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Rapture through fire

Moff Iridius

Rapture by fire

Ground Zero, the area where it all began. On one of the remote moons of Atrisia the labs of Dr.Mare Krasnican stood ready to develop and test her newest invention. Well she couldn't really say it was hers. The mandalorians took the credit on developing such a horrendous weapon system. Marie just took it upon herself to make it better, through enriched uranium and plutonium lay the secret of this weapon. Decoding it and making her own touches would be wonderful to say the least and be a rather good use of her time. "Dr.Cerberus , I hope you are ready." she said without looking back. Marie stood there in her lab made of a reenforced glass room that could see out into space from all sides. Marie wore a rad suit to protect herself from the radiation in the room, behind her lay a table. Upon that lay an empty briefcase, and an empty cylinder that needed to be filled with the bombs destructive ingredients.

Turning around she walked towards the table and picked up a pair of tongs to pick up the enriched uranium. She was going to make a ten kiloton bomb and stick it into a briefcase. Spies, czars, all walks of imperial military and personnel would be able to use these in action. It would change the way wars were fought, the mandalorians were too prideful to use their weapons of mass destruction. They would rather go in guns blazing and prove they were the strongest things in the galaxy. But not Marie, she would gladly blow up an enemy base and let the radiation poison all those within the blast radius. She was going to use these weapons on anyone who stood in her way, whether they be OP, republic, fringe, or sith. She would send them to heaven or hell with it. @[member="Darc Xavior Talus"]

Katina Etheri

Battle Sister
"Doc, look I know I'm enthusiastic compared to the rest, like you know that feeling you have looking down from a height, and you wanna jump? Yeah I ain't feeling it." He said in the comm. He had pact a rad suit and didn't realize this was the reason for it. What the kriff was she thinking?!