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The Force flowed like a current in the home of Josh DragonsFlame, as the Jedi Master meditated in the room designated for it. Normally, he didn't teach here, except for special occasions. This, was one of them.

Josh had gotten the money for a spacious, upper-middle class Coruscanti apartment entirely by accident. Well, that's not true. Josh had helped a man who owned some kind of farm on Tatooine, and the man had pushed the farm's ownership onto Josh, not out of gratefulness, but because he wanted it off his hands because it was draining his funds and had no success, and the at the time Padawan seemed like the best sucker to push it onto since nobody would buy it. What hadn't been expected though, was for Josh to take a few stabs at changing the direction of how things were run at said farm, and suddenly it experienced great success. Obviously, it was due to complete luck, but Josh's business savvy increased as it went. Suddenly, it was earning money, most of which Josh would allow them to keep and invest in expanding and generating more revenue, along with paying employees to keep it running. A percentage of course, went to DragonsFlame himself for the work he'd done in keeping it going, and as the business became incredibly successful, Josh was able to afford an apartment on Coruscant as mentioned. Normally, Jedi didn't have things like this, but there was no rule against it, and Josh saw it as less of a possession, and more of a way to have the privacy to study and train in peace.

And that he did. In one room was holocrons, books, files and everything you'd want in a study. It looked like recently, Josh had been studying the tombs of ancient Sith Lords on Korriban, though how recently was unknown. Beside them, was a strange looking egg with blue and red circular patterns emblazoning it. Josh had found it on Tatooine a few years ago. Why it hadn't hatched yet, he didn't know. He recalled finding it alongside @[member="Cody Jorin"], while Josh had amnesia.

Downstairs in what would qualify as the basement, was the source of Josh's training. Everything from jungle gyms to obstacle courses to weight benches to weights scattered across the spacious room, to training droids showed how committed Josh was to his training. And in the center of it all was Jedi Master Joshua DragonsFlame, and his former apprentice, @Marek S'hader. With Marek being prepped for possible Masterhood, Josh had taken him aside to his personal abode, his personal training ground to test him, to train him, to toughen up his former Padawan to be what a Master should be.

It had been several grueling hours that the two had trained down there. Josh had spared no mercy to his former Padawan. Marek would likely be sore, and even Josh would feel the effort's effects later on. For now, they had taken time afterword to meditate, to relax, and immerse themselves in the Force. Josh had spent the last half hour sitting cross legged, on the opposite end of S'hader.

Finally, his focus broke. He took a breath and wiped the sweat from his brow. Reaching over, he grabbed the water bottle sitting beside him and took a drink. Dehydration had overcome the exhausted Jedi Master during his "rest" period, but he would live.

Cracking his neck, he stood to his feet. It had been a good day of training, and one that he knew would harden Marek more toward his potential...

Marek S'hadar

Marek was silent, his eyes open as he waited for @[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"] to finish his fetching meditation. As per the usual, Marek hadn't tried, at all. He couldn't meditate, his mind was never calm enough, always racing forward, looking for some sort of solution without slowing down for even a moment. He was sweaty, but not sore, he'd run this routine at 14, the physical portion anyway. Josh had him here for a reason, and he had feeling PT wasn't it at all, he knew Josh far to well to guess that.
Josh took a breath and looked over his former Padawan. He could sense the unease, the impatience. It was common in former Sith to have a difficult time meditating like the Jedi did. This would hold him back.

"Ease yourself, Marek" he commanded calmly, with the tone that he had once taken as Marek's teacher. "Search your senses. You know why you're here. You know why I am testing you" he said, getting to his feet and pacing the room.

"You are the first person that I've brought here to test. Few even know I reside and train here. Even less have been in it's halls" he said.

"Clear your mind, Marek. Your impatience, your inability to relax and immerse yourself in the Force is a weakness"

He put emphasis on the word "Weakness". He knew Marek would notice it, it had been a term he'd been taught to avoid in his past, one that Josh knew would likely strike Marek harder then any Jedi.

"Clear your head, take a breath, close your eyes, and try again"

It was a lesson. The first in so long between Josh and Marek. Obviously, something important was in store for Marek, for Josh to take time out of his schedule to try and signal out and neutralize a weakness that could cripple him compared to other Jedi, Masters especially.

@[member="Marek S'hadar"]

Marek S'hadar

"Or I just don't like sitting around with a thumb up my ass, but sure, its a weakness." Marek responded with his usual dry sarcasm. Taking in a deep breath, he closed his eyes once more and tried to gain some focus. It was all breathing, he had to remind himself of that, to just relax. It was easier said than done. As soon as peace found his mind, a voice echoed out inside his head,"Did you really think I was gone?"

Then his eyes shot open, he was still there, fething Iram was still there. He couldn't focus with that monster living inside his head, haunting every dark corridor. He was everything that he had been, maybe worse, certainly worse. That damn mask, it was what he saw, maybe one of the claws, but always the mask, and the laugh, that dark laughter. One day, he was gonna tear that thing from his mind and dismember it with his bare hands.

@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]