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Question regarding Republic laws

Aronis Vilgar

Fallen Jedi
I was chasing a former Republic soldier to arrest them for deserting. They ran and a chase ensued. I finally cornered them and we had a short duel. Then in order to disarm them, I was forced to severe their hand. They want to know if the Republic will provide them a replacement, since I was working with law enforcement to catch them when it happened. Will the Republic provide one or do they need to?

This is the thread: http://starwarsrp.net/topic/18188-hath-found-me-the-jedi-ill-try-not-to-die/

Jack Sheltrak

Senator of Zeltros, Former Supreme Chancellor
So you chased a former republic soldier and cut off his hand and he wants a replacement provided by us? There are stranger things I have heard. We wouldn't be inhumane about it but if he is arrested and heading to the Pit maybe.

Cedric Dorn

The prison thats impossible to break out of without outside help.