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Proving Ones Worth


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Golden flashes of light raced through the dark of night. Two moons hung overhead, barely shining nor providing light. No air moved, all seemed still. The only sign of life being the golden saber of the Legate of the 120th Legion of the Fringe, whom stood alone in the dark. As time passed, he trained harder and harder. Sweat dripped from his brow, along his arms and down his back, but still the man pushed himself harder.

Each day it consisted of the same thing, a few hours of Force training, next saber followed lastly by a few hours of meditation. He pushed himself like he pushed his Legionnaires, to be the very best they can. It wasnt over until he was gasping for breath...

Which he found he currently was, and thus deactivated Electric Claw, the saber given to Zaiden through a trade with Ashin. It was surprising to not have his greatest weapon, but that didn't stop him from learning to utilize his newest replacement. Thinking about his choices recently, Zaiden ate a quick supper then sat and adjusted for meditation.


Soon enough, the sun brought Zaiden back from the distant future. Slowly rising, and stifling a yawn, he smiled. Finally, today was the day he had prepared for...

Initiating the computers at his manor on Valhalla, through his comlink, Zaiden prepared to depart. For a program was set to initiate upon start up, one that would send @[member="Spencer Jacobs"] a message, requesting she duel him there, so he could prove to the Fringeman around without a doubt that he was competent, and worthy.

Many believed he was not fit for high rolling ranks as the ones he had acquired recently, and sought in his near future. Zaiden knew otherwise. Packing his bags, and climbing aboard his shuttle, he made his way from Riflor towards Valhalla.
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The Peregrine remained cloaked till it landed on Valhalla. She had never heard of the planet before, but by the request of Zaiden, she headed out towards the planet’s coordinates. Standing in the middle of her room on board, she quickly changed donning an old tunic and Echani combat pants. The dusty black tunic hung off her slender frame and made it obvious that the clothing didn’t belong to her. She lifted the front of the fabric and smelled it gently; it still had Ashin’s scent. Lowering the tunic from her hand, she headed straight for the door and walked out onto the planet. Looking around she waited for her caller to arrive.

The girl looked no older than 18 and nothing like one of the big three who were in charge of the Fringe. Reaching into the tunic, she pulled the mask that donned her as Yun-Harla. The force focused into the charmed necklace she wore around her neck allowing it to scramble her aura making her unknown to the force, but as static. Arms folded across her chest as she waited for Zaiden to arrive. Not thinking he was the type to surprise attack her, she remained silent and calm. Hazel eyes shut as she centered herself for the time being.

@[member="Zaiden James-Greyson"]


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Zaiden apprached from behind the young Master, shimmers of light spread around him like a thousand little diamonds. It was in no way a Cloak or anything like that, it was something he had begun to notice in the more recent months. It occured whenever he began to truly flow as one with the force. Though he did not have anywhere near the control of the force as the petite opponent before himself, he still bowed low. A simple sign, but combined together with it's prior, there would be no mistaking his readying for combat.

"Spencer, how are you today? I know I called you here, and you may be wondering why. I need to test myself, to prove my worth to myself and those around us. I have taken it slowly but surely, along the line of masters. Now it lands on your feet. What say you?"

@[member="Spencer Jacobs"]