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Princess Isis Fontana

Darth Torment

Darth Menace


Isis' New Theme Song


The event of events will be played in tune to this song


NAME: Isis Fontana
FACTION: The Horde
RANK: Former Sith Knight/General
AGE: 27
GENDER: female
HEIGHT: 5'4"
WEIGHT: about 105 lbs
EYES: Grey
HAIR: Dark/Raven haired
SKIN: tan/Caucasian
FORCE SENSITIVE: Highly force sensitive (Just doesnt remember it)




Devotion: Isis is devoted to the way of the dark side of the force, she see's the force as a tool, weapon and religion and will studiously follow it until the day she dies.
her devotion to the force has lead her down the path of the Imperial Knight and has allowed her to remain bound to the dark side of the force.

Loyalty: She is loyal to the order of the knights, her training in the dark side had turned her into a lethal weapon and has provided for her the knowledge afforded to even the more seasoned warrior. She remains obedient and loyal to the dark side and will give her life for the dark side and to her brethren and sisters of the dark side if it calls for it to save another life.
She will gladly give her life for an allied soldier as long as it proves to save the life of another, she is completely loyal to her allies and will help them through the battle zone if they are having a hard time passing through the combat zone.


Loss of Compassion: Due to recent events with her leaving the Fringe Confederation and the fact of her being a failure Isis has lost her compassion for life, her heart has become ice and her soul has gone dark.. she is no longer the Isis Fontana of Vortusa, she has become Dark Isis.
Her only goal now is to see the republic burn and watch as the Fringe Confederacy is annihilated.

Anzati: Isis has a natural weakness for Anzati Males, she is naturally attracted to them and can't help falling for them..

Anger: Isis suffers from extreme anger and no matter how much the order tried to help purge her of it it remained, she can succumb to violent outbursts of anger and end up injuring someone, even though she feels guilt for her anger it does control her, however; she can contain it at times.

Her personal failure at everything: Isis was trained originally by the Jedi and Master Darren Wraith, after falling to the dark side she lost her connection with precognition and feels she not only has failed the vortek throne but also her own brothers and sisters with the light sided order.
She has always been a soldier but after going dark she started to fail at providing support to wars, she has yet to win a battle so she is slowly becoming depressive and isolated.
She failed being a sith, failed being a jedi on more than one occasion and even failed at being a mother to nefas.


-T-6 Shuttle Dubbed the Veil Raider. (Biography for shuttle will come shortly) (Stolen from the Jedi Republic)
-Animus-Class Assault Carrier

The Veil Raider is an older Shuttle that during the time of the Old Republic was known as a Jedi Shuttle since it was used primarily by Jedi that made their work by travelling the stars, it's making was easily accessible and easily piloted by Jedi that knew and were great pilots as well as Jedi that knew little to nothing about piloting.
Since the fall of the old republic the shuttle was no longer in operation and was sent to a scrap yard, after sitting for a while it was picked up by a tradesmen that made it his personal business transport shuttle and called it, at the time the Krayt Jumper and employed it in his personal fleet, in buying it from the junkyard the trader had it refitted through R&D to fit better sensors and shields as well as make it faster and more maneuverable, the trader didn't care much for weapons and so he also improved the hull integrity of the ship to make it more durable to being fired upon.

It's recent use is for once again jedi business since the Vortek Princess had won it from the trader in a game of roulette where he foolishly gambled it away trying to win a large pot of credits and ended up losing the ship to Isis Fontana, in winning the ship she had it improved and had its hull upgraded and gave it a shield upgrade as well, making the ship be able to withstand the fire of some of the more devastating capitol ships in the arsenals of some of the biggest governments in the galaxy, she dubbed it the Veil Raider after a Vortek folklore of a Captain of an ancient war vessel that took down a sizeable fleet with just his small ship also dubbed the Veil Raider.
during her betrayal of the order of Jedi she stole their jedi shuttle and turned it into her own personal transport shuttle, owning it she quickly gave it a number that could distinguish it from that of an ordinary jedi shuttle...the number was 669, it designated the old alphabetic and biblical code for the beast 666 and the alpha-numeric number for lust 69.


