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Possible Proposal: New Commenor Story Enemy

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Infiltration, Extermination, Abjuration

  • InfiltrationThe action of entering or gaining access to an organization or place surreptitiously, especially in order to acquire secret information or cause damage.
  • Implies complete and immediate extinction by killing off all individuals.
  • Abjuration is the solemn repudiation, abandonment, or renunciation by or upon oath, often the renunciation of citizenship or some other right or privilege.

Organic life is fragile, and equally chaotic. Every day, they kill themselves, for an illogical goal, that they praise or accuse. In this proposition, an attempt is made by a friendly company to create bigger, better healthcare. Not for Commenor, but for the entire galaxy. Not a single drug, but just access to medical and health care more easily, and free. All paid for by Vixley CM-01. A little unknown medical droid of design familiar to a Human Replica droid; an ancient and very damaged model, who was set on a path by his creator to complete his mission.

During the time that facilities are created, and contracts are signed off for Commenor, something happens, something changes. Yes, that is right. Vixley came by with every intent to create better and more accessible healthcare. He has helped the Sith, he has helped random Mercenaries, all the way to the Mandalorians, and his only goal was to help, to free, to treat, to ensure the survival of organic life.

But something came about that changed everything. No one knows what happened. Maybe it was a malfunction, maybe he was just too old of a droid to operate functionally. Maybe he was corrupted by the damage that had impacted him. No one really knows, but a new world for BioNet Systems occurred.

Originally, BioNet Systems is content and compliant, quiet and secluded. After the incident, everything changes. New experiments are done, civilians and residents of Commenor are ejected and refused entry, compared to originally allowed observance to the new technological advanced.

But... among that, nothing changes. From what you can see. Behind you, closed doors, dark alleys, anywhere the naked eye can not see... abductions occur. People go missing, but it's never reported. Maybe you were just speaking to your co-worker, and tried to contact them after they headed home, but no answer. When they show up the next day, you blow it off and joke, 'why the hell didn't you get back to me, man?" hah. hah.

But these co-workers, friends, family, they aren't acting... quite right. They aren't different in the sense they know everything they should, speak the way they should, but interaction, socialization, typical habits especially for food or drink are off. For those that find out what is really going on, are also taken.

Eventually, this can't hide forever. The abductions start happening to important people, and the abductions weren't really strategic in who or how they go about doing it. It's either investigated, or full-on assaulted. But what's safe to say is, the in-between of not knowing, and fully knowing, may be the scariest.


Hey guys and gals of Commenor! I'm friends with [member="Lady Kay"] and brought this little idea up like an hour ago! Haha, this is the full idea. I like the aspect of making a NPC or Story enemy. Not PvP, no personal or OOC hatred, just an enemy you can fight and hate and discriminate if you want. One that won't take offense, or discriminate amongst you, either. I'm hoping for a string of public roleplays that go through different situations where people get encountered by one, or a few or a group of my creations. Think Alien 1979, Predators, Virus 1999, then leading up to I, Robot or even Alien Versus Predator 2

Infiltration, Extermination, Abjuration

This is what it's supposed to feel like. Eventually, they are everywhere. You are the target "to be protected" and those who refuse, are replaced. A sense of "who can you trust," even your friend, who you've been working with through two or three events of these... whatever they are, and winning... suddenly is revealed to be one of them. Like a horror movie, and at the end, he is not who he says he is. Maybe... someone decides "but this is the right way." I'm going to have fun playing the enemy, and with the people winning. But giving a story enemy to fight against and get the faction alive.

"They're coming outta the goddamn walls!"​

"There's a whole world waiting out there"​

"Your countries wage wars, you toxify your earth, and pursue ever more imaginative means of self destruction. You can not be trusted with your own survival"​

What do you think? I will play all of the enemy, and if you want to "join my side" or make a one-off character to do so, awesome!​
Genre's very much from my youth (Perhaps not so much I,Robot).

This is a very well written up idea and the general theme is something that's worked well in the past, it reminds me of Fallout4 a great deal in comparing the Synth story-line to this Arc.

