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Approved Planet Quigos

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  • Planet Name: Quigos
  • Demonym: Quiginti
  • Region: Unknown
  • System Name: Quigvor
  • System Features: One blue star, 4 planets. 2 of which are gas giants. Only one is habitable (Quigos).
  • Coordinates: X: 8 Y: 27
  • Major Imports: Exotic Foods, Exotic Fabrics/Silks, Exotic Decoratives, technology of all sorts.
  • Major Exports: Durasteel and gems
  • Gravity: 1.0
  • Climate: The planet is a massive tundra, so cold and dry.. all the time.
  • Primary Terrain: Scattered Taigas, LOTS of Mountains, Red oceans and pink rivers/lakes, but most of the planet is tundra long-grass plains. All of this is on one super continent, Euris, which dominates the northern half of the planet. There is a chain of islands to the east of the westernmost edge of the continent known as Dridis, but those are now toxic swamps.

  • Major Locations:

Zalelaeim: The capital of the Snowkin, a distinct culture of the native species, Quiglings, and located at the northern pole of the planet. This massive city stretches for 64,000 Square Miles, or 104,607 Kilometers. This is where the Snowkin first settled and it is where most of them have their children. This is also where the Central Government for the planet is located. It is said they followed a compass until it showed them the perfect spot to build a city, and thus it is at the northern pole. Zalelaeim (Pronounced Za-lay-lay-im) is littered with colleges and universities which educate most of the planet's population.

Under-Stone Keep: Under-Stone Keep is actually a city, although no where near as large as Zalelaeim. It supports most of Quigos's military might. All high ranking military officials reside in Under-Stone Keep. The city is located a seven kilometers underground and is accessed through elaborate cave networks, or through several super elevators located at key points. Under-Stone Keep is believed to be where Quiglings first evolved, and is sacred to them, and thus became their main defense fort. It is stocked with enough food and water to last over 200 years should the need arise.


(Image Credit goes to Dylan Cole: )

Sigmata: Sigmata is an artificially created Island chain off the eastern coast of Euris in the shallowest part of the mega-ocean on Quigos. These islands (there being three) are only 30 Kilometers from side to side in a large circles. Sigmata however sports three space elevators, and it was the reason why when they had the technology, the Quiglings took around 30 years to reach space, due to the long time it took constructing the islands and the space-elevators. These Sigmata islands are small cities as well, serving as trade hubs with the rest of the galaxy, as well as where most of the personnel of the Quigling Interstellar Navy reside as were their original purpose. These three Islands are connected by a bullet train network, that also connects to Zalelaeim, and the nearest elevator to the Under-Stone Keep.

  • Native Species: Quiglings
  • Immigrated Species: Non Major Populations Yet
  • Population: Moderately Populated
  • Demographics:
Quiglings: 96%
Miscellaneous Races: 4%

  • Primary Languages: Quigilic
  • Culture:

Quigos is ruled over by the High-Technomancer, and the Council of Tribes. The Council of Tribes has 3 elected officials from the 3 major groups on Quigos, the Ashspawn, Snow Kin, and Nevermore Nomads, making a total of 9 officicals, known as Technomancers. And these officials search out for someone who is the most educated and best suited to run the planet with almost dictatorial power for 20 years, however the Council of Tribes can also kick the High-Technomancer off his throne and find another at any time by a majority vote within the 9 of them. And then the process of electing new officials and finding a new High-Technomancer starts over again. This was decided to be the best government by the scientific minds all over Quigos. There are also two 'Arcanus' which are special elected councilors who serve for life. These special offices were only created upon the discovery of the force, the 'Shade Arcanus' is a councilor of the High-Technomancer, the 'Shade Arcanus' must be versed in the Dark Side, not necessarily a Sith though. The other Arcanus, or 'Bright Arcanus' must be versed in the light side. These two 'Arcanuses' give the High-Technomancer advice according to their alignment to the force.
Science is held at an almost religious reverence by those on Quigos, and all seek to learn more and further the knowledge of the galaxy. However, no where on the planet will you find computers, except for a few exceptions allowed by the Quiglings, to help the aliens on their world. And what computers the Quiglings do use, are incredibly primitive.

Saving the local wild-life has also become something that the Quigos government has become zealously apart of, not only just for Quigos but all planets believing that all life is sacred.. although that hasn't stopped a strong hunting culture to erupt on Quigos. Several "Packs", which serve as hunting guilds litter the main cities of Quigos, supporting hundreds of individuals who hunt off world to feed the population of Quigos, due to the local wildlife all being endangered. These "Packs" hold worth in skulls of tough prey they've hunted, indeed, they value them more than gold, and often decorate their "dens" or guild galls with these packs with the name of he/she who hunted the beast's name carved on the skull's forehead, or decorating their private quarters.

  • Government: Elected Dictatorship
  • Affiliation: Quigling Star-Nation (A faction I will be creating if both this post and the Quigling post are accepted)
  • Wealth: Low: The Population of Quigos has only recent joined the galactic stage around 50 years ago, thus trade has only just started up. And the history of Quigos before their unified government has primarily been wars.
  • Stability: High Stability. The Government is generally hands off, but certain things they do meddle with, they do so with unchallenged power. Crime is rare, but treated harshly. The Government also tends to lend out grants to promising scientists and companies on Quigos with what little money it has, as, taxes are rather low. And most people like the current situation government and stability wise.
  • Freedom & Oppression: It has a Dictator, yet, he does not actively seek to oppress the population. Instead she uses her almost complete power to ensure freedom and prosperity of his world and it's people. And if she did try to act up, the council of tribes could always kick her out.


