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Please post your introduction here

Sorel Crieff

Ready are you? What know you of ready?
Keep it short or wax lyrical - it's entirely your choice.

Please just take the time to say hello :)

[member="Sorel Crieff"] Hi there, while the SoL is a separate deal from the SJO, I would still like us to write together as Jedi factions. Please feel free to visit Voss and our other locations, and we would be happy to do the same with you!

Sorel Crieff

Ready are you? What know you of ready?
[member="Arisa Yune"]

Sorel has no hard feelings towards any Jedi or Jedi factions - she simply can't ally with dark-siders. So unless there are any of those around, we're fine to post stories together :)
[member="Sorel Crieff"] Most of the time, we're just interacting with other Jedi or other light or neutral aligned characters, so we should get along well. I'd invite the SoL to the Gathering thread, and the SJO's current hex dom we have going on. I'd also like to have a thread exploring the SoL.

Sorel Crieff

Ready are you? What know you of ready?
[member="Jade Whisperwind"]

Still a thing for sure. Is there a thread in particular you'd like to participate in? Training, a skirmish, exploring, a treasure hunt - or something else?

Your wish is my command :)

Hi, I'm Josh. I totally did not almost mistake [member="Jade Whisperwind"] for my wife before I did a double take. I like doing Jedi stuff.

Also threadding. Lots of threadding. And plotting. With everyone if I can.

No really it'd be nice to interact with people for once.

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