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NAME: Pykares​

FACTION: Mandalorian​

RANK: Soldier​

SPECIES: Mandalorian/ Taung​

AGE: 28​

SEX: Male​

HEIGHT: 7'2"​

WEIGHT: 360​

EYES: Grey​

HAIR: Dark Brown​

SKIN: Dark Skinned​



STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :​
+ Strength: He is a giant among men and incredibly muscular. Without armor or weapons he is a weapon to be reckoned with. He has the power to crush a skull with his bare fist or wield a war hammer with ease or tiring quickly.​
+Self-Healing: He is infused through extensive experimentation with the DNA and muscles of a Gendai. While most of him can self heal, there is a bit of time involved with most of it. His bones have no self healing ability beyond a normal Mandalorian. His organs can self heal, but not instantly or even quicker than a few days so if he does not stop fighting to begin healing he is just as vulnerable. Where it does come into play is the skin and muscle where he can heal them in a matter of minutes. Fire can weaken or halt the healing process.​
+/- Pain Tolerance: Due to his life in slavery and constant torture, he can take a lot of pain. Without knowing it he was bred to be a warrior, able to take injuries beyond that of a normal man. To push it further, he was given the ability that in battle his brain will shut off the part that interrupts pain. This is both good and bad, bad in that if he doesn't notice a major wound he could bleed out without noticing.​
+Street Fighter- While he is no martial artist, he is skilled at fighting dirty and back alley fighting.​
- Always the slave: First he served the slaver, now he serves the gods. He is not his own man, but a weapon wielded by others.​
- Size: While his size is aid to strength it does get in the way of his speed. He is not incredibly slow, but he is not fast by any means.​
-Broken: Having grown up as a slave and being victim of torture he has no regard for life. Killing only serves the purpose of him feeling useful and thus he has no real purpose of desire for anything greater.​
-Rage: While rage can make him stronger, it also makes him more foolish and likely to be defeated.​

Born into a life of slavery and ignorance. His parents were slaves and Mandalorians. His father had something special about him, his eyes. His mother would often tell her son about his grey eyes, but this was not something he would remember. His father was hung when the boy was 8 for starting an uprising. His mother was killed shortly after from torture for her husband's rebellion. The boy was spared due to his age and raised a slave.​

Through abuse and torture he would come to forget his life. All he knew was slavery without family. It should be noted this is all on a world where there are no Jedi, no Sith, or no knowledge of the Force. They were slaves harvesting a planet rich in minerals. Generations upon generations of slaves had worked the planet and still had not tapped the surface. The boy was raised to use a Hydraulic Jacks which made him strong. He would not fall in line like the other slaves. He, among a few others would constantly start riots.​

Behind the scenes there was something much darker happening. One of the slavers was a former Jedi who had been exiled for his experimentations. He had joined the slaver organization to continue his experiments to make the perfect soldiers. From as early as birth, the boy was experimented on. He was given steroids to promote him to become taller and more muscular. The former Jedi performed a risky splicing and infused the baby with the DNA and muscles of a Gen'dai. It was not a perfect transition, but it was much like giving a Gen'dai a form. This gave the child the ability to self heal to a degree. While he could heal minor to moderate woulds. His bones are still breakable, his organs can self heal, but not quickly. Should an arm be cut off it is a tricky way to heal. It is possible, but far from easy as the bones do not have self healing.​

After he became 25 the slaver began more intensive experiments. Ones like fusing DNA with Ysalamir to make the boy immune to the Force, but because, unknowing to the boy, he had the Force it failed. It also included making his skin as tough as iron. It was not successful, but his skin did become tougher. The boy decided enough was enough. He began devising a plan to free himself and everyone. After months of planning, they began their assault.​

Many slaves died during the uprising, but because most were made muscular from mining they gained the upperhand and freed themselves. The boy hunted down the man who tortured him...​


The boy moved through the compound, while his uprising had been successful there were still those who stood in his way. They giant's hands were covered in blood, some from his knuckles and some from his victims. Until now he had not killed people, but he was quickly finding he was enjoying this. As he moved through the compound he found two old fashion sledgehammers and wielded them like maces. Guards would charge him, but with swing after swing he would crack their skulls leaving their lifeless bodies to fall limp on the ground. He came to the room where it all happened, he knew the Jedi was in here. He could feel it somehow. With all his might he slammed the hammer into the door breaking it off it's hinges.​

He was greeted by the Jedi by the sound of crackling and hissing at the same time. The Jedi unleashed a storm of lightning on the boy knocking him back and out of the room. The wall the boy hit was tinted by the sheer force of impact. The boy's anger fueled him and he stood approaching again. "I should have killed you when I killed your father and mother. You are a failed creation and deserve to die. You are nothing." The boy looked at the man with his Taung eyes filled with hate, "I am more than nothing, I am the one who will kill you!" He charged the Jedi and was once again greeted with Force Lightning, but this time he pushed through it.​

Years of torture had made him immune to such pain, as he pushed he could see the Jedi's eyes grow with fear which only fueled the boy more. Once he pushed in and reached the Jedi he grasped the man's skull in both his hands and used his thumbs to push in his eyes slowly. He ate the man's screams and bathed in the blood coming from his eyes. He could feel them moving back further and further until they popped and the boy's thumbs reached the man's brain killing him. The boy did not know why, but the next thing he did was slam his hand into the man's chest and ripped his heart out. He took a bite from it and could feel the man's power fading and the boy's power growing. He swallowed the piece of heart and through it and the man to the side.​

Before the boy left, the room was filled with fire and light. The boy covered his eyes with his blood soaked hands from the piercing light, "My son, you have learned well." The boy looked up from his shield, "Father?" The figure only smiled, "Yes my son." The more the boy looked at the figure he noticed it was not the man he vaguely remembered, "You are not my father!" The figure smiled a sort of devilish smile, "Not by blood, no. I am Ra'gnar, the god of war." This title confused the boy as he had no knowledge of gods of any kind. "What do you want from me." Ra'gnar smiled, "You have served me well and made a fitting sacrifice. I will reward you with one of my weapons, the Hammer of Ra'gnar. With it you will bring more war and sacrifices to me and bring glory to us once more." The boy saw the large war hammer appear and took it, but looked at the god in confusion, "Why me? Why do you task me with this?" "Because you are once of the few left with true mandalorian blood. It is not much, but Taung runs through your veins. From this day forth, you will be known as Pykares, Campiegn of the true mandalorians. Now go in my name and bring pain and destruction to your enemies." With that that Pykares was left in a dark room with his dead slaver and a large war hammer.​


A few years passed and Pykares did not follow what the god had asked of him. He helped his fellow slaves build on the planet that was once their jail. They built a village and Pykares felt free. That was, free of everything, but this need to shed more blood. He ran from it and tried to live a normal life, but the longer he went, the more the desire tore at him. Finally he could not stand it anymore. He took the Hammer of Ra'gnar and set out to join the ranks of the Mandalorians and bring about his calling. He was not sure who Ra'gnar was or even if he really was a god, but he knew he needed war.​






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