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Approved NPC Reaper Regiment

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Travis Caalgen


  • Intent: To set in stone Director Travis Caalgen's personal contingent of death troopers.
  • Image Credit: Here.
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    Death trooper


  • Availability: Unique
  • Deployment: Limited
  • Strengths & Weaknesses:
    (+) ​Specialized: Each member of Reaper Regiment, six in total, is specialized in certain aspects of combat; ranging from demolitions, combat medicine, leadership, and more.
    ​[member="DT-5981"] - Leadership
  • DT-4599 - Heavy Weapons
  • DT-7238 - Tracking
  • DT-5173 - Slicing
  • DT-2230 - Combat Medicine
  • DT-9888 - Demolitions

[*](+) Elite: An elite version of the standard Imperial stormtrooper, these death troopers are the best front-line infantry units in the Imperial Military, capable of missions such as battlefield reconnaissance and exterminations.
[*](-) Expensive: Commonplace with SpecOps and commando units, the cost to train, arm, and replace the death troopers not to mention their squads is rather expensive. Every time a squad member dies, another has to go through vigorous training and specialization to take their place.
[*](-) Specialized: Being specialized is both an advantage and a bane to the squad, due to the fact that if an important squad member, such as the commander or the medic, were to be killed; they would be left without those skills.

Description: Reaper Regiment, officially known as DS-ζ (Death Squad Zeta), as well as the rest of the Imperial Death Troopers Division, was formed after the Imperial Remnant acquired the planet of Kamino, along with it advanced methods of cloning and training soldiers to supplement their minuscule amount of stormtroopers. Originally meant to serve as a regular special forces squad, they were assigned to become the personal bodyguards of Travis Caalgen; Director of Advanced Weapons Research.

The squad is composed of six members, each standard death troopers equipped with SE-14r light repeating blasters, E-11D blaster rifles, DLT-19x targeting blasters, and C-25 fragmentation grenades. Every individual trooper is specialized in a certain aspect of combat ranging from combat medicine to slicing. The squad achieved prestige during the Battle of Hypori at a cost, every member of the squad was killed save for their leader, Army Lieutenant [member="DT-5981"].

Even freshly trained, the new Reaper Regiment is still under the command of a veteran death trooper and are still more skilled than the average stormtrooper. They are masters of killing enemies of the Empire and covering their tracks after doing so, and they do their duty of protecting the Director to the highest of their extent.
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