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Approved Tech RDS Generator

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Jaster Awaud

Elder of Clan Awaud


Intent: Create Powerful Shields that are much stronger then normal shields resistant to all ship based weapons
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Manufacturer: United Trade Conglomerate
Affiliation: Closed Market
Model: RDS-14E
Modularity: No
Production: Limited
Material: Durasteel Frame, Zeltec Ultra-Anium Structure, DZ Conduits electrical panels, Solarium Glass, Liquid Crystal Displays, and Shield Emitters

  • Supreme Shield Emitters
  • Extremely Resistant Shielding
  • Shield can only be concentrated in one direction
  • Takes over 2 hours to change direction of shield protection direction.
  • Requires full Generator Power, as a result only one generator can be based on a single ship
  • Can only be mounted on ships of Corvette size or larger
Top of the line technology, the RDS Generator is a top of the line manufactured shield technology. The engineers at UTC worked on many ways to combine the many forms of Shield Technology into a single generator. Each one forms a minor layer within the overarching defensive structure that each wave length is given and taken power in minuscule amounts. This causes the shields to fluctuate and overlap one another in a pattern of one shield layer at the top layer every .005 seconds. This programming and energy fluctuation requires the full power of any ships generator so as to not overload the power core.

This shield system is extremely resistant to nearly all recorded weapons systems. Kenetic, Energy, Plasma, and even Ion Weaponry are not able to pass these protective shielding. This is due to the many different types of energy projected shields that overlap in the faction of a second as well as its projected size of being a 400 meter radius circle that protects the ship.

The drawbacks to these shield systems is that it cannibalized all other directional shielding and projects in only one direction. Not being a circular shielding and protecting the ship, it projects a flat circle that faces one direction. This shield is extremely resistant, and prevent fire from entering or leaving the iris of the shields projected radius past the point of standard shields until they break to constant fire.

Being that it is in need of such a large amount of energy, these systems are only allowed to be placed on a Capital Ship of Corvette size or larger. Though being placed on a Corvette would also need a modified power generator that can supply enough energy.
Hello! I'll be judging your submission this evening!

So what I'm seeing here is basically jamming all the different types of shields into one generator.

So as far as mass producing a fleet of impervious shields, that's a no go. I'll need this raised to a minimum of limited.

Also, please remove any mention of the shield being impervious, indestructible, etc. Instead let's use less absolute language, such as "extremely resistant" or something along those lines.
[member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"]
Jaster of Clan Awaud said:
Create Powerful Shields that can deflect nearly all ship based weapons
Please reword this to sound less absolute. As it is, it reads the intent is to make, again, an "impervious" shield.

Also, I will need a weakness that states only one generator can be placed within an individual ship. Do this and we should be good to go.

[member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"]
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