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Raptor II-class, Assault Frigate

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Fiolette Fortan



  • Intent: To submit the new Raptor-class as part of the refit program and to continue to diversify the First Order navy.

  • Image Source: Adam Kop // Deviantart (x)

  • Canon Link: Corusca Gems (x) | Anti-Tractor Beam Shroud (x) | Reflec (x) | AR-0B Damage Reduction (x) | Anti-Ion Emissions Tracer (x) | IFF Confuser (x) | 220-SIG Tactical Sensor Jammer (x) | Full-Spectrum Distortion Projector (x) | Vitus-Series Attitude Thrusters (x) | Field Disruptor Emitters (x) | Energy-Wave Detector (x) | Aural Sensor, Hyperwave (x) | Hyperwave Signal Interceptor (x)

  • Restricted Missions: N/A

  • Primary Source: Bastion Combat System (x | E-Warfare System (x)

  • Manufacturer: Primo Victorian Shipwright, First Order Corps of Imperial Engineers

  • Model: FIAC-RT4

  • Affiliation: First Order | Primo Victorian Shipwright (x)

  • Production: Limited

  • Material:

    Reflec (x | Black & Silver Enamel (Pattern)

  • Ablative Quandium Reinforced Durasteel Plating

  • Tunqstoid Blast Doors

  • Alusteel/Quadanium Double-Layered Hull

  • Duraplast Lining / Turadium Reinforced (On Critical/Core Components)

  • Transparisteel Viewports w/ Turadium Blast Shutters

  • Agrinum, Dallorian Alloy (Where Appropriate)

  • AR-0B Damage Reduction (x


  • Classification: Assault Frigate

  • Length: 369m

  • Width: 133m

  • Height: 186m

  • Armament: High

    8 Double-Barrel, Mass Driver Cannons [Fast-Track Mountings; Fire-Linked]

    4 Starboard, 4 Port (Full 180 Degree Coverage)

8 Mauler Turbolaser System [Fast-Track Mountings; Fire-Linked]

  • 4 Forward, 4 Aft (Full 180 Degree Coverage)

4 Corusca Gem-Edged Gravity Hooks (2 Starboard, 2 Port)

8 Disruptor Torpedo Launchers (2x4 Racked, Tubed; Turreted)

10 Anti-Missile Octets

8 Point Defence Cannons [Fast-Track Mountings; Fire-Linked]

8 Quad Laser Cannons [Fast-Track Mountings; Fire-Linked]

Defenses: High

E-Warfare System (x

Energy-Wave Detector (x)

Aural Sensor, Hyperwave Signal Interceptor (x) (x)

Bastion Combat System (x

E-Warefare (x

Vitus-Series Attitude Thrusters (x

Full-Spectrum Distortion Projector (x

220-SIG Tactical Sensor Jammer (x

Tractor/Pressor Beams (x

Hangar: 0 Squadrons

Maneuverability Rating: Below Average

Speed Rating: Below Average

Hyperdrive Class: 3


  • Crew Club - Where officers and enlisted can come for a drink, play a few card games, listen to the scuttle butt and just relax after a hard day’s (or night’s) work.

  • Uprated Sickbay - A standard sickbay with the addition of a dental and counseling offices, allowing the crew time to maintain their oral and mental health.

  • Bridge - Where the commanding officer and his/her crew monitor control of the vessel, getting readings, summaries and up to date notifications on the ship’s positions. The bridge also serves as the combat center where ship’s weapons and shields are fired and monitored.

  • Astrometrics Laboratory - Serves as both stellar cartography and advanced astronomical measurement and calculations. Astrometrics is considered an advanced stellar cartography lab. Astrometrics boasts and integrated data processing design within its own systems allowing it to process data faster. Information from Astrometrics can be relayed to the bridge upon request.

  • Multi-Direction Sensor Array - A short range array that is actually comprised of twelve different arrays, the MDSA works with the navigational computer and long range sensors to compile information and data that is then analyzed by Astrometrics.

