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Razelle Breuner, Agent Sieglinde

Razelle Breuner

Rogue Element
" First rule of combat, kitten. If you aren't cheating, you aren't trying hard enough. "

NAME: Razelle Charlotte Breuner
ALIASES: Sieglinde, Irene Cognito, CG-2118, Jane Starkiller, Albatross
FACTION: Confederacy of Independent Systems
RANK: "Rook-18"
SPECIES: Human (clone)
AGE: Sure, why not?
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'7" (1.7 m)
WEIGHT: 135 lbs (61 kg)
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Blonde
SKIN: Fair, a bit pale

Legal Status:
  • First Order: Razelle Breuner, CG-2118 "Sieglinde" - AWOL - FOSB Agent
  • Galactic Alliance: Razelle Bruener, "Sieglinde" - KIA - Specter Special Forces
  • Eternal Empire: Jane Starkiller, "Albatross" - MIA - Blackwatch Operative
  • Confederacy: Jane Zambrano, "Albatross" - ACTIVE - Ministry of Secrets "Rook"


  • + Combat Pragmatist. Razelle fights dirty. Ambush, explosives, traps, screwing with sensors and IFFs, false surrenders... If there's a way to catch her enemy off-guard, she'll use it. Ostensibly, her fighting style is "a K'tara-based MMA," but it'd be more accurate to say "mines and sabotage."
  • + Jack of All Stats. A background of varied military and intelligence training across a dozen different government-adjacent organizations has provided Raz with an extremely well-rounded skillset. She's something of a "specializing non-specialist," with a variety of proficiencies across the spectrum of espionage and commando operations.
  • - Functional Addict. Of the great many things Raz is good at, resisting addiction isn't one of them. She's been chain-smoking stimsticks for years. The upside to this is that she doesn't sleep much. The downside is that she doesn't sleep much, which leaves her anywhere from drowsy to despondent if she doesn't get her fix. This comes with all of the other problems of being an addict.
  • - Weak, But Skilled. Unlike just about every other battlefield combatant in the galaxy, Razelle doesn't have mystical powers, superhuman strength, top-of-the-line genetic engineering, or cybernetic implants to fall back on. Though in great shape for her species, she is entirely a baseline squishy meat-person. This means that she'll often be outmatched in close quarters, against telepaths, or anyone who's capable of violating the laws of causality.
  • ~ The Unfettered. It's good to have priorities. Er...priority. Singular.
Armor - Razelle normally favors subtly armored clothes, issued from her days back in the Galactic Alliance. However, in a dedicated combat area or during intensive stealth operations, she's stolen "requisitioned" a set of Obsidian-type strike armor. This not only offers her top-notch sensor baffling, but also gives her the vital X-factor of anonymity. Knights Obsidian make up the most visible and common portion of the Confederacy's ground troops, which allows Raz to simply blend in with the crowd when necessary.

Pistol - There are tons of blasters in the galaxy. Razelle prefers the Vanir Technologies VT-Bolt for a couple of reasons. It packs more punch in a single shot than most heavy rifles, making it very useful against armor. It's relatively uncommon and fairly inconspicuous, meaning it'll fly under most opponents' expectation. Also it's pretty. And intimidating. No downside.

Rifle - Kilo for kilo one of the best weapons on the market, the Jaeger Solutions BR-212 Adaptive Combat Rifle is by far Razelle's favorite gun of the last decade or so. At common engagement ranges, its combination of Chiss stopping power and buckshot micro-grenades is enough to handle almost any situation with overwhelming force. A truly incredible tool to have in your arsenal, and Raz's service rifle of choice.

Spy watch - A discrete and powerful Swiss army knife of toys, the Corvus-type Chronometer is a wonderful addition to any conspirator's toolbox. From computer slicing to sensor jamming to remote vehicle control, there are very few clandestine operations that can't it can't directly benefit. Ironically, just about the only thing it doesn't do is tell the time.

