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Approved Tech Puppy's Nibble

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Vora Kaar

In the Cold

[*]Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: Atom
  • Affiliation: Atom
  • Model: Puppy Nibble
  • Modularity: Limited
    Can use Supersonic rounds, subsonic rounds, or Penetrative Rounds
  • Suppressor
  • Auto-locking Feature can be toggled on or off. (use in conjunction of a HUD system)
  • Matched to HUD systems as long as they have a tracking feature

Production: Unique

  • Durasteel
  • Carbinfiber
  • Plastic Composites
  • Rubber
  • Nightshadow coating

  • Classification: Slugthrower
  • Size: Average
  • Weight: Average
  • Ammunition Type: Slug/Bullet
  • Ammunition Capacity: 12 + 1. 12 in the Magazine with the allotment of one in the chamber

  • Reload Speed: Fast
  • Effective Range: Average
  • Rate of Fire: Very High
  • Stopping Power: Low - High
  • Recoil: Low - High
  • Pressure Grip - A simple button located upon the back of the grip that prevents the firing of the weapon unless correctly held. Safety mechanism.
  • Cautionary Pulser - Vibrates the grip of the weapon for a split second to indicate the weapon is low on ammo within the current Magazine.
  • Ammo Indicator - Simply shows upon a screen of the back of the slide the amount of ammo left in the magazine.
  • Charging Handle - An extension upon the back of the slide to increase efficiency of pulling the slide back upon the weapon.
  • Striker Fired - The lack of a hammer on the weapon means it is fired using a striker, or an internal Pin system. This reduces the chance of a hammer in the "Cocked and Locked" position from snagging on clothing, or having to pull the slide back and fighting the resistance of the spring with the typical hammer system.
  • Ambidextrous Magazine Release - Magazine release button is on both sides of the firearm. Located behind and a little over the trigger guard. Best used with the index finger as it can easily be moved from the trigger onto the frame of the weapon to press the button and release the magazine, while also keeping your finger off of the trigger so accidental firing of the weapon does not take place.
  • Ambidextrous Thumb safety - A physical safety latch that locks up the trigger to prevent firing of the weapon. It also prevents the striker pin from moving should the weapon be dropped, it will not fire.
  • Ambidextrous Slide Lock - A simple lock used upon the slide of the weapon. When empty, the slide will lock back to allow inspection of the chamber, or to load another magazine into the weapon, and with the release of the lock, can quickly reload a round into the chamber without having to rack the slide.
  • Hair Trigger - Allows for faster firing of the weapon due to less resistance when pulling the trigger.
  • Chamber Indicator - A simple tab on the top of the slide/chamber of the firearm to indicate that there is a round in the chamber.
  • Red-Eye laser - Aids with HUD systems in "Marking targets" to the fired upon.
  • Laser Red Dot Sights - Should HUD systems be down, or the user not have it synced up with a HUD system, the weapon can still be fired rather accurately.
  • Non-sonic Silencer/Suppressor - Suppresses the flash and gasses emitted from the barrel of the weapon to reduce noise, as well as sight of the person using the weapon. Prevents "fireball" from forming at the end of the barrel.

  • Assassin's Right Hand: Built for the specific purpose of using a supressor, flash hider system, the weapon silent when using subsonic rounds. The use of Subsonic rounds with a suppressor means that the crack of the sound barrier is not breached, nor is the explosion of expanding gasses from the chamber. Thus, the only sound this weapon makes, is the sliding of the various mechanisms of the weapon.
  • I got my Eye on you: Synced up with a HUD system, Targeting system, and utilizing a Laser system from a rather famous or infamous pistol, allows the user to fire the weapon with a tracking system. Adjusting itself to increase accuracy with the weapon to various ranges.
  • Mute: Using a Nightshadow coating over the weapon, and various composite materials, it allows the weapon to pass through most sensors used for finding weapons on the user.
  • Gunslinger of the Galaxy: Using a hair trigger, it can be fired very fast in the hands of a capable user.
  • Supersonic: Subsonic rounds do not break through the sound barrier. Thus, they do not have a notable "crack" sound of the weapon. While the weapon can use supersonic rounds, these rounds do break the sound barrier. A suppressor cannot hide or reduce the sound of the crack the slug will create. Thus, supersonic rounds are much louder than your subsonic rounds.
  • A little Electricity and...: The weapon itself cannot stand up to EMP, or Ion weaponry. Thus if within a EMP blast, or hit by an Ion round, the weapon can lose function of its targeting system, and electronic technology due to the overload of its circuits. While the gun can still fire, you will have to rely on luck, and precise aiming without the red-dot sights. Oh, The weapon doesn't come with Iron sights. GLHF
  • Flying out of your Hand: Using lower powered rounds such as a subsonic round, and the suppressor system reduces recoil quite drastically compared to your supersonic rounds, and even more so from your armor piercing rounds. Thus, using the subsonic rounds, then switching to your armor piercing rounds without having the mental fortitude of such, can produce a shock of the users system thinking they have a lighter round, when they do not.
  • REEEEEEEEEEEEEE!: Using a Hair Trigger, the weapon can be fired very fast. However, using heavier loads such as a AP round while firing as fast as humanly possible, can cause injury to the user. Kinetic impacts up the hand, wrist and arm that could possibly cause hairline fractures. Smacking of the barrel against the person's face, Losing grip of the weapon causing it to fly out of your hand, and over prolonged use can cause breaking, or damaging the weapon if not repaired, or worked on in between usage.
Holding a gun to the head of a man, The pronged suppressor pushed into the skin of his temple. Fear, Anger, and resentment he felt towards the helmeted man that held a gun to his head. That much was clear from the facial expression alone. The man clearly had a hit on him. While else would a man with a gun pointed to the head of another man be? Well, maybe part of it was revenge? Who knows.

Three men charged in from the door behind. Armed and ready, but all three fell with a twist of the hips. Three rounds slapped into the bodies. They dropped like flies. A single hole in each visor was clear. Yet, there were no gunshots. No cracks of the familiar slugthrowers. This weapon was a silent as the wind. The man attempted to stand up and to fight. However, was met with the butt of a magazine to the face.

Hands up and preparing himself for the end, a single swallow of guilt, fear, or nervousness went down his throat. A twitch down with the wrist, and the cracking of the floor followed by the sounds of the man screaming. A bullet had gone through his foot and into the floorboards beneath him. Limping over to one of the chairs, it was a simple kneeling position taken, with a finger or two to yank out the bullet. Covering of tracks.

The man asked for forgiveness, to let him go and that a simple walk home would be in store. Yet, there was doubt of his words. A shake of the helmeted head with the sudden flashing upon the face plate.


Repeating itself over and over across the faceplate, the weapon was raised at the man. Tracking of the bullets flightpath showed to be at the left eye. The thinnest part of the skull. The easiest to penetrate. At best, all that could be heard was the slide moving back and forth, and the depress of the trigger. The last man fell without the last realization that he would have been shot. The brain couldn't process being shot if it was dead not even a nanosecond after the slug ripped through his skull.

Aboutface to the door, and walking out with the thudding of military boots. Maybe in a week they will find the bodies?

Its unsure.
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