I am certainly all for more story driven content being pushed out for this faction and I applaud the effort of both you and [member="Kendall Ginn"].

I am curious how subtle these changes to civilians/afflicted and affected people will be to those of Force Sensitive design. For example, would Veiere be able to sense a change in the general nature of these people, given that the Force connects all living people by theory, would they lack a certain force signature, how would this be rounded up so to make it not so easy for those of us with the Force to simply be all "That doesn't feel like the real Kay" and jump on that.

Aside from that, I'm all for it and I'd be most interested to see how this progresses!

Great work here [member="Vixley CM-01"] ! :D
[member="Veiere Arenais"]

As I said, there will be subtle and slight differences that people will notice. BioNet Systems Automotons are seriously almost entirely organic. If you slice open a skull, it'll look like bone, brain, and blood... and what looks to be cybernetic implants. But both bone pieces, even synthetic, are just about as strong as Durasteel. 5x more than steel.

From a Force User, if you focused on someone, they would seem empty. They are "alive," purposeful quotations. You look at them, talk to them, feel them. They are alive, they just don't seem right. It's like trying to sense the force from any other robot. Typically, it would end up being "This is a living, breathing, human. But they are dead inside."

Their behavior will be different and odd until they learn the human behavior more, together. Meaning together as one brain, they will learn. Think Tremors: They Get Smarter.

But, still, void of the force.

But just because they feel like they lost connection to the force, does that mean they are bad or different? To me, it would seem like something to talk about. What are some of the reasons for anything to be cut from the connection to the force? Seems like something tragic happened. Although, typically, the replacements will be made of random civilians, not anyone of any specialty. And when the fights begin, you'll be fighting dead corpses and literal T-800's. Just you wait until we get Anti-Force T-3000's.


Sphaera Tea Company Owner
I,Robot was filmed in my home town. It was neat to see certain areas built up to be futuristic. I have photos somewhere (taken from film, not digital) of the cars and phone booths right in the downtown core. It was pretty wicked.

Question that is sort of in line with [member="Veiere Arenais"] ; given that these 'replacements' are mostly organic, would that give them some sort of Force energy, much like a plant or animal? The organic material would have to be somewhat alive, wouldn't it?

It'll be fun to try out, regardless :)

[member="Vixley CM-01"]
[member="Lady Kay"]

I mean, I guess. Did the Clones ever have any force sensitivity? And some A-122's will use organs from corpses. I don't really study the force, but if it makes sense for you guys, sure!
I want to emphasize; I'm not taking an idea from Fallout 4. They wanted to integrate with society, and/or replace humanity. BioNet Systems wants to dominate and control humanity, not extinguish it or be accepted as equals. I didn't even think of Fallout 4 when I made this idea.
[member="Vixley CM-01"]

It's less a matter of force sensitivity as much as it is the organic tissue.

Clones from the clone wars were still visible in the force and it still flowed through their organic parts. And some people on here even play force sensitive clones of the same design.

And since we use a fair bit of old canon, you can also remember that Force Unleashed 2 had Starkiller cloned.
[member="Darlyn Excron"]

Never played really much of the Force Unleashed, actually. Well, the flesh and organs used for any number of Automaton 1-22's are either from dead people or clones. So I guess there would still be the force inside, even if a little? Organs can be re-used.


Sphaera Tea Company Owner
[member="Vixley CM-01"]

What [member="Darlyn Excron"] I'm not as knowledgable on this stuff as I haven't played the games or anything. I was just looking to be sure that plot loopholes are closed ;)
[member="Darlyn Excron"], The force would drain slowly from the body and eventually become "void" of the force, and would leave their force connection spread out to where they perished. As such you see planets where thousands of force users died and the planet is flooded with the force, while other planets are not.

However, you are correct on some account. The difference is like feeling for a day old body, and a 4 eons old body. Only the absolutely powerful beings in the galaxy can have their force last for a very long time. And they tend to be Canon characters.
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