Databracer - One of the "souvenirs" Raz managed to keep from her time in First Order intelligence, Razelle jailbroke an SB-U01 wrist datapad. Having been jury-rigged once before, its defenses are measurably weaker than the FOSB version, but it's still one hell of a convenient little toy.

Torture stick - Like all Blackwatch operatives, Razelle is authorized to carry a PA-1N enhanced interrogation device. It's basically a shock stick that trades any sort of real physical damage for intense amounts of physical and psychological distress.

The Rime - Razelle has managed to "acquire" a GX1 Short Hauler with civilian registration codes under "Jane Starkiller" and plenty of false transponders. It's a very standard design, though some of the extra rooms have been converted from stock into a brig and an armory. It has no armaments, decent shields, and a very average Class 1.0 hyperspace drive.

Birth & Childhood
Around the year 200 ABY, a somewhat mad xenobiologist named Maximillian Rucker was exiled from Republic space for his extremely controversial and outright illegal research into splicing human. He set up shop on Ando Prime, a violent arctic planet full of aquilish and human warriors butchering each other in the name of glory. Hidden in a laboratory stronghold deep in the snowy wastes, Rucker started his research anew with something he called "Project Artemis."

Each batch of test subjects numbered a dozen identical copies, all of which were locked into a single room together until they had killed each other down to a single survivor - the strongest, and obviously the most perfect of the batch. ART-01 and ART-02 were both attempts to create Force-sensitive soldiers en masse. Both succeeded in creating living, breathing, and powerful specimens. However, both subjects proved far too powerful to contain.

ART-03 was a recursion away from the Force-sensitivity angle, due to the catastrophic failure (or success) of ART-01 and ART-02. By taking out specific creature strains, Rucker tried to force the resultant subject to be Force-blind. He also added in countermeasures against ART-03's independence, such as pack hunter strains and ensuring a female product. It worked perfectly; ART-03 had as much Force potential as a chunk of ice. Pleased by his work, Rucker started to back up the gene cocktail with plans to sell it to the highest bidder.

He never got the chance. ART-01 returned, just as pissed as when he left and several times as powerful. He took the tragedy of his creation out on Rucker, the laboratory, and everything therein. The result was less than a dozen survivors crawling their way out into the harsh, Andoan winter. ART-03 was one of those survivors, shocked into partial amnesia by the trauma of what she had seen. It took her weeks of feral hunting in the frozen wastes to find anything even vaguely resembling civilization.

ART-03 was absorbed into an Andoan warrior clan without hesitation, christened "Kara," and given a job hunting food and maintaining gear for the warriors of the group. She took to her new life eagerly, attempting to blot out the memories of what had happened back at Rucker's lab. As she grew up, she learned to fight, shoot a blaster, and eventually joined the ranks of Clan Branner's warriors. Her natural healing, instincts, and night vision all proved extremely useful to her captains, and her preference to take orders rather than giving them earned her respect and honor uncommon for such a young female.

Imperial Recruitment
Ando Prime at that time was outside the territory of both the Republic and the Empire. An Imperial recruiter on Ando was both strange and normally ineffectual. Perhaps he'd pick up maybe a hundred warriors on the whole planet who were tired of anarchy and wanted discipline, or perhaps simply wanted something to fight for. Kara was one of those hundred or so - the first time she saw those Stormtroopers lined up at attention and all official, she simply had to be a part of it.

When she signed up for the Imperial military, Kara and the recruitment officer noticed that she lacked anything that even vaguely resembled a birth certificate or even citizenship papers. With a little wink and nudge, she was set up with a full Imperial citizenship, her birthdate was set as exactly old enough to legally serve, and she was given a new name benefiting her status as an Imperial citizen. Razelle Charlotte Breuner, age 17, was accepted into the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps without hesitation.