  • Electronic Warfare CM/CCM Systems - In the new age of war, one must always be prepared for the electronic side of battle, the Raptor-class comes equipped to handle such aggressions and to unleash its own barrage of electronic warfare as well. (Countermeasure / Counter-countermeasure)

  • Security/Tactical Offices - Function much like offices aboard a Vindicator-class vessel, but due to the size of the Raptor the offices are often combined and are less frequent than on her sister.

  • Operations Management - Their functionality is again much like that of the Vindicator only there is only one office aboard a Raptor-class and it is housed in Upper Engineering.

  • Upper/Lower Engineering - The bulk of the engines are housed in lower engineering, but the upper portion houses a lot of the software and electrical components of the engine systems. The Raptor was built from newer-aged designs as opposed to older models like that of the Vindicator. There are no offices for the Chief Engineer / Assistant Chief Engineer per say, but rather built in cubicles that function as offices for these senior/junior officers.

  • Standard Warship Hazard and Damage Control Systems

  • Advance Warship Sensors and Targeting Systems

  • Standard Warship Communications Systems

  • Standard Warship Environmental Control Systems

  • Standard Warship Tractor Beam


  • [+] Hooked: Armed with four gravity hooks that launch out from boarding harpoon launchers, edged with corusca gems, and equipped with field disruptor emitters. The Raptor isn’t a ship you want in close proximity to yours, she can and will pull and drag another ship.

  • [+] Disrupted: As if her launched hooks weren’t enough, the new Raptor is equipped with ten disruptor torpedoes. The torpedo launchers are racked, tubed and turreted to give the raptor a full 360 degree radius.

  • [-] Short Range: For as fearsome as she is the Raptor is relatively nothing in the grand scope of a long range game. She works best at short range / broadside.

  • [-] Low Turn Radius: She’s slower than most in her class and her turn radius means it’ll take her longer to turn than other vessels of her class.

  • [-] Hyperdrive: It’s a first for a First Order ship to feature a hyperdrive class three engine, however; the focus for the new Raptor was not on her speed as much as it was her brutality in the close range game.

The new Raptor is to her namesake a brutal, vicious gambit. She gives up her long range game in favor of different prey. FOCIE developed a rather large hook shaped harpoon, and decided to edge it at first in diamond. Then when corusca became available they had to make the choice maintain a minor production with diamonds or go down to limited. They opted to go down to limited production to increase the Raptor’s chances of actually sinking her hooks into her opponents.

These hooks would be launched from a boarding harpoon launcher and equipped with field disruptor emitters. The idea was to bypass most modern shield technology and go straight for the hull. Once she’s sunk her claws (hooks) into an opponent she can keep them within her sights as her double barrelled cannons take their aim. Even without her hooks, the Raptor is no doubt something to be feared when in close range of her cannons, and as if it weren’t enough.

The Raptor was given disruptor torpedoes and the mauler turbolaser system so that in short work, she stands ready to defend a proud Imperial nation. Her defense systems include thick armor plating, reinforced, as well as the dual layered ray and particle deflector shield. Upgraded sensor packaging and combat systems have enabled the Raptor to better defend herself than she had before.

The new Raptor is to be produced at Rakata Beta Imperial Shipworks, Coveway Imperial Shipworks, Jathuun Imperial Shipworks and two other locations which have yet to be determined. The Rae Sloane Naval Foundation and the First Order Naval Project funds the new Raptor-class and eagerly awaits the new FIV Raptor, FIV Rex, FIV Rapscallion, FIV Ravager and the FIV Renegade which are due out within the next few months.
[SIZE=10.5pt]Original Section(s):[/SIZE]
Affiliation: First Order
[SIZE=10.5pt]New Section(s):[/SIZE]
Affiliation: First Order | Primo Victorian Shipwright (x)

Travis Caalgen

Hello, I'll be the factory judge reviewing your submission. If you have questions, please feel free to respond to this thread once we are underway.
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