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Raseri Sarosh

Raseri Sarosh, Seren's Legacy
"But damn you for not giving me my chance"


  • Name: Kobe Seren, Formerly Kobe Ordo-Seren
  • Alias: Raseri Sarosh, Grotthu
  • Alignment: Darkside
  • Species: Humanoid
  • Race: Epicanthix
  • Planet of Birth: Coruscant
  • Current Homeworld: Aurum
  • Age: 21
  • Height: 6'1
  • Weight: 160lbs
  • Build: Athletic
  • Eye Color: Grey-Blue
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Complexion: Caucasian
  • Force Sensitive: Yes
  • Rank: Acolyte
  • Faction: Not Applicable
  • Master: [member='Darth Carnifex']
  • The Republic Jedi Order
  • Apprentice to [member="Darth Carnifex"]



  • + Quick Learner: Kobe's upbringing within the Jedi left him with little in the way of distractions. As a result, and due to his relatively young age, he is naturally gifted when it comes to learning new things.
  • + Natural Affinity: Being that both of Kobe's parents were Jedi, and rather strong Force Users at that, it's only natural that Kobe is strong in the Force... However untrained he might be.
  • ~ Underlying Psychometry: While Kobe has no idea of this natural latent ability, he is cursed with the power to glean information from objects he comes into contact with; as he is untrained, he cannot control this nor does he comprehend it. More often than not it causes disjointed visions that leave his young mind trembling.
  • ~ Epicanthix: Epicanthix are typically taller and stronger than humans, and their minds are impenetrable. This also means that they cannot be assisted through aspects such as Battle Meditation.
  • - Near-Mute: A natural byproduct of all he has experienced and lost since the death of Asha, Kobe has barely spoken a word; whether this is a neurological issue or a matter of choice has not been determined.
  • - Nightmares: Kobe suffers from horrific nightmares that often go hand in hand with his psychometric abilities. They can cause him to refuse to sleep, or wake constantly should they be particularly bad.
  • - Conditioned: Effectively brainwashed as a child, Kobe remembers little about his life prior to his training on Panatha. This often leads to brief bouts of confusion which raise his temper or return him to the fearful, childish state he came to Kaine in.
  • - Purposeless: Since his apparent abandonment, Kobe has been without purpose. This lack of drive leaves him perpetually frustrated, and he longs for the guidance he lost.
  • - Daddy Issues: Kobe was raised without the presence of his Father. He longs to make his Master proud, even if Kaine did disappear on him just as Tracyn had, and views his captor as a defacto Father-figure.
  • - Mummy Issues: What makes the aforementioned Daddy Issues even worse, is that Kobe subconsciously realizes that Kaine is the reason his Mother is dead. He wants nothing more than for him to pay for what he did, the loss of his Mother creating a gaping hole that cannot ever be filled or fixed, but deep down he realizes that he could never truly strike Kaine down despite this. He relies on him too much, even in his absence.
  • The Haunter - Stolen from [member="Darth Vornskr"] after he abandoned Kobe, this is the only Starship he currently has access to.


Kobe was born the smaller of two twins, to Jedi Knights Asha Seren and Tracyn Ordo, and was named after his Father, who had been born Kobe Ordo. Not even a day into his life, Kobe suffered the loss of his twin brother, Cassus, who was taken from him by the Sith Lord Kaine Zambrano. As such, Kobe became everything to his parents. Raised within the Jedi Temple, he spent his time around the light and the peace, growing as an individual despite his young age.

Even at the young age of four, he took a keen interest in building things, albeit it was only blocks, which he built houses and towers out of, and he was never seen without a smile, giving a wave to any who would give him eye contact. His laughter would often fill the room that he was in. It was plain and simple. If he smiled, you smiled.

When he was a baby, Kobe's father Tracyn went off on a relentless pursuit of Kaine in an attempt to find Cassus. Due to Asha's sanity beginning to drain, Kobe's adopted uncle, Josh DragonsFlame, allowed Asha and Kobe to move in with him in order to take care of Kobe, as well as deal with Asha's issues while they waited for Tracyn to come home.

Years passed and Tracyn still hadn't returned except during short visits. Josh had taken to treating Kobe as his own son, to give him the father figure he desperately needed. The two becoming close proved beneficial when Asha suddenly left Kobe with the Jedi and left the Order to join a rogue Jedi conclave. Josh continued to raise Kobe himself until news broke out that Asha had been killed while seeking out the man who had killed his brother Cassus.

With his father still unable to return from his fruitless quest to find and exact revenge on Kaine, all the incredibly young and innocent boy could do was study as a Jedi, train and learn... Yet the loss had none the less impacted the child, who sunk into a quiet state. For even at such a young age, Kobe had felt the diminished presence of his twin and his mother through the Force.



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