Her natural hunter's instincts and personal interest in more discreet operations eventually drew the attention of the Shadow Stormtrooper program, who recruited her and trained her in black ops and commando maneuvers. Razelle took to soldiery as naturally as she'd taken to hunting back on her homeworld, and quickly advanced to a junior officer rank. Her astounding hand-to-hand qualifications alone would've practically earned her the position even without her admirable ops record (all of which was redacted by ISB censors).

Within few months, Raz had earned the interest of Imperial Intelligence through a combination of her personal lack of concrete history and her impressive performance in the field. She was inducted into yet another specialist training program, focusing on intelligence and counterintelligence and, eventually, double-agent techniques. Her II superiors found her remarkably predisposed to treachery and deceit, and quickly pushed her through mole training in order to put her out into the field.

Joining the Republic as an Imperial defector, Raz quickly found her way into the hearts of her superior officers even as a lowly grunt. Her skillset was phenomenal, and her combat prowess nigh-unmatched by common soldiers. It took a little over a year before she was properly trusted by her Republic officers and recommended for SpecForce advanced training. All the while she surreptitiously fed unrelated intelligence to her Imperial handlers, managing to keep under Republic radar.

SpecForce training compounded with Shadow Stormtrooper training made Raz easily the deadliest Infiltrator that the Republic had seen in years. She struck blows against the Empire that no human could hope to achieve, earning more medals in a couple of years than most soldiers earn over their entire careers.

Her loyalties started getting confused, however. Raz was feeding intelligence back to her Imperial handlers to hurt the Republic and running black ops for the Republic to hurt the Empire. She found herself having to kill soldiers on both sides regularly to maintain her cover, and several of her attachments (or relationships, to use a more human word) wound up jeopardizing her status on both sides. The trail of bodies Raz had to leave in order to keep from being revealed grew longer, and she began to forget exactly what she was fighting for anyway.

Eventually, even the best and the brightest have their crash. Razelle Breuner, decorated war heroine of both the Empire and the Republic, had her crash at the worst possible time.

The Battle of V-827 was fought in the middle of nowhere. The contested planet didn't even have a proper name, just a number. The Republic fleet often stopped by this middle-of-nowhere planet to clear their jump records and avoid direct routes to certain secret bases. Due to Raz's intel, the Imperial fleet was waiting when a Republic admiral's ship jumped into the system. Normally this would be an easy win, but...

Raz's loyalties were extremely convoluted by this point. She had grown to like her admiral, and warned him about the Imperial attack just before he dropped out of hyperspace. The ship they were on shielded itself to survive the first volley, and called for reinforcements from Republic Naval Command. Dozens of Star Defenders jumped in right behind the ship Raz was on, and the Imperials responded in kind. Within a few minutes one of the largest naval tragedies in galactic history conspired explicitly because of Razelle's indecisiveness.

The confused girl was taken into custody awaiting "questioning" by Republic Intelligence, and though she couldn't see the battle from inside a cell, she knew how many tens of thousands of lives were being lost because of her stupid decision. Raz knew she would be executed if she stuck around, and she wouldn't let that happen. She'd already killed thousands of men, what was a few more?

Butchering her guards, Razelle broke out of her cell and killed more than a dozen more men on her way to hijack a personal shuttle to get the hell out of the system. She had to keep running, but she knew that she would be caught eventually.

Queen's Raven
By pure happenstance, Raz managed to take refuge in a very specific space station at the same time as a very specific Sith. After showcasing her talents by fighting for her life, she was recruited into Queen Nessarose deWinter's personal retinue as a pet assassin under the provision that her existence be kept a secret - a single uttered word would bring down the wrath of the Empire and Republic both down on her head.

Razelle's skills had been tempered by years of black ops. She was possibly the deadliest warrior on a planet full of Force-sensitive warriors, and without a doubt the most dangerous without the Force. As a commando/infiltrator/assassin/spy, she served as the shadowed left hand to the Queen, dubbed her "Raven" to avoid any actual ties to the military. Raz was just glad to find work again without having to split her loyalties.

