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Approved NPC R2-C3 - Bronzie

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Shamira Karuto

Burn the past - Heal the future


Intent: To give my main character, Shamira, a droid companion to accompany her on all missions it is deemed appropriate.
​Image Credit:
( R2-Q5 Imperial Astromech Droid by artist David Igo for collection stash )
Role: This droid will be Shamira’s trusty sidekick, ergo a Anakin/R2 relationship.
Links: N/A
Age: Fully functioning for 2 years.
Model: R2 droid series.
Appearance: Bronzie is about the most vanilla looking R2 model out there. With little to no distinguishing marks, he is in as perfect shape as could be. The majority of his coloring is black, while a few distinguishing marks are bronze. The inner bolting for his two side legs are colored silver.

Name: R2-C3 (Alias name: Bronzie)
Loyalties: NPC companion for Shamira Karuto.
Notable Possessions:
· Manipulator arms
· Electric arc welder
· Circular saw
· General use fire extinguisher
· Transceiver and sensor
· Jet thrusters
· Standard R2 operating systems

Personality: During it’s time in the workshop, Bronzie was subject to the memory wipes many units received periodically. However, once in Shamira’s personal care, the memory wipes stopped at the padawan’s command. Because of this, Bronzie began to grow lively, perky, but resistant to run into danger, even if it was with his master. He can typically be called and treated as the voice of reason between the odd pair.
Combat Function: Bronzie would rather avoid all confrontation during missions with his master. One to rather stay in the ship, if he is forced to come along and there is fighting, he’ll typically find a place off to the side to avoid the conflict. If forced into the fight, however, the best he can do is its electric arc welder, that would give a sentient nothing worse than a light singe.

The Galactic Alliance employees hundreds of droids to do maintenance and menial tasks deemed to small or too dangerous for humans. Bronzie is among these droids. Spending the majority of its time “alive” as a maintenance droid at the Temple on Lothal. It wasn’t until after a mission had concluded, and the strike force stopped at the Temple to refuel, that Shamira and Bronzie came face to face. The 18 year old had been searching for a droid companion to call her own for a while, and Bronzie, overdue for a memory wipe, instantly took a liking to the Togruta. Convincing the maintenance personal to allow her to take the droid wasn’t hard, as R2 units are a dime a dozen. When asking if she wanted a restraining bolt or a final memory wipe for the droid, Shamira instantly denied both, knowing their bond could only grow if her new droid was allowed to grow with her.
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