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Ratholomew Sixaion

Rat Six


NAME: Ratholomew Sixiaon
AKA: Rath or Rat Six
FACTION: Silent Hand
RANK: Dark Jedi Padawan/Mercenary
SEX: Male
EYES: Blue
HAIR: White/ Gray
SKIN: Pale caucasian


(+)Athletic build
(+)Expert in melee combat
(+)Mixed martial artists
(+)Proficient marksman
(+\-)Slow to kill
(-)Short sighted
(-) Arrogant
(-)Socially awkward

Ratholomew wears a black leather body suit and has a black belt, black glasses, black heavy durastele gloves, black durastele boots and shin-guards, and wear a large cloak. His hair is shoulder length and is always unkempt.

Born on Nar Shadda, Ratholomew Sixiaon was born to a broken home of spice addicts and spice movers. His mother and father woud often be used as a spicelord spice movers in exchange for their services the spicelord would give them spice . Ratholomew early years was being neglected by his spice addicts parents and constantly watching them get high. A spicelord by the name of Javik took notice of the young boy and felt some what sorry the him and took him under his wing and treated Ratholomew better than his own parents did. And even went so far as to adopt him. Javik only took Ratholomew in because he couldn't bear any children, and he always did wanted a son.

One night on Javik's birthday a group of assassins broke into his house and killed him, in front of Ratholomew. They than kidnapped the boy and sold him to a slaver and fellow spicelord named Orger, who had been Javik spice rival. Orger brought Ratholomew from the assassins to show his power as a spicelord, by killing his rival as well as taking his adopted son as a prize. That was was when his real nightmare begin. Ratholomew started training to become a gladiator in Orger's blood games. Ratholomew remembers vividly as him and the other slaves would go outside and forced fight one another with wooden weapons or their bare-hands. More times than often Ratholomew would often get hurt in these brutal practices sessions . And in these sessions the Orger as well as the overseers would often condone these acts of violence to see which slave would prove to be their prize money makers, as well as their namesake. Due to Ratholomew name being similar to Rat, The oversees and the Orger decided to call him that as a way to belittle the child. It was around this time Ratholomew took up learning mixed martial arts from the other overseers as well as learning how to fight bladed weaponry.

When Ratholomew turned twelve years old, he was 'honored' by having his first arena debut against a fellow slave gladiator by the name of Hawk. Hawk was the same age as Ratholomew at the time, and they had spared against one another on a few occasion. However this was different, this was a fight to the death. Hawk was a fierce adversary, and fought like his namesake. Elegant and bold. And for most of the fight Ratholomew was being pushed back, but gained the upper hand when he was able to disarm Hawk of his weapon and land a decisive blow by piercing Hawk's chest. Ratholomew started to tremble , and lost control of his bowels. Ratholomew just stood there looking into Hawk's eyes as the boy faded away, Ratholomew was paralyzed at what he just did. Sure, he beat the crud out of his fellow gladiators and took great pleasure in making them beg for mercy during training , but this....this was different. Blood was everywhere on Ratholomew and the smell coming from Hawk's body was so rancid , that it caused Ratholomew to pass out right there in the middle of the arena. That was how his first match ended . For seven more years Ratholomew fought in these intense brutal battles, slaughtering man,woman, exotic animals and children alike . Until he finally became the undisputed champion of the arena.

When Ratholomew turned twenty he organized a slave revolt against his captors and master, only to use the other slaves as bait while he managed to slip away with the place schematics during the fighting . Afterwards Ratholomew went to the black suns crime syndicate and conceived them to attack his former master compound and raze the place to the ground, with help from the schematics that he had stolen during the slave revolt. This act freed Ratholomew from Orger's thumb, and soon after he begin to work for the black suns as a low level hit-man and spice runner . Before leaving them to join the silent hand.



you're going to get murdered in any form of combat, what were you thinking when you made this character
Zahori Denko
Rat Six said:
Bad education: Rat self taught himself everything he know, and by galactic standards he is an idiot. He's horrible in galactic history, terrible in math, awful in galactic geography. Heck he can barley read and know nothing about computers or anything technology wise.
Like everyone who has ever been to school says: "When am I ever gonna use this junk, anyways?" Ask yourself that question.

Rat Six said:
For two years Rat prostituted himself, laying with unsavory people until he finally paid off his debt. That was when the real torture begin. When Rat turned eight, he started his training to become a gladiator in his master games.
He prostituted himself before he was 8? Wut? How does that even...just what..?

Rat Six said:
Hate being called a slave: One of the best ways to really tick him off is call him slave, and watch him blow a gasket.
When this actually comes up in roleplay, quote it for me, please. Cause i doubt that's a legit weakness.

Can't read anymore. 2gey. pls nerf.

Rat Six

He was six when that happened( should have added age markers though) THere are a lot of sick people on this earth, do you think the galaxy would be any different. I will however change the slave weakness though, since it is kinda stupid. And his stupidity is the kind that cant use computers/ terminals, flying ships, or know his way around the galaxy. He barely know plantary names or it's systems. If you would ask him something anything pertaining to the galaxy he would clueless. Like who are the galactic leader in charge? Or how to get to Kysheek.

@[member="Elani Zambrano"]

Rat Six

ll be revising this soon enough. I originally made this character to have a lot of hate about him, but murked it up when i kept him as a six year old child .

Sarge Potteiger

Half-Glimpsed Dreamings
From the General Rules

  • You may not portray rape, pedophilia, etc. in any form. This is absolutely out of the question. Please use common sense.
That does include saying your character was a child prostitute.

I'm going to ask you reword it/change things around so as not to cross that line - it's more than a little sick and definitely beyond unnecessary.

Rat Six

I'm going to revamp this entire thing soon enough.@[member="Sarge Potteiger"] .

Rat Six

I like to thank everybody here for their helpful input , as well as for the LOL moments. Changed character:strength, weakness, name, age, appearance, bio. If anything else seem off just let me know and I will edit. Once again, thank you for the helpful advice