  • Military: It has a rather primitive military by space faring standards. Modern blasters only now getting introduced instead of the primitive blasters they once had. And they really only have a few ships, probably only 6-7 which make sure pirates don't try to attack the planet.
  • Technology: The planet is rather primitive by galactic standards, but is rapidly growing.


The majority of the planet's history up until recently has been speckled with war, most of which were minor wars and conflicts but they still happened to shape the now Xenophilic mostly Pacifistic culture that rules over Quigos. In the early years, back when the native population still waged war with spear and bow, there were great nations that had built great alliances on the primary continent of Euris. These nations found themselves at war, a great war, war of millions, the blood and sweat of which destroyed fields and cities, but the war was never won, only drawn to a final peace between these nations who grew and combined until only a few were left, the most powerful of whom was the Snow-Kin, who mainly stayed in their capital. However, this peace was put to the test after 500 long peaceful years.

The "Machine Fall" was a catastrophic event that was surely the greatest threat the planet has yet to face. A terra-forming super-droid fell from the heavens onto the archipelago of Dridis and promptly began it's duty of turning the atmosphere into a hydrogen rich one instead of the oxygen one it was at the time, it began creating water and cracking pockets of ancient gass to heat the atmosphere, and when the Quiglings attempted to stop it, not knowing what it was, it began to create droids to defend itself, and then decided the best course of action would be to destroy the local population, and thus, the war began, a war that lasted a little over 200 years. At first it seemed that all was lost, but a prominent philosopher and the father of Quigling science 'Kath-Kath Rukk' a immigrant from the Ashspawn capital to the Snowkin one found out that the machine was not a will of the gods, or have any divine nature about it, but instead was technology, cold metallic knowledge and logic, and thus he began to unlock it's secrets, salvaging droids from the battlefields, giving Quigling forces primitive blasters instead of the gun-powder muskets they had been using before, and at the 200 year mark of the war, it ended, with the destruction of the terra-forming droid, and freedom and equality reigned at last, but at a heavy cost, the Dridis isles being reduced to a swampy toxic bog. Seeing the destruction of war, a unified government was formed, and planet wide law was established.

In this new age of prosperity, it only took them 30 years to build their first permanent space station, and only 3 years after that to build their first ship with hyperspace capabilities. They contacted aliens for the first time 27 years later, and at first were fearful, thinking they would have another machine-war, but a diplomatic envoy from Alderaan put their worries to rest. And now, they seek to establish themselves like all the other species in the galaxy.

Ashin Varanin

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Again, love the sub. Couple of points:
  • For gravity, you could just put 'Standard' or '1.0'.
  • Your species seems pretty self-sufficient food-wise, so maybe remove that from imports or specify that you're talking about luxury/commodity foods since your people are so xenophilic.
  • Your city is freaking gigantic. That's very cool, but maybe tone down the scale a little. For reference, here's a list of the world's largest cities by area:
  • Understone being dozens of KM underground would put it pretty firmly in the planet's mantle. Maybe 5km?
  • You've got a lot of great history in this sub and the species sub. Would you mind summarizing it to flesh out the history section to maybe triple its current length?

Ashin Varanin

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Oh, one tiny thing: coordinate 8, 28 doesn't exist. 8, 27 and 8, 29 do, though - one inside and one outside the Outer Rim Coalition. Speaking as an ORC admin, you wouldn't run into any trouble putting a whole new alien civilization in their territory, and factions are a great way to get involved in Chaos.
Hey! I'm really glad you enjoyed the sub so much! I went ahead and edited everything except the city size. And I also expanded a tiny bit more on the history.

But I feel the need to defend the reason why I'm not decreasing the size of the city, so I show that I'm not just going into this not really thinking about why it's so massive.

Due to Zalelaeim's position at the northern pole and the center of Euris as Euris takes up most of the northern hemisphere, it gives it several key aspects that would increase population growth, to add onto the Quigling's already explosive breeding capacity.

  • Seeing as it's geologically in the center, it would prove to be a massive trade hub, so, tourism and people staying to make a quick buck
  • It's also the center of Technological Advancements on Quigos, meaning it hit the industrial age first and thus child-bearing became less risky with more modern medicine and the average life span increased
  • Seeing as Dridis is off the the coast of Euris, it's western coast (even though technically it just has one massive southern coast), so people who were fleeing the Machine during the 200 year long war probably wanted to get away as far as possible and Zalelaeim was the obvious choice due to it's strength and the fact that it is indeed the farthest away.
  • And seeing as Zalelaeim is far away from the war, it's food stores and hunting grounds would've not been affected by the marching droid armies as much as the other cities and nations, thus a steady population growth and more reason for people to migrate there.
If you would still prefer that I change the size, I of course, can do that. But I was basing it off of the super-city china is currently building which is actually bigger than Zalelaeim. So it isn't really out of logical reality.

[member="Ashin Varanin"]
[member="Ashin Varanin"]

I also added the fact that Zalelaeim has 3 space elevators. I can remove it if needed. I also apparently multiposted the last one, I apologize >_<

Ashin Varanin

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Sounds good to me - and I want to know more about that super-city in China, on a side note - except the elevators. Space elevators pretty much need to be at or near the equator, far as I'm aware. If you've got sources that say space elevators at poles are possible, then let me know, by all means.
[member="Ashin Varanin"]

Yea, you're completely right xD, I looked into a bit more and you're right, if they built a space elevator on the pole it would have to support it's entire weight, which.. unless it's made of Phrik I'm pretty sure is impossible. So! I created a new location to support the space elevators due to the fact that I think they'd just be, insanely fun.

On the China Supercity, this report was one of the sources I was reading up on it about, I hope it helps you! They're basically combining their capital with all of it's satellite cities and a few more.
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