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@ question

Baros Sal-Soren

N E W - W A Y
There is one name that does not work for me with the @mention system.
Teyla Eee'everwest.

Is this because there is an apostrophe in the name? I thought I had seen some that had such an outlandish punctuation mark in it as well that did work, so maybe that is not it.
There's 2 reasons it might not be working.

First, there's another account which has that as part of the name. So for instance you want to contact a random account called @Darth you wouldn't be able to because there's other accounts with more words after that.

Second and more likely here, they have a space before or after their account name which means it doesn't know where the name begins or ends.

Tell them to submit a post to the title request and an admin can check it out.

@[member="Baros Sal-Soren"]


Eater of the Dead
@[member="Fatty"] yo man Anna is like the resident intergalactic sword geek and best admin on the site.
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Yeah I know that from the context, but I didn't know her name till just now :p