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Question about Sentient and Non Sentient


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Hello staff type people,

I was wondering about an idea I had. If I wanted to play a non-sentient being that has been altered and experimented on so it would be sentient would I need to make a foundry application or is it okay to do this even?

Basically something like Rocket Racoon from Guardians of the Galaxy. He was altered and now he is smarter and sentient versus just a regular racoon.

I wouldn't be a super power house or anything. Basically a goofy fun character.

Let me know please.

See :

Neri Rashal

[member="Katarine Ryiah"]

Putting here from Chaos Chat:

You can absolutely do this! No rules against it. If you would like to (especially if the new species differs drastically beyond just intelligence from the old) you can create a codex species sub for it. That is not required, but we would recommend doing so.