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Playing the Guitar (Open 2)

Tavjurn Phil

*1/23/14 thread closed


The Jedi Temple of Coruscant

It was the garden's outside the east wing. Open air, low fluttering breeze, and a majestic view of all of Coruscant. This was a wonderful spot. Not too busy. Not too warm. It was just right. Perfect for an afternoon to kick back and take it easy.

Phil Treymore sat on a concrete bench nearer the flower beds. He had on a pair of Optical Binoculars and was playing the guitar. It was strange really. Most people didn't try to do two things at once. But there he was. Browsing the horizon with his goggles and playing the guitar at the same time. So strange.

"Ah. Now there is a nice car. Ow! Baby. Just look at that engine purr. Fast fast fast. I love it."

He laid his palm flat against the cords and waited until his guitar became silent. Then he switched the pace and began again.

"Little red corvette. You just too fast. Haha."

It was a good day to relax.


*ooc: open to 2 people. post order loose. :D