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Planets on Grid Lines: New Rule

Yet another clarification rule, being introduced as a measure to combat the miscommunication that happened with the Anzat situation. That was my bad, I'll take the bullet. Here's word for word what was introduced in the Staff Forum, and passed almost unanimously 10-1.

Tefka said:
I seek a vote to re-clarify the original Planet on Grid Lines rule. As the first passed unanimously, I require only a popular majority vote to pass this renewed clarification of the original ruling.


1. Major Factions now have "Influence Clouds" displayed on the Galaxy Map.
2. A Major Faction spreads it's Influence Cloud by invading (Invasion) or dominating (Dominion) a planet near it's borders.
3. Planets invaded further than two grids away from a Major Faction's borders will not increase a Major Faction's Influence Cloud. Planets gained this way should be written as increasingly difficult to defend.
4. Planets dominated further than one grid away will raise the Dominion's minimum post count by +50 posts per grid from the nearest point in your Major Faction's Influence Cloud. Planets gained this way will increase a Major Faction's Influence Cloud.
5. Planets on the official SWRP Chaos Map whose icon touches a grid line counts as a planet for all hexes the line(s) intersect.

This reclarification takes into account planets who fall on the intersection of 3 lines and covers "questionable" icons, urging the RPJ to rule in favor of it being on the grid line even if the icon is merely only touching it.

3 Hexes

Two Hexes
This rule is now effective immediately.