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laira vereen

  1. Delila Castillon

    Redheads Travel in Packs

    [member="Laira Darkhold"] | Ring of Kafrene Delila glanced at her chrono. Late. Knowing Miss Vereen she was likely primping and lost track of the time. She was a decent warrior, hence reaching out to her, but Delila had found that the other redhead was often keen to keep her status of 'most...
  2. L

    Lost in Translation

    Alderaan Sanctuary Gardens, Apalis Coast Laira disembarked the shuttle that bore her and her stalwart protector, Dame Dimeria Nykerian of Alderaan. The Princess was just that today, a princess. Normally she hid her identity and traveled as a Ranger of the Free Worlds, which allowed her a great...
  3. L

    Approved Vehicle  Laira's Swoop Bike

    LAIRA’S SWOOP BIKE OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To give Laira a means of transportation Image Source: Here Canon Link: Swoop Bike Restricted Missions: N/A Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Alderaan Engineering | Laira Vereen Model: Mk1 Affiliation: Laira Vereen...
  4. L

    Approved Starship  Rebel Outcast

    REBEL OUTCAST OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Laira Vereen’s Personal Ship Image Source: Star Citizen | Star Wars Canon Link: Not Applicable Restricted Missions: Unique Submission Primary Source: Rekali-class Space Superiority Fighter Abattoir-class Delta-class JV-9 Escort Shuttle...
  5. L

    Wild Huntresses

    Manaan Ahto City Spaceport Laira brought the Explorer down on the landing pad, the Rekali-class hissing as it was brought to rest on the above water pad of the space port, waiting to be lowered into the hydrostatic shielded bays below the surface after the pilot had disembarked and made it into...
  6. L

    Salvaging a little Free Time

    Outer Rim Shadowport Near Kathol Outback The Explorer running under the registration of the Far Runner was sitting in a berth, E-8 handling the fueling and minor maintenance she needed leaving Laira to explore the asteroid's facilities. The inside of the rock was pressurized allowing for...
  7. Faith Organa

    The Thranta flew over the Moon (Complete)

    The Mountain Palace - Alderaan Faith had wanted to go to Aldera there were things to see to but she had to admit it to herself, she needed a representative there and she had just the person in mind. Yeah she was going to fuss but it would be fine she'd do great. Right now everyone was settling...
  8. L

    Approved Tech  Gets'ragr | Lightning Lance

    GETS'RAGR | LIGHTNING LANCE [/FONT] Image Source: Hellboy II: The Golden Army Intent: Laira Vereen's Spear PRODUCTION INFORMATION Development Thread: Phrik: One Day at a Time Manufacturer: [member="Draco Vereen"] Model: Mk1 Affiliation: Laira Vereen Modularity: No Production: Unique Material...
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