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Leilani Paaie

Femme Fatale
The request lay before her in dimly lit letters -

Location: Canto Bight
Canto Bight offered several objectives, arms dealers with designs currently waiting to be developed, high ranking officer of a small outpost that several opposing forces had offered credits for knowing what was on his datapad, a rumored spy for the resistance, an out of favor courtier that a monarch wanted returned alive, and several others that she had not bothered to open yet.

She had not been to Canto Bight in sometime it was a place that offered her a great many opportunities. Right now as she played with her options she needed to get close to anyone of these individuals. That meant scouting them out, and finding a weakness, or a distraction.

This trip would require specific garments, and an air of unavailability. Gamblers loved to play the odds trying to get what was elusive.

She made the arrangements to go while she toyed with which one..course she could attempt more than one, and she could make herself a bit of money to keep her enjoying a quiet life of ease enjoying sun, sand, races, and good food.
​Canto Bight
​- Gamblers Boat

​Tathra Khaeus had never previously partook in social events on the regular, of course there had been some in the past with Mythos and Tacticus during his time as War-Chief for the Ancient Eye. However, he'd never actively chosen to attend one by himself. But, this was with a goal in mind. He was here for information, many of the high profile gamblers on this vessel were investors in the Ta-Kuma arena.

​There were rumours that a large group of Dravalan mercenaries had been taken there, he intended to find out the truth of the matter. But, it was a strange experience for him; reclining in a hover-chair on the outer bar of the Gambler's boat, adorned in a black robe with faded sage green linings. It barely covered his essential parts, with a small black Durasteel plate covering his chest. His massive crimson and grey arms were entirely exposed as usual, resting on the bar as he levied his weight gentle off the seat, moving towards a large table with several gamblers standing on either side.

​The mutant did draw some attention, but there were others here who looked equally strange.

[member="Leilani Paaie"]​

Leilani Paaie

Femme Fatale
Boarding the Gamblers Boat

The flight uneventful aside from the usual comments, and conversation, "Oh going for a vacation? where are you staying? how long?" Endless questions about her actions she had spun a story for each one feeding their imagination and leaving them with everything they desired, intrigue, and adventure.

The ship was beautiful it could afford to be as she checked in with the Purser, "I have a friend who said they would meet me on board, can you tell me if he's arrived?" She then placed her hand on his as the pheromones rolled off her. All zeltrons had this ability where people liked them and they didn't even really know why Leilani smiled, "His name is Julius Urso"

The Purser without hesitation looked him up, "Yes Mam, Alderaan Deck #3, Suite 2."

She nodded, "Good, thank you." She headed towards her cabin but suddenly took notice of the hover chair containing [member="Tathra Khaeus"] she did not know what to think of ....him. Yes him.

Maybe he was a weapons dealer. hmm...maybe...she kept him in mind maybe he had something she could use.