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Mariel Dawnrider

Wing and a Prayer
The Wheel

Harper was.... not particularly sure of this particular plan. Sure, they needed a light weight material for use by Horizon- while they were currently looking into producing their own eventually from materials native to Eira Pechal, that didn't help them now. They couldn't wait to start production on the most basic of modules they knew they would need until that panned out. The Praxeum needed access to them sooner, rather than later.

Scouring the galaxy for the right materials had taken weeks. A lot of companies didn't seem interested in selling to Horizon at all. They simply couldn't place large enough bulk orders to make it worth it. Tenloss, on the other hand, had answered back with at least interest in a meeting.

A Jedi non-profit, buying base materials from a Hutt Syndicate.

This was not ideal but there were few other options. Duralite was exactly the sort of thing they needed, and the company owner was at least willing to meet with them.

"I didn't know there were this many casinos...... basically anywhere," Harper said, looking back over her shoulder at one particularly hellish looking one. She didn't even know some of those colours existed in neon.

She and [member="Alden Belmont"] were headed toward their meeting with the Tenloss representative. They had the address within the station, but now it occurred to her to wonder if it was actually an office or somewhere.... busier.


Jairus Starvald

[member="Harper Kade"] | [member="Popo"]

It wasn't really his first choice either.

A Hutt? From a criminal syndicate? Meeting on the Wheel out of all places? It had been all over the news how an alliance of criminal gangs had tried to wrest control over the place from Popo just two weeks ago. They had failed, but the devastation was immense and Alden was cautious here. "Neither did I- this was a warzone only a week ago, so we should be extra careful."

While there was a tentative peace now on the station that... didn't mean much when it came to criminals, no?

The first smell of weakness and they'd be stabbing at each other merrily and then some. They were like sharks, blood in the water? They'd descend down and start the killing again.

"I wish we could have gotten the mining operations started earlier... but I guess the other priorities are more important right now."


I'm Sexy and I Know It
As the two representatives moved through the station, holocameras followed them. With the repairs, refits, and personnel shortages running rampant after the attack, Wheel Security hadn't had the men or time to meet them at the hangars per usual protocol. Thankfully, a short, yet stern word from Popo quickly started to rectify the issue. Rather than meet in a casino sporting some level of damage or inconvenience, the Hutt had his troops catch up to the pair to reroute them.

"Ma'am. Sir," the Security Sergeant stated as the small escort detail caught up with the two. They were armed and armored, a usual sight on the space station, though a few sported freshly repaired damage to body armor here and there. Telltale reminders of the fighting throughout the facility not long before.

"If you could follow us, please," he stated politely, less a question and more a statement of fact. "We're to take you to the central spire. Your meeting was redirected to the executive suite."

[member="Alden Belmont"] [member="Harper Kade"]

Mariel Dawnrider

Wing and a Prayer
Harper had been trying to figure out just exactly where they were going- there was enough damage that it made navigating difficult, and not all of the signs for various locations had made it through whatever had happened here in tact.

"I think we're lost-" she started to say to Alden, but paused as they were approached.

Honestly, this was just kind of a relief.

"Great!" She said brightly, glancing over at her friend. "Lead the way."

Her eyes coasted over the guards as they fell in together. She got no sense of menace from them- if she had she would have been ill at ease- just the careful and tired concern of those who had recently been through hell and back.

After Dellalt and Alderaan, she understood.

The group made a bee-line for the central spire, potential obstacles to just a pair wandering unauthorized through handled neatly by the guards. Up a turbo lift (fortunately in good repair), they arrived at their destination with far more ease than the pair would have had trying to find their way alone.

"Thank you," Harper said with a genuine smile to the Security Sergeant.

[member="Alden Belmont"] [member="Popo"]

Jairus Starvald

[member="Harper Kade"] | [member="Popo"]

The mobster's private security was surprisingly polite.

That invited politeness of his own as far as Alden was concerned. He might not agree with the business done by Popo, but... this contract would be a boon to a lot of people, they would be able to help those that needed it most. At least until they were able to produce their own lightweight alloy. Who knew how long that could take, before they had established the proper infrastructure back home?


That was the problem.

"Yes, the help is appreciated, thank you very much." Alden agreed with a nod before following Harper into the office room and leaving the security guards behind. The room was absolutely... dominated by the Hutt at the other side of the room.

At least there weren't 'dancers' running around everywhere, that would have been... difficult to ignore.

"Mister Popo? Thank you for meeting us." A slight inclination of the head. "My name is Alden Belmont." He didn't introduce Harper- she could do that herself and he wouldn't make any assumptions on that count.