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Rank Titles Maybe?

Thought would be hilarious. I'll admit, that made me laugh.

But no. I was thinking of two tags.

1) "Force Wound" if that is possible. Not the literal "force wound" that you can find in the Star Wars universe. Just thought it'd be nice since Onyx isn't really good or bad.

2) Ready for this? I'm so selfish.. >.< .... "Onyx" LUL. Again, if that is allowed. I always thought having a tag made specifically for your character would be cool. LUL. If that kind of thing is allowed.


Valiens Nantaris

Head Admin
@[member="Darth Onyx"] Well it's not something I can do, but I'm sure others will be most interested in helping.

If you want to raise narcissism to new heights and someone makes you a tag just for you then good luck to you.