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Priority Announcement | Faction Owner Vote

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I'm just F'n with you!
As the title suggests, I have decided to initiate a faction owner vote. All nominations for the future faction owner must be submitted by 6/4. At that time the faction vote will take place. The vote will conclude no later than 6/7/18.

I will be continuing to write Sieger and will be helping facilitate the transition. There are plans in place that I have that will be discussed with the new faction owner and coordination so as to leave the faction with the best possible outcome.

As to the why:

Though it has been bandied about a bit as far as myself taking leave of the First Order faction ownership, I feel now is the time rather than later. In wake of the intra-faction drama that has unfolded over the last couple weeks, I am no longer willing to put effort in towards driving or directing the faction. Time and time again effort has been put in not only by myself but the faction staff - and the levels of disrespect I've seen over the past weeks has reached a breaking point. Not only was an accusatory and ill-informed rant posted publicly in our faction forums but the disrespect exhibited in the faction's Discord chat towards members of the faction staff has been out of line.

I won't delve into the details as I feel it's akin to beating a dead horse, however it is important to note that the ongoing lack of respect for faction staff as well as an abrasive and aggressive, accusatory rant taken first to the board is a blatant signal that there is a rampant disrespect for the faction staff as a whole. Rather than addressing the issue with staff directly, it was put on public display - that's not the action of a friend nor an action in good faith either.

While I understand not everyone may feel as those making the loudest noise, I no longer feel that I am the best course forward for this faction, and in short, I'm fed up with being the target of such disrespect both as your faction owner and frankly, as a person. I don't write here to increase my blood pressure, and I'm done sacrificing my sanity or health.

The vocal minority thinks things can be run better, so here's your chance.

Again, nominations will be accepted until 6/4. The Final Faction Owner vote will happen on 6/5 and remain open until 6/7 unless all nominated parties concede to a clear victor.

Tanomas Graf

Hey Fsauce, Graf here!

On a more serious note, it has come to my attention that both of our factions are at a bit of a fork in the path at the moment. With the Alliance collapsing, every day that passes we feel our sense of purpose slipping away, members becoming disillusioned with the cause. Which is why with the blessing of one [member="Rolf Amsel"], I will be proposing something special.

I will be nominating myself for Faction Owner of the First Order.

Now, I know what you're likely thinking, the rules prevent a writer from being a member of a major faction's staff while being in another major's staff, god forbid he become the owner of both. This is why I'm proposing that if I were to win, a merge will be occurring between both of our factions. The First Order might merge into the Empire, the Empire might merge into the First Order, hell the end result may even be a rebranding.

I am telling all of you this because I want my intentions to be clear, I don't want anyone to feel blindsided by it if it does indeed happen. I know I haven't been the best of people, god knows I'm the product of genetic research involving salt, but I am committed to the continued fun and enjoyment of my members, and those of the First Order, whether they be under the banner of the Empire or that of the Order.

If any of you have any questions about my methods, policies, and the story arc that will occur if I am elected, please feel free to DM @Tanomas Graf#3688

In the event that I am elected the Faction Owner of the First Order, first and foremost a merge will occur between the Galactic Empire and the Order; All members of both factions will have a vote as to which faction will be absorbed into which, with most if not all of the assets of the merged going into the final result.

Faction staff will become a mix of those that served the Order and the Empire, with several additions and replacements being made. Remember, after the merge occurs I will need a powerful administration to make all these changes.

In order to better promote communication throughout the member base, the Discord servers will be combined (as in, the First Order discord will have the inhabitants of the Empire discord move to it and will either remain as it is or be renamed.)

As with everything, a story is necessary to explain the sudden influx of those loyal to the other faction, therefore I will lay before you several story arcs that may happen (there will be a vote by the members) to justify such a change:

  • Outbreak
    Due to a breach of containment/dispersal by terrorists, a viral pathogen has begun to spread in the territories belonging to the First Order/Empire. After attempts to combat the pandemic fail, a mass exodus is conducted by the affected government, the surviving populace taken in after tense negotiation with the Empire/First Order.

  • After years of observed 'oppression', the civil populaces of numerous worlds thrust the dominating government out of power in favour of independence. With the remains of their military in tow, the fallen reunify the Imperial culture with their ideological brethren.

[*]​​Feedback Loop (First Order)
  • ​​With the fall of the Galactic Alliance at hand, anarchy runs rampant from the Deep Core to the Outer Rim. Millions of refugees and the complete collapse of civilization and trade lead to an unending burden on the Order's government, resulting in a dismantling that proves fatal for the faction as a whole.

[*]​​Civil War (Galactic Empire)
  • ​​As the Imperial Civil War rages on in Wild Space, a fatal defeat is suffered by the Loyalist faction. With their empire spiralling into chaos, the Imperial Military conducts scorched earth against the Revolutionaries, ensuring that they cannot continue the Empire. With thousands of officers, stormtroopers, and warships seeking asylum, they are absorbed into the First Order.

These are my current concepts at the moment, if any of you have an idea for a possible story arc, please feel free to contact me on Discord using the above username, and in general just get creative with determining the end of either the First Order or the Galactic Empire.

With kindest regards,
Tanomas Graf
Dear comrades, compeers, friends, and fellow writers,

I would like to take some of your time to announce that I, the Major, am putting up my name for Faction Owner.

It is regrettable that Rolf has decided to move on sooner rather than later due to some OOC drama, and we should regret that -whatever your stance on the situation- he will resign from the position with a soured memory of the end of his tenure after his and his staff’s massive contributions to our group. With that said, the era has passed and we should seek to move on in a way that stokes our inspiration to focus on what is important on this site: the writing.

If elected, I would be seeking out a diverse administrative team who would be focused on leading faction storylines energetically along a number of different vectors, many of which would rely on collaborative efforts with our fellow writers in other factions. Transparency would be key, and thus any separate, private chat rooms would remain disabled for the duration of my potential tenure. This will be necessary if we want to build a more inclusive and inviting environment for all who want to write with us.

Another important aspect to the longevity of our faction is a respect of established lore and history, and thus I would seek to cultivate an atmosphere of acknowledgment and respect for previous contributions of the member base, including those who may or may not depart after the previous Faction Owner’s departure. We wouldn’t seek to wipe the slate clean, but enhance and build upon all previous efforts to the best of the new staff’s ability, and build all that previous energy into a fiery culmination:

The First Order Civil War. In the wake of the GA’s demise, with no common enemy to band against, and Supreme Leader and Grand Moff’s disappearance there would be a massive power vacuum in which the young and more ruthless members would use an excuse to launch their gambles for power. As a loyalist core bands together to maintain the old values of the First Order the outer and more recently claim territories see their chance to call upon aid. Rebellious cells would turn up all along the edges of the empire, and the more inexperienced government would turn to more brutal methods to keep their possessions in line: relying more and more on egomaniacal warlords, offering former allies power and influence in exchange for solutions, and recruiting mercenary talent to keep what once was within grasp.
-This would be a dynamic storyline, relying on lightside rebel remnants, dissidents, crime lords, and opportunists to wreak havoc. The faction’s reaction to these setbacks and challenges to will come to shape the ultimate outlook. Will the First Order become a genocidal enclave? Will we rise with dignity and limit the damage that is inherent to barbarism? Or will we rip each other into pieces? That would be determined by the results. My hope is to offer opportunities to RP almost any kind of story with ramifications and persistent consequences. I realize it would be an ambitious undertaking…

...but with your help I hope to make it a memorable one.

Thank you again for your time,
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