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Allana Badeaux

Ta’a Chume – Queen Mother
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  • Corporation Name: Project Shield of Megos
  • Headquarters: Hapes Prime, The Fountain Palace
  • Locations: A ship yard around the moon Megos in the Hapes Prime System, The moon Thyrin in the Hapes Prime System, The Fountain Palace, located on Hapes Prime.
  • Operations: (1) Starship Construction, (2) Advanced Computer Technology, (3) Planetary Shield Technology
  • Tier: Tier 2.

A dark blow had come into the Transitory Mists. A carefully planned two pronged attack via both the entrances into the Transitory Mists. It was an unprecedented event that the Royal Hapen Navy was not ready for. Because of the unique nature of the Mists it had normally gave a tactical advantage to the Hapen Royal Navy. Travel within the Mists was limited. The pink clouds protected the Consortium in a veil. Hyperspace travel through the Mists was an impossibility because of the hyperspace shadow it created. One could not even travel directly through the pink mists without finding a certain death.

Anyone wishing to travel within the Consortium had to slowly travel via paths that twisted and turned its way through the Transitory Mists. Because of the radiation generated by the Mists, normally stealthy tech did not work.

However attacking Hapen Fleet vessels with cyber technology was completely a viable tactic. A Rouge Sith Fleet had breached the Mists and caused complete chaos. The Hapen Royal Fleet was not prepared for such an attack. It had opened up a direct path to Hapes Prime for a Sith Lord named Dredge.

While the Sith Lord was consuming life forms within the capital city of Hapes Prime, the situation escalated with the arrival of the Galactic Empire. Launched from the flag ship of the Galactic Empire, the capital city of Hapes Prime was destroyed. The Queen Mother Katreil Larenia Chume was lost within the nuclear detonation, along with her royal council.

After that fateful day the new Queen Mother Allana Badeaux used the vast power of the Hapes Consortium to initiate a program called The Shield of Megos.

The Shield of Megos was named after one of the moons of Hapes Prime. The project was the creation of a new company with the goal to help quickly bring the Hapen Fleet stronger then what it was previously before.

There are three locations of note for the Project of Shield of Megos. The first location is the Fountain Palace on Hapes. It serves as a headquarters where the Queen Mother can oversee the project herself. The other two locations...they are two of the six moons that orbit around Hapes prime.

The third moon is Megos.

Around the moon is a shipyard ring dedicated to the creation of new military vessels for the Royal Hapen Fleet.

The second moon Thyrin has a shipyard ring located around it as well.

From the palace Allana handles theworkas a CO through carefully delegating tasks. From the two moon’s shipyards she produces new space military vessels to help protect her people. This is a task she could have delegated through the other ship building companies within the Hapes Consortium. She chose the creation of this project to help control the situation and help to expedite ship being put into service, as well the creation of new advanced tech.

New tech for computers is it for slicing or just the development of new anti-virus software. A major secret of this new computer and programs designs comes from the Queen Mother. It is not common knowledge of her talents with computers.

The next area The Shield of Megos is researching and deigning is new tech involving planetary shields. It had been a long time since Hapes Prime felt the need to have a planetary shield. After the recent attacks the need has been felt again. For the need of this magnitude it has been felt that this should not be out sourced to companies outside of the Mists. The importance of this the Queen Mother has felt that this should be something she closely monitors herself.

The Transitory Mists is comprised of an isolated area from the rest of the galaxy. It is a self sufficient area The Hapes Consortium has control over. This covers a large range of consumable goods as well as technology.The Hapes Consortium has been well known for some time for their prowess for their naval might. There are a number of different companies within the Consortium that build ships, from civilian to military.

Recent events that took place changed the very atmosphere within the Hapen Royal Navy. There was a push for more recruits. There also was a push in all the theaters of the military machine of The Hapes Consortium. One such field was standard naval logistics. Pertaining to this was the building of ships and technology to support them.

So, for some time there was a vacuum in the leadership role of the Minister of Defense. The Queen Mother filled the role and as of yet has not found a suitable person to fill that role. Through this time she started to take matter into her own hands. She did have resources at her disposal to rebuild the fleet. There are a number of loyal companies within The Hapes Consortium. She was looking for way to break past some of the political obstacles.The fleet needed support now. Every moment she saved help to strengthen the fleet that much quicker.

With a Royal Council being absent because of death from nuclear detonation, she did not delegate clerical work she normally would to a council. So she easily found ways to secretly move funds around until she had enough to start Project Shield of Megos. It was not an easy feet while trying to run and maintain a government. There were nobles to contend with, the allocation of r[SIZE=11pt]esources [/SIZE]to build major shipyards, and positioning personnel into place. The results were a new company within the Consortium building new products for the kingdom.

Subsidiaries: NA

Parent Corporation: NA
Hello, a big fan of Hapan in canon so this looks like a nice sub! Let's get straight to it!

Allana Badeaux said:
Operations: Ship yards; ship construction , star fighter construction, and components for starship technology.
So one of the only things I notice is that all of these can fall under Starship Construction. They are all very closely tied together so I don't think you need to separate them.

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