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Approved Tech PROJECT OLYMPUS | Prototype Ultra Tactical Droid

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  • Intent: To advance the ability of a Super Tactical Droid, and go even further beyond.
  • Image Source: Here
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Primary Source: Super Tactical Droid
  • Classification: Fourth Degree
  • Weight: Average
  • Height: Very Large
  • Movement: Bipedal
  • Armaments: N/A
  • Misc. Equipment: Tyr-Type Electronic Suite, Advanced Super Tactical Droid Equipment
  • Resistances (Optional): This is suggested for Battle Droids and other Droids intended to participate heavily in direct combat. (For each category choose from: None, Very Low, Low, Average, High, Very High, Extreme. Ratings of High, Very High, and Extreme will need to be added as strengths with elaboration.) Resistance Ratings Extreme will require the submission to be Unique.
    • Plasma: Extreme
    • Kinetic: High
    • EMP/ION: High
    • Sonic: High
    • Acid: High
    • Force: None
    • Extreme Heat: None
  • Tyr-Type Electronic Suite: The Prototype has a built in Tyr-Type Electronic Suite with all of it's strengths.
  • Going even further beyond: The Prototype is a Super Tactical Droid, but upgraded in many areas. To this extent, it can adapt, analyse and do everything a Super Tactical Droid to an even greater degree.
  • Combat Droid: The Prototype is a Super Tactical Droid, but given the combat programming of an IG-100 Magna Guard and a BX Commando Droid.
  • Tyr-Type Electronic Suite: The Prototype has a built in Tyr-Type Electronic Suite with all of it's weaknesses.
  • Size: The Prototype stands at 2.3 meters tall, and is considerably large.
  • Prototype: The Prototype is, as the name suggest, still a prototype, and susceptible to glitches and bugs in it's programming and functions.
  • Extreme Heat: The Prototype is totally unsuited to perform in extreme heats, as it could completely fry the circuitry.
The Prototype Ultra Tactical Droid is Alterra's take at upgrading the centuries old Super Tactical Droid of the old Confederacy of Independent Systems. It took no less than two months of Alterra's best researchers working on the project for no less than 20 hours a day, sometimes even going full days without rest or sleep. These researchers dismantled five Super Tactical Droids in their quest to create, in their eyes, the perfect Droid. They even used schematics of General Grievous. The result after a month and a half of this routine was a prototype, waiting to be activated and tested.

It took researchers the remaining two weeks to completely test the Prototype, and hammer out any glitches and imperfections. However, even their most rigorous testing couldn't make it perfect. The only test to create a true Ultra Tactical Droid was to set it free into the galaxy.

The result of all their testing was a droid with arms that could separate into four, an idea taken from the schematics of General Grievous, aswell as the adaptability of the General, able to analyze an opponents fighting style during combat, and change it's own to match. However, that is pretty much the end of the similarities. The rest of it's features are either completely new, or taken from a Super Tactical Droid, and upgraded to match the times. The only drawback of this was that the researchers themselves have no idea of the complete limits of the Prototype. They cased the endoskeleton in a Faraday mesh. They constructed it's skeleton and exoskeleton out of phrik.

As a final touch, they added the combat programming and abilities of an IG-100 Magna Guard and BX Commando Droid Captain to the Super Tactical Droid, equipping it for any scenario.
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Caesar Kenway Caesar Kenway

Good looking sub. That said, while the resistance ratings are an optional feature of the template, we do require them to balance when employed under the new rules. Specifically the following section:
Ratings found on templates should balance. For every increase you should either reduce the production value, reduce another rating or provide balance with a genuine, significant weakness.
At present this submission comes in at 5 over. Please can you adjust accordingly.
Production: Unique (-4)
Height: Very Large (+2)
Weight: Average (0)

  • Plasma: Extreme (+3)
  • Kinetic: High (+1)
  • EMP/ION: High (+1)
  • Sonic: High (+1)
  • Acid: High (+1)
Total: +5
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