x-Phantom DERP to help hide it from long range sensors, and to disrupt the communications, scanners, and targeting computers of a single vessel it may be engaging or fleeing from.

The factory default armament for the Rekali-class has been foregone and heavily stripped down, to consist of a single gimbal-mounted 20mm Rotary Mass Driver under the nose of the ship designed for hammering smaller vessels and providing close air support with a large mass-reactive 20mm round designed for destroying starfighters and other armored vehicles. The weapon is a seven barrel rotating coilgun, in which each barrel independently accelerating a round as it is chambered, unleashing a hailstorm of high velocity rounds. The weapon has a shorter average range than standard weapons, but makes up for it being on a gimbal turret and immense rate of fire in comparison. It is able to be used as a Ground Buzzer, unleashing barrages of fire into hostile infantry and ground units in its front arc.

A pair of Ion cannons on the wing mounts supports its primary armament for weakening shields and disabling electronics and starfighters allowing the pilot to take ships alive if they so choose. For anti-capital ship weaponry, these are supported by a pair of Flex-Tube Warhead Launchers mounted into the main body, often making use of Proton Rockets, Intruder and Ion missiles, as well as more exotic Pulsemass missiles. Sine the Outcast may often be called upon to flee or disable escort ships it requires a heavy armament of warheads for this purpose, each launcher containing six missiles rather than the usual four found on small craft. The Outcast uses a turreted Conner Net turret which can be replaced with a repeating weapons mount upon the dorsal spine of the craft for warding off enemy fighters and capturing fleeing bounties. The ship’s turret and gimbal-mount are able to be controlled via automated Droid Brains, designed after the Kebii’tra Aranar AGP weapon system, reducing the workload on a single pilot or assisting with targeting functions. An astromech droid and integrated main computer assist with piloting the ship when necessary, overseeing emergency repairs, rerouting power and subsystems, and fulfilling basic functions throughout the vessel’s operation.

Stealth Systems
The Outcast is a vessel designed for extremely limited single pilot missions, and so many of the military systems and illegal modifications can be concealed or hidden, such as the metallic composition, the warhead launchers which can be lowered into the hull, the outer shield projectors, and other modifications so that it seems similar to an armed Freighter rather than a heavily modified combat ship. It makes use of Programmable Paint, a False ID transponder, and a Sensor Modulator allowing the vessel to take on a number of possible identities if necessary.

Like the original Rekali-class Fighter, the Rebel Outcast features an MH Drive Baffler which heavily reduces its efflux emissions from its engines and thrusters, an SIS Magnetic resonator and SIS Gravitic Modulator, which in addition to hiding its Magnetic and Gravitic signature from most sensors can also adjust its sensor signatures to that of its false identities. Energy Dampeners and Static Jammers make it hard to detect at range, allowing it to mimic solar fluctuations, cosmic radiation, or blend into background fluctuations in atmosphere on many sensors if the system is active.

The vessel lacks full stealth and while it can attempt to hide at longer ranges, it is unable to sneak invisibly through a system relying on using its ability to appear as different vessels to bypass what security it can when necessary. As the Rebel Outcast its signature data is unregistered. When flying legitimately it has gone as the Far Runner, a ship owned by Laira Darkhold used as legitimate freighter; the Tachyon Runner, owned by Freighter Jaina Marrow in former Primeval and Crusader territory; and Zeltros Dream, owned by a Zeltron based shipping company during its time. Other signatures can be fabricated and emulated as desired given a decent mechanic and readouts of the appropriate signature data.

Exploration and Salvaging Systems
The Rebel Outcast focuses on having a state-of-the-art Navigation and Hyperdrive system, using a Precision Jump capable Kol Mark IV Navicomputer, updated with numerous star maps and points of reference for ease of travel through known space. Many of the Outcast's sensors are calibrated to assist in navigating through Nebulae, dust clouds, dense star clusters, gravity distortions, and other phenomena found in space, focusing on navigating these phenomena. The computer is capable of plotting a course that allows it to travel through Hyperspace without have to reorient in real space across tremendous distances. The Hyperdrive is a MandalTech 500 Series Hyperdrive, known to be significantly faster than factory standard with a Point Six rating and a backup class ten. Combined, these allow for rapid travel and require little oversight from a pilot during travel through known space. For emergencies, the ship has a Ret'lini S-Thread booster, allowing the ship to make a single short jump through interdiction if necessary, though that comes with its own set of risks and dangers. Later an experimental Sub-Hyperspace Drive was installed as a modification to the MandalTech Hyperdrive allowing it to access Sub-Hyperspace for relatively short stints, performing linear jumps through otherwise dangerous hyperspace distortions.

Since it was in part made as a salvage ship, the ship has a Tractor/Pressor Projector, similar in size and scope to those found on the TIE/D Defender Retractable Magclamps are situated around the ventral nose section, allowing the ship to latch onto a derelict ship or station, and a hull cutting ring to carve an opening in such a ship for boarding purposes. A small Solid Fuel/Ration Converter provides the vessel with extended amounts of fuel and ration provisions until salvageable solid matter becomes scarce.
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