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Approved Location Pumori Province

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Name: Pumori Province - The Mountain Daughter
Image Source: Here
Classification: Mountain, Plateau, Valley, Scrubland
Location: Shili, Eastern region
Size: Massive
Population: Small
90% Togruta
10% Other

Points of Interest:

Meskwaki Centered Camp

The Meskwaki Centered Camp is the home and dwelling of the Sahnish, one of the original Togrutan tribes to inhabit the Province. The encampment is based in the treeless steppes, living amongst the montane plains and scrublands. With the surrounding land covered mostly in turu-grass and other shrubs, this group of Togruta build their homes in round tents covered with skins or felts rather than living under the coverage of the forest canopies.

Glade of Fragrance

The Glade of Fragrance is an open space in the forest within the Qilian mountains, most of the surrounding mountains have vegetation as you travel upward. The Qilian is towards the East, a more explored mountain range as you must pass through it in order to get to Corvala. The Glade of Fragrance is an area within the forest that has an open space except in its center where it is full of pink trees that gives off a scent. The Togruta see it as a gift from nature, and it has thus been spiritually significant to them since its discovery.

Chabi Desert

The Chabi Desert is a large desert region in the Pumori. The desert basins are bounded by the Pu’ukao Mountains in the West, scrublands and steppes to the East, and the Kunlun Mountains towards the North. It is a rain-shadow desert, where the Mountain regions that bound it block rain-carrying clouds from reaching the territory. Despite the harsh conditions, these deserts and the surrounding regions sustain many animals, and Drought-adapted shrubs.

The Pumori Province is a large plateau in the East, it is bounded by Mountains on all sides: The Kunlun to the North, the Qilian to the East, the Kibsillah to the South, and the Pu’ukao to the West.

It’s primarily an area of highland, consisting of relatively flat terrain that is raised significantly above the surrounding area, it’s majority shrublands with the forest canopies becoming more prevalent as you travel further into the mountain ranges.

The area is also home to the Meskwaki Tribe, ‘The Red Earth People’, also called Sahnish ‘Original People’ or Abenaki ‘Easterners’. They are one of many Togrutan tribes that inhabit Shili, but one of the original three core tribes to inhabit the Province. Paa’lee is a Togrutan female who hails from this tribe, a daughter of a Clan Leader and medicine woman. Sochi Ru, who was a Togrutan Jedi Master also hailed from this tribe.

About a day’s travel from Corvala, other species have migrated to the area as well. Although few in number, merchants, explorers etc come to the region in order to interact with the tribesmen or explore the mountain ranges. The tribesmen also engage in this as they travel to Corvala and back in order to barter.

There are various biomes of Shili, and the indigenous Togruta have populated different regions as they have formed clans and tribes over time. Outlying tribes and communities have been detected all across Shili, and the Meskwaki was one of the first to migrate towards the East. The Pumori Province has been a geographical location way before it was inhabited. Togruta favor forested zones for the coverage that the canopies give them so the treeless steppes was an unfavorable location until a nomadic group discovered the region by accident and became somewhat of a mysterious tribal power, with the Shili plains playing an important role.

Adjusting, the prevalent scrublands made for excellent hunting grounds, bringing an abundance of food. The nomads chose to stay and populate the region rather than make their way back through the mountain pass. Eventually three tribes rose to prominence and a tribal confederacy was establish, a union of sovereign states were constructed, and a council of member states became the central authority. Over time with the advancement of technology, the group remained somewhat paleolithic as the region remained mostly isolated. The Sahnish, and Pumori Province has mostly been left untouched by Galactic conflict.


Intent: Creating this submission to provide a plot device and help develop the backstory of Togrutan characters such as Paa’lee and [member="Sochi Ru"] and for any other writers who may want to use this in their character development.

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