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Approved Planet Qena

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  • Gravity: Earth-like
  • Climate: Controlled (Fully managed and artificially maintained planetary biosphere)
  • Primary Terrain: Ecumenopolis (Surface to space buildings over the entire surface)
  • Atmosphere: Type I

  • Capital City: Qena City
  • Planetary Features: One big city covering the entire surface of the planet made up of massive towers with hundreds of levels.
  • Major Locations:

    Qena City - Capital city which covers the entire surface of Qena Prime with civilization. The surface levels are the tops of massive sky towers and habitat blocks, which shadow hundreds of levels of cityscape that go down far further than the light of the star. This planetary city incorporates the military base, spaceports, and spans the globe from pole to pole. Only the highest mountain peaks can be seen, surrounded by urban towers.

    Underworld - The surface and lower levels of Qena Prime are a dangerous place where what light there is belongs to an artificial source, or some sort of bioluminescent creature. The poorest citizens survive down here by preying on one another.

    UGF HQ - The home of the United Galactic Federation, housing the government and associated ministries. Formal council chambers are located here along with annexes for the NSLR, Lilaste Order and Draconian People. This headquarters takes up an entire surface district, containing everything required to administer and run an interstellar government.

    The Black Obelisk - A huge dark spacescraper housing the Qenan intelligence services and their vast informational databases. Foreboding in appearance and reputation, the Black Obelisk watches over Qena, literally and figuratively. Buried deep within the building are massive computer cores housing library databases as extensive as any that exist in the galaxy.

    Septiforge - A collective of insectoid hives that dwell within the hollow moon Alu. Having formed a cooperative bond, the various hive species work in collective fervour to produce finished goods from the mining and forge works on Proxis. This output feeds the factories of the hive, and the shipyards that hang in space around the inner world and its moon.

    Qena Drive Yards - Massive space works surround the innermost planet, the mining world of Proxis, orbiting in its shadow. Vessels from fighters to dreadnaughts can be produced here in good time and in large numbers. The yards are fed by the planet of Proxis and the moon of Alu, allowing them a constant supply of construction materials, all built to order.

    Military Academy - The QMA is located on Qena Prime, and trains the soldiers and officers of the QDF. The complex comprises an entire surface district allowing for significant training space as well as housing the planetary and system garrisons, training cadres, and forward deployed storage and cargo areas.

    New Alula City, 7th moon of the 4th planet - A modern settlement of the New Star League Remnants which have taken stewardship of the moon.


  • Native Species: None
  • Immigrated Species: Almost all galactic sentient species are represented among the Qenans
  • Population: Crowded
  • Demographics: Founded by dozens of different races and now home to tens of thousands of species, there is no discrimination.
  • Primary Languages: Galactic Basic
  • Culture: Though there are species and gang enclaves in the undercity which are unsafe and discriminatory, polite society on Qena is ecumenical. All species are treated equally and are well represented among the military, political, scientfic, academic and economic elite. The system's founding by over a hundred different species makes any sort of species based bias almost unheard of among Qenans.

    Society is one of trade and negotiation. Haggling and bartering are both traditions that are embraced by the locals at all levels of society. Violence is rarely resorted to in resolving disputes. Discussion and debate is however quite spirited, with it said that Qenans wield words and numbers as weapons.
  • Government: Monarchic Republic (similar to Great Britain) All power is derived from the ruling King or Queen. The monarch is advised and represented by the elected government which holds the visible levers of power. A large unelected bureaucracy holds much of the power and influence.
  • Affiliation: United Galactic Federation
  • Wealth: Wealthy
    Healthy and well established trade networks bring a constant supply of goods and credits into the system. Though there are a lot of underprivileged citizens in the undercity, there are also a lot of very wealthy ones higher up. The ravages of society are consigned to the darkness below while the standards of living at the surface are as high as anywhere in the galaxy.
  • Stability: High
    Security is maintained well insystem by the QDF, a paramilitary force mandated to keep the peace. They deal with any raiders and pirates. Planetary security on Qena Prime is handled by Q-Sec, a police force which secures the upper levels of the city, though rarely venturing too deep into the undercity, which has become quite lawless.
  • Freedom & Oppression: Free and peaceful. The upper levels are well protected by the local police force, though their influence decreases the lower one travels into the under city. In the deepest levels, the law of the gun presides, and all forms of vice and nastiness abound.
  • Military: Possesses a modern military and planetary defense force as well as extensive police forces.
  • Technology: Galactic Standard

Originally founded during the High Republic, the colony and trading outpost of Qena quickly grew. Named for one of the early settlement leaders, the village became a town, joined by many others. Profit brought interest and immigration, and the system became established as a tourist spot and scientific interest, as well as the trading hub it was founded to be.

The rest of the system was colonized, notably the inner world of Proxis and its moon, which became the manufacturing nexus of the system. The third planet Draco was kept as a nature preserve, though some hunting of big and dangerous game is permitted. The moons of the gas giant Lila were colonized, some of them with substantial populations too and the worlds of the Qena System grew and prospered.

Qena's survival over the millenia is largely owed to a careful balance between being valuable and being not worth the effort, politically or militarily. With strategic diplomacy and open handed generosity, the system has maintained its peace, and avoidance of the travails of galactic war and tragedy. It has maintained a cautious independence since its founding, trying very carefully not to choose sides, or show favouritism between outside powers. Even under the rule of Palpatine's Galactic Empire, Qena's value as a free port, as well as a steady flow of credits into Imperial coffers kept the Stormtroopers at bay.

Nearly a thousand years later, the planet has been covered in settlements, the original farming long outsourced to the moons of Lila and manufacturing facilities elsewhere. The local culture for fair and honest trade, as well as a respect and tolerance for strangers made it a good place to live, and the population had become nigh uncountable. Despite the ravages of the galaxy, Qena has always recovered and prospered, avoiding the total destruction meted out elsewhere.

The system was integrated into the UGF after talks and dealings with the NSLR, and from there Draconia and Lilaste. Goodwill was shown when Remnants intervened to help stop a dangerous virulent plague outbreak on Qena Prime. Today the system is under the hegemony of the United Galactic Federation, and produces many supplies, weapons and starships to the cause. Having been a founding member of the Federation, Qena is strictly loyal to the UGF, as a key and integrated part of its economy.
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