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Approved Tech QQ-M4T-5U "Scanpack" Scanner Droid

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Ashin Varanin

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Intent: To create a personal scanner suitable for medical and scientific emergencies
Development Thread: No
Manufacturer: Silk Holdings
Model: QQ-M4T-5U Scanning Droid Unit
Affiliation: Levantine Sanctum
Modularity: No
Production: Mass-Produced
Material: Desh-terenthium frame (very light and strong), duraplast casing, glasteel screen, circuitry
Description: The Scanpack is a multifunction military-grade combination of several types of personal scanner and a simple analysis droid. Basic decrypt capacity allows it to understand transmissions up to, but not including, military-grade encryption. The simple droid brain can hold sixteen forms of communication, and link with portable commlinks. The Scanpack incorporates a variety of sensor types in order to keep multirole expeditions from having to carry a number of different scanners. As a result, its circuitry is dense, and the basic Class 1 droid brain is required to amalgamate the sensor functions and data received. A pressure- and water-sealed duraplast casing is required to keep the complex circuitry safe from impact and environmental hazards. In a pinch, the durable Scanpack can be used as an impromptu melee weapon in the Mistryl tradition, but is generally not considered combat-capable in any way. A small medical scanner pod comes with the Scanpack, allowing for close-range examination. The pod is detachable; it is generally held close to a patient's body and used to locate trauma or recognize infection or poison (though it cannot determine what bacterium, virus, or poison was used; that requires medical knowledge and probably further testing)/ Design aesthetic was heavily influenced by the ancient Versafunction88 datapad, though the Scanpack lacks entertainment functions. The Scanpack is expensive; generally only one or two members of a good-sized team will carry one.

Classification: First Degree
Weight: 1kg

Height: 0.15m
Movement: Handheld
Armaments: None
Misc. Equipment:

Advanced portable scanner sensors-

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@[member="Boolon Murr"]
I like this, and I'm close to passing this through. My only hesitance is that it's got so many functions and all of them have a really long range, combining a half dozen devices together as well into one unit, all for 1kg.

With this in mind, I'd ask you reduce the ranges of each of the items by half. I accept it can do them all, but not as well as a device specifically for that purpose.

Also what does:
Basic medical scanner pod (range 0.25m)

@mention me when ready.
Head Admin
@[member="Boolon Murr"] Looking good. One thing I forgot to mention was the emergency repulsorlift seems a bit of an odd feature. For the sake of weight I think that's best removed.

Do that and this will be approved. :)
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