Her skills turned out invaluable in several planetary takeovers, the combination of marksmanship, infiltration, and CQC prowess seizing objectives during Queen deWinter's domination of the Rattataki and Kaleesh people, and the oversized monsters of Durace. Her black ops history secured her new allies counterintelligence superiority, and Raz performed the occasional off-the-books job when she wasn't serving as Nessarose's personal adjutant and bodyguard.

In her time in exile, Razelle Breuner met a young Twi'lek Sith called Domino, and the two struck up a friendship that blossomed into something more. They were bonded after a Sith takeover of Kamino, shortly before Raz's gene-cocktail was decided upon as the genetic template for a Nessarose's private army of clone troopers.

Since she was being cloned like mad anyway, Raz made sure to save both her own genetic information and an imprinted copy of her memories. After all, she lived a dangerous life. It never hurt to have a backup plan.
That's all Raz remembers. It's self-evident to her that she's a clone, since her last memory was laying down on a Kaminoan scanner-bed and that was not where she woke up. As Domino explains it, she died bravely, saving her Twi'lek paramour's life over the piled bodies of dozens of attackers. Raz is more than a little skeptical, but that's mostly because she's Raz, not for any actual proof. Razelle Breuner's only surviving clone woke up in a medical institute with a crying blue woman holding her tight. The galaxy has changed much from her past life, but at least Dee had stayed the same.

Domino had been asserting herself into the galaxy's current criminal underworld, an organization known as "the Cartel." While Raz would've preferred to be involved in a military (or even paramilitary) group, her need to follow Dom wherever she went was infinitely stronger. Together the two of them set out to create a proper criminal empire in the name of Prulesa Natasi - after all, they had no country, no superiors, no ties of any kind. Why not play around with the galaxy?

In an effort to establish herself some contacts, Raz also tracked down a group that had been once known as the Masters of Teräs Käsi, but now called itself the Knights of Kal'Shebbol. While she didn't much go for their religious beliefs, their training and equipment were invaluable to her, and she had no problem cutting a few throats to make new allies. She was probably going to cut those throats anyway, so why not gain something from it directly? This fell through pretty quickly, and her attention was redirected to Domino's new project: taking control of the Hutt Cartel from the Hutts, and establishing it as the Black Sun Syndicate.

This lasted for maybe a month before Raz's personal issues caught up with her. She simply had too much pain, too much conflict stockpiled in her already-beleaguered mind. Without any warning to Pru, Raz vanished. And when Razelle Breuner wants to disappear, she bloody well disappears. There's been no sign of her for months on any government recordings, no signal of her on the holonet, nothing. Just like she was trained for, she's become a ghost in the galaxy. Not even the Valkyri people of Midvinter, who Raz has spent several years living with in silence, have any real idea of who she was or why she was there. Of course, she doesn't mind that in the least. She's glad to be home, reminding herself of who she was, once, in another life.

Maybe half a decade ago, Razelle met a young woman named Fable Merrill a she returned to the galaxy, and while bumming a ride off of her for several months, Raz felt like she'd started to rack up quite a little debt. She's been taking as many illicit but paying jobs as possible to try to work that debt off, and it definitely isn't just a personal excuse to keep interacting with Fable because her intimacy issues refuse to let her enjoy the company of another without something to gain.

Over the last few years, Razelle has been involved in the First Order, the Galactic Alliance, the inconsistent anti-Forcer movements in Kal'Shebbol, the Black Sun resurrection, the Hutt Cartels, certain private business ventures, and has played at being a bounty hunter. More than any of that, though, she still acts like a fugitive in hiding, keeping the lowest possible profile despite never once seeing her face on the holonet or mention of her name. She is an irritatingly difficult person to get in touch with.

Currently, Razelle Breuner is legally dead. The woman who was "recruited" by the CIS and recorded as "Jane Starkiller" has been missing for almost a year.


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