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Approved Tech Q3D Detonation Transmitter

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*Intent: A backpack for being a nuisance while boarding.
*Image Source: “Backpack design” by Javoraj, found at
*Canon Link: N/A
*Restricted Missions: N/A
*Primary Source: Derived from this, which could cause warheads to misfire or detonate early.

*Manufacturer: Outer Rim Coalition
*Model: Q3D Detonation Transmitter
*Affiliation: Outer Rim Coalition, Closed Market (ask first)
*Modularity: No
*Production: Mass-produced
*Material: Duraplast, durasteel, flexiplast, electronics

*Classification: Specialized transmitter/emitter
*Size: Backpack
*Length: 50cm
*Weight: 15kg
*Ammunition Type: Power cell. Emits specialized,non-destructive energy pulses.
*Ammunition Capacity: Five pulses.
*Effective Range: Pulse radius 200m.
*Rate of Fire: Can emit one pulse per minute.

*Detonates unsecured explosives and scuttling charges inside a ship.

*Detonates unsecured explosives and scuttling charges, if any, inside a ship. Does not affect warhead magazines, large reservoirs of explosive substances, etc.

*Will cause near-immediate out-of-sequence detonation of most or all scuttling charges or explosive devices within a two-hundred-metre radius, NOT including unprimed explosive substances or warhead magazines. Basically, turn one of these on inside an average ship, and you'd just get nuisance explosions - individual grenades, escape pod release bolts, that kind of thing. Against most ships, this boarding device only causes chaos.

Weaknesses :
*Must be deployed manually by a person or droid. And if they're carrying grenades, Force help them.

*Must be deployed within a starship’s hull. Outside or touching the hull just won't suffice.

*Immense risk of friendly fire if used improperly.

Most vessels don't have a self-destruct system. Of those that do, most rely on reactor overloads. Some ships, however, use dedicated scuttling charges. Many more have escape pods, which generally rely on explosive separator charges. Still others have commanders who might opt to deploy anti-boarding troops with grenades. A few vessels even have exploding traps.

There are reasons most starships keep their explosives within well-protected missile magazines and armories. Really, really good reasons. Here's a new one.
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