During her youth Isis was always a very selfless child, like all Vortek she was given cybernetic implants to be able to survive past a certain age, and was seen as a very compassionate individual, during her schooling she would always give other children the ability to play with the toys, they didn't have very many toys when she was in school and so she always gave up her play time for others. She was born into the throne rather than being elected like some cultures on other planets are, on Vortusa they have a matriarch ruling where a princess rules the entire world and is always the one in charge, during her childhood her father was always commanding the armed forces and was always away supposedly "on business" when he was in fact wooing other women that were his subordinants and when her mother caught him she had him arrested along with the women he was seeing at the time and had him exiled off the planet, this only hurt Isis and made for her to become an angered person as she was only acting out of grief of losing her father.

During her early teen years her mother had begun to instruct her in command and rule, as she was already seen due to the training she was given to be a unique and combat hardened commander, as the time progressed she learned much about command and conquering her own enemies, within a few years she made battle commander of the covert operations division and made for her own resume that would invoke her right to command armies of vortek elite soldiers.

As she grew she progressed rapidly in the eyes of her own peoples, until the fateful day one of her generals moved against the throne and caused a civil war to break out between the resistance and the royal guard. Isis was forced to act and fearing for her own people she did just that, she moved against the resistance and quickly squashed them like bugs but that was not enough, one strike attack lead against her and she lost her own mother. Te Princess was lost and the war was quickly swaying to Kiril Bratans side, the war was quickly moving out of control, Isis foreseen the end and it was not pretty, she foresaw her families throne taken and her own people enslaved to an evil general... she has no idea at the time she was seeing herself being the culprit.. She went to the jedi order asking for aid, and after some time they sent it and after the war was ended she joined them for training.

There is darkness in us all....:

After some time Isis became a Jedi Knight and was well on her way to becoming a trusted servant of light, she was among their order but one instance would only pave new paths, As she continued he training she was sent to investigate a corporation by the jedi council, her duty was to infiltrate it and infiltrate she did.

After some time she was lost, her infiltration only lead to her seduction and she became an agent of the darkside, she left the jedi order and ventured off on her own, after some time she made her way to kamino and ended a city and burned down an entire cloning facility, making her way to the end of the galaxy she joined a new confederation and became a sith only to become a dark jedi, and after some time she left the order to once again venture out on her own again... her greatest friend, Circe Savan being the only one that she could hold on to and not give up.

(This will be continued)
(To Be Continued...)
Isis' Combat Theme Song

1. @[member="Tormax Tryte"]
2. @[member="Romeo Sin"]

1. Calum Finley (Currently Inactive)
2. Sarkus "Twin" Kilborne.
3. Xardus Folidaar
4. Devastator


Force Pull
Force Throw

Force Speed
Force Sense (Strong)

Force Sttength
Force Leap/Jump
Force Choke (Specialty)
Blink (Strong)

Cryokinesis (Mastered/Specialty)
saber throw

Alter Image (Specialty)
Force Spark
Force Grip (Strong)
Force Crush (Specialty)

Force Flick


Lightsaber Tactics
Cho Mai
Cho Sun
Cho Mok


Jedi Ready


Falling Leaf


Telekinetic Lightsaber Combat (Specialties)
Dun Moch (Specialties)



Isis Trains her Apprentice @[member="Tormax Tryte"]

Ice and Fire
Isis trains her Apprentice @[member="Romeo Sin"]

Need to train
Isis starts to train her new apprentice


Isis fights against a merc.

Fallen Angels
Isis Duels Onyx
Gambt of Malice
Isis and her former apprentice duel.

Rumble in the Bronx
Isis and others battle it out in the Bronx, Coruscant.