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Approved Tech RDC-A1 Valar-type Variable Combat Armor

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Head of Roble Manufacturing

  • Intent: To create a standard armor suit for the Dauntless Corps Marines.
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  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Classification:
    • Standard-Use Armor
    • Multi-Environment Armor
    • Mobility Armor
  • Weight: Light
  • Resistances:
    • Energy: Very High
    • Kinetic: Very High
    • EMP/Ion: High
    • Lightsabers: None
    • Pressure: High
    • Elemental: High
    • Force: None
    • Alchemy: None
    • Disruptors: Low
    • Sonic: Average
    • Radiation: Very High
  • Mobility: The Valar-type is built for increased mobility and viable use in a wide range of settings and environments. Lighter than most conventional armors, the armor is features very little hard-plating that is common on conventional armor suits used by galactic militaries. Although the Valar-type still features some betaplast plating, most of the protection given to a user comes from the combination of synthmesh and armorweave fabrics. The two materials still retain protective quality, but are much lighter and more flexible than plated armors, and end up allowing its user to have increased mobility.
  • Enhanced Warfare: The Valar-type features a wide range of inbuilt technologies and equipment that allow for a next-level of combat. This list includes, but is not limited to, shock-absorbent gel, laser-reflective armor, FrictionGrip, bacta and stim injectors, an advanced HUD system, and a JN3 Auger Personal Shield.
  • Heavy Duty: The Valar-type suffers some protection for mobility, and thus is inadequate in those regards to more heavyset armors.
The RDC-A1 Valar-type Variable Combat Armor is Roble Manufacturing's most-advanced armor suit to date. Designed for the famous Dauntless Marines Corps, the developers at Roble Manufacturing decided to take a somewhat unconventional turn in the entire idea of the armor suit. The Dauntless Marines are famous for being the first in every battle, in every situation -- hitting fast and hard, no matter what environment or situation. Thus, the Valar-type was made to sacrifice some of the protection found normally in the heavier, common armors of the galaxy in favor of mobility and wide viability in many environments.

Dubbed a variable combat armor, the Valar's entire design philosophy centers around the ability to work in any sort of scenario, situation, or environment. Thus, the main material that makes up the Valar is not it's betaplast plating -- although it is still present in critical areas -- but a combination of synthmesh and armorweave fabrics. Both are extremely durable and protective, but much lighter and flexible than standard armor plating. This critical design choice allows users of the Valar to easily move about in any sort of situation, unweighted by heavy metals that restrict their movement. The suit also features an atmospheric seal that can be deployed and unsealed, as well as a thermoguard for colder temperatures. In addition to that, the boots and plating of the Valar feature a lining of SACG-23S shock-absorbent gel, cushioning impacts, and kinetic weapon damage.

Another feature of the Valar is the many different technologies and equipment that the suit is equipped with. The helmet of the armor features a HUD system with a long-range audio detector, heat-signature sensor, biometric display, optic zoom function, and weapons optics interface system. The Helmet also features an MXC-T20 Halvoy Integrated Comlink that allows for communication with fellow soldiers and commanders. The Valar includes a vambrace that is mounted on the left arm of the user standard, although this can be adjusted per an individual's needs. The vambrace includes a comlink interface system, a footmark tracker that can sync with the HUD of the Valar, and most importantly, a JN3 Auger Personal Shield that can be employed when a marine lacks any cover. Another equipment-laden piece of the armor suit is the utility belt, with a grappling line and launcher, bacta and stim injectors, an emergency rebreather, and survival rations.

Altogether, the Valar-type is an extremely wide use and potent armor suit that will no doubt save the lives of many marines to come.
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