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Raven (FLINT)

Become the Crisis
NAME: Raven (also known as FLINT)
FACTION: None for now
SPECIES: Human - cybord
AGE: 46
HEIGHT: 5'11
EYES: grey
HAIR: Black
SKIN: White


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
Is highly trained in combat, whether it be hand to hand or with a ranged weapon. Is also trained in survival. Raven can analyze a situation and take the best course of action.

Raven thinks only a few steps ahead, so he is vulnerable to enemies with strategic figures who think way into the future. Also, Ravens decisions are based on the credits involved, he is very self centered.

The Crimson Jackdaw
(I will create a link to the tech creation thread later)

Raven spent his whole life in a spec ops program, a branch of military in the CIA faction. 20 years of training were put into his training, another 10 in the PHANTOMS program, in which he became a deadly Spec force operative, strategically playing a bullet in all those who opposed him. In ten years him and his colleges became the best of their class, with over 50 successful missions. Eventually he failed. A lone wolf operation took his breath, ripping away his flesh in a blast of heat. He woke up, 5 years later. His eyes had become grey and under his skin his blood glowed with an electric spark. Alone, he awoke, a facility on Tatooine. It seemed to be abandoned, but it was still operational, just dusty.
He had been betrayed by the only ones he trusted. His friends, dead. His family was gone, he had nothing else to do. He would have killed himself, had he not felt the thirst for revenge. Absence and dust wasn't the only thing he found on this station. He came across a high tech prototype suit, specifically made for mercenaries. A pair of Viper IV blasters laid next to it. He strapped on the suit and set out into the harsh weather. He wasn't the only thing to die in the explosion - so did his morals. Anyone who stood between him on the road to vengeance would surely pay the price.

KILLS: none



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