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Practice makes perfect

Gherron ran through the streets of Coruscant, having recently just finishing a lesson with his master. At the moment, he was practicing force speed, well, rather trying to learn it. He had never really accomplished it, but practiced more each day. Finding a small alley, he judges it as the perfect place to begin for the day.

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Aleidis Zrgaat

Young soul from an older generation.
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It was going to rain.

Well, it might rain.

Aleidis quietly hoped it did, if for no other reason than the sound of downpour on the roof of the Senate building was very, very soothing and on a quiet day, filled the whole office with it's patter. Tended to keep the arguing down. As such, Aleidis Ijet was a big fan of the rain. Even if it meant she couldn't really spend much time out on her balcony. It DID mean that she could watch the world water her plants, though.

The Ghostling stepped out of her large office and onto the balcony, where she'd moved a good portion of the plants she'd been growing for years. Plucking a berry off of one of the shrubs, the teenager leaned against the railing and hummed thoughtfully, looking up at the clouds.
Backing up to one end of the alley, Gherron gave himself a few seconds to ready himself. 'Okay Gherron, let's do this', he thought, trying to reassure himself. After about ten seconds had passed, he ran as fast as he could while maintaining concentration. No use. Frustrated, he closed his eyes, trying to find his connection to the force... 'Wait... Why would you close your eyes? WAKE UP!' No sooner did he open his eyes again did he smash face-first into the wall. Falling on the ground, he let out a loud groan. With a shaky hand, he reached his hand up to his nose, which really hurt. When he pulled it away, blood coated his fingers. He had broken his nose. "Great, another scar to add to the collection."

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