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Question about Force Drain

The Reaper of Won Shasot
Sooo...does anyone happen to know if there are any reference to Force Drain (think Nihilus or Treya draining life and/or force energy) being used by a Master to grant extra life-force to some other than themselves like a wounded ally? Or that if they managed to cut-off an opponents connection to the Force, would they be able to restore that connection?

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[member="Dax Fyre"]

The beauty of Force Drain is that you're really only draining someone's own Force energies, and can put that to whatever use you like, provided you're trained in such techniques. It's like Force Absorb: it's a means of gathering additional Force energy from an external source, like filling a jug with water. What you do with it afterwards depends on what Force techniques you're trained to use.

Now, it's not sufficient to reverse the effects of Force Light: think of the jug having a lid. No matter how much water you have to pour into the jug, you can't until the lid is taken off. The block on your sensitivity would have to be removed before the other person could make use of that energy you're giving them.

As for using it on a wounded ally, that's one of the ways that traditional Force Healing works: providing an injured person with additional Force energy, to supplement that being used to repair the wound. It wouldn't have a massive immediate effect - Force Healing is slow, and takes a lot of energy, but if you were to feed Force energy to a person in a healing trance, it would go quicker than if they were only drawing upon their own energies, for example. Also worth noting that such is a Light Side technique, so if you could use Drain Force, chances are, you can't use Force Healing. Go figure...
[member="Dax Fyre"]

There are different types of Force Drains.

One focuses on the vital essence another their force essence and then you got some variants that mix and match em. SO w/e you are planning to do do it.

FOrce drain is dark in nature because it takes from others or the enviorment your in to empower/heal you but it can be channelled to heal others too,

Think of it like the Fel from Warcraft movie. This video helped me alot to understand it all + the Force Drain wiki.

Force Drain is OP

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Ashin Varanin

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[member="Dax Fyre"]

Some potentially relevant Dark Side techniques you could power with energy gained through Force Drain:

Dark Side healing 1: Sith Magic, total fix, incredibly painful
Dark Side healing 2: Nightsister spells, probably not available to Dax
Dark Side healing 3: holding yourself together by force (think Sion, or Vader depending on your source) - requires constant effort, sucks, doesn't actually heal per se.
Empowering someone else: Palpatine boosting the Force-sensitivity of his Dark Side Elite.
The Reaper of Won Shasot
Y'all are awesome!

Well I'm actually gonna drain someone and probably restore his connection at a later no need to worry about Force Light!

[member="Nulgath Zardai"]
That was very educational. Didn't realize that the feeding off dark side energy is considered Force Drain

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Welp, I am on a planet that is well versed in Sith Magic soooooooo >:)


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Well. Came to explain my uses, and defenses, against Force Drain...




I can add however, that there is a site canon alchemy style darkside healing. Much like Mask and other molecular manipulating techniques, it forces reproduction of cells to seal the wounds. However, just like the aforementioned techniques, damage to the spot, Force Light, Sith Lightning etcetera, will rip it to shreds even worse then before.

Its more of a heal now, Bacta tank later sort of thing. Temp fix.

(Damien was taught it a whiiille back)

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