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Promotions guidelines discussion

Coci Heavenshield

Dawnguard Grand Master
The only thing I might suggest is dropping the requirement for Knight to Master from 6 months to say 4? I could see activity as an issue there, we might loss ppls thinking that is too long to wait? Might be just me on that point. Like to see what the others think. :)


Disney Princess
This is great to see. Requirements and expectations can go a long way towards feelings of accomplishment and achievement. Nice.

In the early days of the site last year, the Republic and Sith were promoting Apprentices to Knights within 2 weeks. Master status came after participating with good character in a few PvP Galactic Events. Sometimes as quickly as only 2 months. It's fun to see the site stabilizing a bit and allowing for longer periods of growth and development. I like the idea of having your character develop for a few months before ranking up. Should be fun. :D


Like Lightning
Four I think it too short really. I like the Idea of six because it allowes more time for you as a knight to figure out who you are, and what your Master traits may be. My character Darren Shaw was a Master in 6 months, and yet some people do not take him siersouly because he advanced so quickly. However my character Morna Imura was just named a Master less than a Month ago and I started him only a few days after Darren Shaw, and as evident, Morna has a larger respect because he literally earned his way up. He has earned his strength and powers. (though some may not think so.) so from a knight to a Master, six months would not be too hard. If we lose people because they don't like the rules, Then they probably do not deserve to be a master.

@[member="Coci Sinopi"] THis is strictly my Opinion and not to be thought of as the only rule.