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Approved Tech Ram'or Assault Missile

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Captain Larraq

Image: Here
Credit: damianGray

Intent: To create a ship-to-ship grade missile that utilizes Cluster Bomb technology.

Development Thread: NA
Manufacturer: Mandal Hypernautics
Model: Ram'or Assault Missile
Affiliation: Hyperion Security, Mandalorian Navy, Open Market
Modularity: Yes; Different Grenade Micro-munition variants
Production: Mass Production
Material: Alusteel, Durasteel,

This weapon functions similarly to an Assault grade Concussion Missile, but has a unique warhead that is based on common Cluster Bomb technology. The Ram'or Assault Missile has an effective range of roufhly two thirds that of a turbolaser, like any other assault missile, but does less damage with a direct hit than a standard Assault Concussion Missile would do. Instead, it spreads the damage it does over a much larger area. As such, this weapon is ideal for targeting a large number of small targets or for engaging a fast moving and agile target. Variants of this missile are even used for planetary bombardments.

The interior of the warhead's outer casing is lined in several 1cm/5cm/30cm strips of Durasteel that are sandwiched together. The initial detonation of this missile turns the outer casing and Durasteel strips into shrapnel that spreads from the point of detonation. After the initial detonation and shrapnel, a secondary detonation propels a cloud of magnetized grenades outward. These magnetized grenades have an effective range of 100 meters before detonation and cling to the hulls of any ship or fighter that lacked (or had disabled) Particle or Deflector shielding. Due to the forward momentum of the missile before detonation, the effects of this missile spreads outwards and forwards in a cone before the individual grenades detonate a few seconds after the the missile itself.

There are multiple variants of this missile.
Concussion Ram'or Assault Missiles use Concussion Grenades
Cluster Ram'or Assault Missiles use Cluster Concussion Grenades
Proton Ram'or Assault Missiles use Proton Grenades
Ion Ram'or Assault Missiles use Ion Grenades
Plasma Ram'or Assault Missiles use Plasma Grenades
Shock Ram'or Assault Missiles use Shock Grenades
Radiation Ram'or Assault Missiles use Radiation Grenades

For the most part, each missile functions identically. The Concussion Ram'or Assault Missile is the most common and is considered the standard. The Cluster Ram'or Assault Missile has an additional 50m explosion radius, but does less damage than a standard Ram'or Assault Missile. The Proton Ram'or Assault Missile only has an explosion radius of 50m, but does more damage than the standard variant. Ion Ram'or Assault Missiles have the same explosion radius as a standard variant, but uses non-lethal Ion Grenades to disable a target vessel instead of destroy it. This variant is most often used when a commander wishes to capture a ship intact to retrieve sensitive data or take the crew prisoner. The Shock variant of this missile system is used as a stop-gap between an Ion variant and a standard variant. The electrical charge emitted by this device has a similar effect on electronics as an Ion variant, but also harms organic targets that are near the point of impact. This leaves the overall structure of the target vessel intact, but disables the ship and crew. The Radiation variant of the Ram'or Assault Missile is very uncommon, but is sometimes used against planetary targets as a means of killing organic targets without destroying valuable supplies or equipment. The Plasma variant of this missile is used primarily against planetary targets as a type of fuel-air bomb, but can also be utilized against a ship that has suffered damage and is venting atmosphere. It is also highly effective if it can somehow be detonated inside a target ship's shielded hanger bays.

Classification: Assault Missile
Size: -Assault Concussion Missile sized-
Status: Military
Length: 22 Meters
Weight: 32 Ton
Effective Range: 100m explosion radius

Captain Larraq

@[member="Asemir Lor'kora"]

I was going to go with "Standard Range" for an Assault Concussion Missile.
According to the SW RPG book, that's "Medium" range. For reference, Turbolasers have "Long" range.

So.... roughly 2/3rds the range of a Turbolaser?
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